Pulses and Lentils Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Pulses and Lentils name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of pulses and lentils name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Adzuki Beans (红豆)Adzuki Beans红豆
Bambara Groundnut (班巴拉花生)Bambara Groundnut班巴拉花生
Black Bean (黑豆)Black Bean黑豆
Black Chickpeas (黑色鹰嘴豆)Black Chickpeas黑色鹰嘴豆
Black Eyed Peas (黑眼豆豆)Black Eyed Peas黑眼豆豆
Black Gram (黑革兰)Black Gram黑革兰
Brown Lentils (棕扁豆)Brown Lentils棕扁豆
Cannellini Beans (意大利卷豆)Cannellini Beans意大利卷豆
Chickpeas (鹰嘴豆)Chickpeas鹰嘴豆
Dried Fava Beans (干蚕豆)Dried Fava Beans干蚕豆
Dry Beans or Mixed Beans (干豆或混合豆)Dry Beans or Mixed Beans干豆或混合豆
Dry Green Peas (干青豆)Dry Green Peas干青豆
French Bean Seeds (扁豆种子)French Bean Seeds扁豆种子
Green Gram Split (绿革兰分枝)Green Gram Split绿革兰分枝
Horse Gram (霍克)Horse Gram霍克
Kidney Beans (芸豆)Kidney Beans芸豆
Lima Beans (利马豆)Lima Beans利马豆
Lupini Beans (羽扇豆根瘤菌豆)Lupini Beans羽扇豆根瘤菌豆
Moth Bean or Turkish Gram (蛾豆或土耳其克)Moth Bean or Turkish Gram蛾豆或土耳其克
Mung Dahl (蒙达尔)Mung Dahl蒙达尔
Navy Peas (海军豌豆)Navy Peas海军豌豆
Pinto Beans (斑豆)Pinto Beans斑豆
Red Lentils (红扁豆)Red Lentils红扁豆
Soy Beans (黄豆)Soy Beans黄豆
Split Black Gram (分裂黑克)Split Black Gram分裂黑克
White Peas (白豌豆)White Peas白豌豆
Whole Red Lentil (整个红扁豆)Whole Red Lentil整个红扁豆
Yellow Split Gram (黄裂克)Yellow Split Gram黄裂克
Yellow Split Pigeon Pea (黄裂木豆)Yellow Split Pigeon Pea黄裂木豆

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