Colors Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Colors name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of colors name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Aqua (阿夸)Aqua阿夸
Aquamarine (蓝晶)Aquamarine蓝晶
Azure (天蓝色)Azure天蓝色
Beige (浅褐色的)Beige浅褐色的
Black (黑色的)Black黑色的
Blue (蓝色的)Blue蓝色的
Bronze (青铜)Bronze青铜
Brown (棕色的)Brown棕色的
Burgundy (勃艮第)Burgundy勃艮第
Clay (黏土)Clay黏土
Coffee (咖啡)Coffee咖啡
Crimson (赤红)Crimson赤红
Cyan (青色)Cyan青色
Fuchsia (紫红色)Fuchsia紫红色
Golden (金的)Golden金的
Gray (灰色的)Gray灰色的
Green (绿色的)Green绿色的
Indigo (靛青)Indigo靛青
Khaki (卡其色)Khaki卡其色
Lavendar (薰衣草)Lavendar薰衣草
Lime Color (酸橙)Lime Color酸橙
Magenta (品红)Magenta品红
Mauve (紫红色)Mauve紫红色
Navy Blue (海军蓝)Navy Blue海军蓝
Olive Color (橄榄)Olive Color橄榄
Orange (橙子)Orange橙子
Orchid (兰花)Orchid兰花
Parrot Green (鹦鹉绿)Parrot Green鹦鹉绿
Pink (粉色的)Pink粉色的
Purple (紫色的)Purple紫色的
Red (红色的)Red红色的
Royal Blue (宝蓝色)Royal Blue宝蓝色
Silver (银)Silver
Sky blue (天蓝色)Sky blue天蓝色
Turquoise (绿松石)Turquoise绿松石
Violet (紫色)Violet紫色
White (白色的)White白色的
Yellow (黄色的)Yellow黄色的

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