Cereals and Grains Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Cereals and Grains name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of cereals and grains name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
All Purpose Flour (多用途面粉)All Purpose Flour多用途面粉
Amaranth (苋菜)Amaranth苋菜
Amarantha Flour (苋菜粉)Amarantha Flour苋菜粉
Arrowroot Flour (葛粉)Arrowroot Flour葛粉
Barley (大麦)Barley大麦
Barley Flakes (大麦片)Barley Flakes大麦片
Barley Grits (大麦糁)Barley Grits大麦糁
Barley Groats (大麦碎粒)Barley Groats大麦碎粒
Bengal Gram Flour (孟加拉革粉)Bengal Gram Flour孟加拉革粉
Black Quinoa (黑藜麦)Black Quinoa黑藜麦
Brown Rice (糙米)Brown Rice糙米
Buckwheat (荞麦)Buckwheat荞麦
Buckwheat Flour (小麦麸皮面粉)Buckwheat Flour小麦麸皮面粉
Buckwheat Groats (荞麦碎粒)Buckwheat Groats荞麦碎粒
Bulgur Wheat (干小麦)Bulgur Wheat干小麦
Corn (玉米)Corn玉米
Corn flakes (玉米片)Corn flakes玉米片
Corn Flour (玉米粉)Corn Flour玉米粉
Corn Starch (玉米淀粉)Corn Starch玉米淀粉
Farro Einkorn (法罗单粒小麦)Farro Einkorn法罗单粒小麦
Farro Emmer (法罗·埃默)Farro Emmer法罗·埃默
Finger Millet or Ragi (手指小米或 Ragi)Finger Millet or Ragi手指小米或 Ragi
Flattened Rice (压扁的米饭)Flattened Rice压扁的米饭
Foxtail Millet (谷子)Foxtail Millet谷子
Millet (小米)Millet小米
Oat Groats (燕麦粒)Oat Groats燕麦粒
Parboiled Rice (蒸谷米)Parboiled Rice蒸谷米
Pearl Millet (珍珠小米)Pearl Millet珍珠小米
Pearled Barley (珍珠大麦)Pearled Barley珍珠大麦
Popcorn (爆米花)Popcorn爆米花
Puffed Rice (爆米花)Puffed Rice爆米花
Quick Cooking Oats Quick Oatmeal (速煮燕麦 速食燕麦片)Quick Cooking Oats Quick Oatmeal速煮燕麦 速食燕麦片
Quinoa (藜麦)Quinoa藜麦
Quinoa Flakes (藜麦片)Quinoa Flakes藜麦片
Quinoa Flour (藜麦粉)Quinoa Flour藜麦粉
Red Quinoa (红藜)Red Quinoa红藜
Rice (米)Rice
Rice Flour (米粉)Rice Flour米粉
Rolled Oats Old Fashioned Oatmeal (燕麦片 老式燕麦片)Rolled Oats Old Fashioned Oatmeal燕麦片 老式燕麦片
Rye (黑麦)Rye黑麦
Sago (西米)Sago西米
Scotch Barley (苏格兰大麦)Scotch Barley苏格兰大麦
Semolina (粗粮)Semolina粗粮
Sorghum and Sorghum Flour (高粱和高粱粉)Sorghum and Sorghum Flour高粱和高粱粉
Spelt (斯佩尔特)Spelt斯佩尔特
Steel Cut Oats Irish Oats (钢切燕麦 爱尔兰燕麦)Steel Cut Oats Irish Oats钢切燕麦 爱尔兰燕麦
Teff Grain and Teff Flour (苔麸谷物和苔麸面粉)Teff Grain and Teff Flour苔麸谷物和苔麸面粉
Tri Color Rainbow Quinoa (三色彩虹藜麦)Tri Color Rainbow Quinoa三色彩虹藜麦
Triticale (小黑麦)Triticale小黑麦
Vermicelli (挂面)Vermicelli挂面
Wheat (小麦)Wheat小麦
Wheat Berries (小麦浆果)Wheat Berries小麦浆果
Wheat Bran (麦麸)Wheat Bran麦麸
Whole Wheat Flour (全麦面粉)Whole Wheat Flour全麦面粉
Wild Rice (野米)Wild Rice野米

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