Birds Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Birds name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of birds name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Asian Paradise Flycatcher (亚洲天堂鹟)Asian Paradise Flycatcher亚洲天堂鹟
Auk (此外)Auk此外
Avocet (阿沃塞特)Avocet阿沃塞特
Bat (蝙蝠)Bat蝙蝠
Baya Weaver (巴亚韦弗)Baya Weaver巴亚韦弗
Black-Bellied Tern (黑腹燕鸥)Black-Bellied Tern黑腹燕鸥
Black-Headed Ibis (黑头朱鹮)Black-Headed Ibis黑头朱鹮
Budgies (虎皮鹦鹉)Budgies虎皮鹦鹉
Bulbul (鹎)Bulbul
Canary (金丝雀)Canary金丝雀
Cerulean Warbler (蓝莺)Cerulean Warbler蓝莺
Cockatiel (玄凤鹦鹉)Cockatiel玄凤鹦鹉
Cockatoo (凤头鹦鹉)Cockatoo凤头鹦鹉
Conure (锥尾鹦鹉)Conure锥尾鹦鹉
Cormorant (鸬鹚)Cormorant鸬鹚
Crane (Stork) (鹤(鹳))Crane (Stork)鹤(鹳)
Crow (乌鸦)Crow乌鸦
Cuckoo (布谷鸟)Cuckoo布谷鸟
Curlew (杓鹬)Curlew杓鹬
Dove (鸽子)Dove鸽子
Drongo (龙戈)Drongo龙戈
Duck (鸭子)Duck鸭子
Eagle (鹰)Eagle
Eastern Bluebird (东方蓝鸟)Eastern Bluebird东方蓝鸟
Emu Bird (鸸鹋鸟)Emu Bird鸸鹋鸟
Eurasian Spoonbill (欧亚琵鹭)Eurasian Spoonbill欧亚琵鹭
Finch (芬奇)Finch芬奇
Flamingo (火烈鸟)Flamingo火烈鸟
Glossy Ibis (光面宜必思酒店)Glossy Ibis光面宜必思酒店
Goldfinch (金翅雀)Goldfinch金翅雀
Goose (鹅)Goose
Greater Bird of Paradise (更大的天堂鸟)Greater Bird of Paradise更大的天堂鸟
Grey Heron (灰鹭)Grey Heron灰鹭
Guinea Fowl (珍珠鸡)Guinea Fowl珍珠鸡
Harris Hawk (哈里斯霍克)Harris Hawk哈里斯霍克
Hen (母鸡)Hen母鸡
Hoatzin (麝雉)Hoatzin麝雉
Hoopoe (睡觉)Hoopoe睡觉
Hornbill (犀鸟)Hornbill犀鸟
Hummingbird (蜂鸟)Hummingbird蜂鸟
Indian Little Grebe (印度小鸊鷉)Indian Little Grebe印度小鸊鷉
Indian Robin (印度罗宾)Indian Robin印度罗宾
Indian Treepie (印度树派)Indian Treepie印度树派
Jay (杰伊)Jay杰伊
Kestrel (红隼)Kestrel红隼
Kingfisher (翠鸟)Kingfisher翠鸟
Kite (风筝)Kite风筝
Kiwi (猕猴桃)Kiwi猕猴桃
Lady Gouldian Finch (胡锦雀夫人)Lady Gouldian Finch胡锦雀夫人
Lilac-breasted Roller (紫胸罗勒)Lilac-breasted Roller紫胸罗勒
Macaw (金刚鹦鹉)Macaw金刚鹦鹉
Magpie (鹊)Magpie
Mandarin Duck (鸳鸯)Mandarin Duck鸳鸯
Mynah (鹆)Mynah
Nightingale (夜莺)Nightingale夜莺
Oriental Bird (东方鸟)Oriental Bird东方鸟
Oriole (黄鹂)Oriole黄鹂
Osprey (鱼鹰)Osprey鱼鹰
Ostrich (鸵鸟)Ostrich鸵鸟
Owl (猫头鹰)Owl猫头鹰
Parrot (鹦鹉)Parrot鹦鹉
Partridge (鹧鸪)Partridge鹧鸪
Peacock (孔雀)Peacock孔雀
Pelican (鹈)Pelican
Penguin (企鹅)Penguin企鹅
Pewit (佩威特)Pewit佩威特
Pheasant (野鸡)Pheasant野鸡
Pigeon (鸽子)Pigeon鸽子
Pitta (皮塔)Pitta皮塔
Quail (鹌鹑)Quail鹌鹑
Raven (掠夺)Raven掠夺
Robin (罗宾)Robin罗宾
Rock-horned Owl (岩角猫头鹰)Rock-horned Owl岩角猫头鹰
Rooster (公鸡)Rooster公鸡
Rosy Starling (玫瑰色椋鸟)Rosy Starling玫瑰色椋鸟
Sandpiper (鹬)Sandpiper
Seagull (海鸥)Seagull海鸥
Skylark (云片)Skylark云片
Sparrow (麻雀)Sparrow麻雀
Starling (椋鸟)Starling椋鸟
Stork (鹳)Stork
Swallow (吞)Swallow
Swan (天鹅)Swan天鹅
Tailorbird (裁缝鸟)Tailorbird裁缝鸟
Toucan (Toucan)ToucanToucan
Turkey (火鸡)Turkey火鸡
Vulture (秃鹫)Vulture秃鹫
Wagtail (鹡鸰)Wagtail鹡鸰
Weaver (韦弗)Weaver韦弗
White-browed Fantail (白眉扇尾)White-browed Fantail白眉扇尾
Woodpecker (啄木鸟)Woodpecker啄木鸟

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