Common Kitchen Appliances Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all Common Kitchen Appliances name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of common kitchen appliances name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Air Fryer (空气炸锅)Air Fryer空气炸锅
Apple Cutter or Apple Slicer (苹果切刀或苹果切片机)Apple Cutter or Apple Slicer苹果切刀或苹果切片机
Apron (围裙)Apron围裙
Baking Parchment (烘焙羊皮纸)Baking Parchment烘焙羊皮纸
Basic Kitchen Knife (基本菜刀)Basic Kitchen Knife基本菜刀
Beater (打手)Beater打手
Blender (搅拌机)Blender搅拌机
Boning Knife (剔骨刀)Boning Knife剔骨刀
Bottle (瓶子)Bottle瓶子
Bottle Opener (开瓶器)Bottle Opener开瓶器
Bowl (碗)Bowl
Bread Knife (面包刀)Bread Knife面包刀
Broom (扫帚)Broom扫帚
Butter Knife (牛油刀)Butter Knife牛油刀
Cake Slicer (蛋糕切片机)Cake Slicer蛋糕切片机
Can Opener (开罐器)Can Opener开罐器
Carafe (玻璃水瓶)Carafe玻璃水瓶
Carving Fork (切肉叉)Carving Fork切肉叉
Carving Knife (切肉刀)Carving Knife切肉刀
Cauldron (釜)Cauldron
Chef's Knife (厨师刀)Chef’s Knife厨师刀
Chopsticks (筷子)Chopsticks筷子
Cleaver (切肉刀)Cleaver切肉刀
Coffee Maker (咖啡机)Coffee Maker咖啡机
Colander (滤器)Colander滤器
Cookie Cutter (饼干切割机)Cookie Cutter饼干切割机
Cooking Brush (烹饪刷)Cooking Brush烹饪刷
Cookware (炊具)Cookware炊具
Corkscrew (开瓶器)Corkscrew开瓶器
Cup (杯子)Cup杯子
Cutlery (刀具)Cutlery刀具
Cutting Board (切菜板)Cutting Board切菜板
Deep Fryer (油炸锅)Deep Fryer油炸锅
Dish Rack (碗碟架)Dish Rack碗碟架
Dishwasher (洗碗机)Dishwasher洗碗机
Draining Spoon (沥水勺)Draining Spoon沥水勺
Egg Slicer (鸡蛋切片机)Egg Slicer鸡蛋切片机
Faucet (龙头)Faucet龙头
Food and Meat Thermometer (食品和肉类温度计)Food and Meat Thermometer食品和肉类温度计
Fork (叉)Fork
Freezer (冰箱)Freezer冰箱
Fruit Squeezer or Manual Fruit Juicer (水果压榨机或手动榨汁机)Fruit Squeezer or Manual Fruit Juicer水果压榨机或手动榨汁机
Frying Pan or Skillet (煎锅或煎锅)Frying Pan or Skillet煎锅或煎锅
Funnel (漏斗)Funnel漏斗
Garlic Crusher (大蒜破碎机)Garlic Crusher大蒜破碎机
Gas Stove (煤气灶)Gas Stove煤气灶
Glass (玻璃)Glass玻璃
Grater (刨丝器)Grater刨丝器
Grill (炙烤)Grill炙烤
Hand Mixer (手动搅拌器)Hand Mixer手动搅拌器
Ice Cream Scooper (冰淇淋勺)Ice Cream Scooper冰淇淋勺
Jar (罐)Jar
Jug (水罐)Jug水罐
Juicer (榨汁机)Juicer榨汁机
Kettle (壶)Kettle
Kitchen Foil (厨房箔)Kitchen Foil厨房箔
Kitchen Paper (厨房用纸)Kitchen Paper厨房用纸
Kitchen Scales (厨房秤)Kitchen Scales厨房秤
Kitchen Shears or Scissors (厨房剪子或剪刀)Kitchen Shears or Scissors厨房剪子或剪刀
Kitchen Towel (厨房巾)Kitchen Towel厨房巾
Knife (刀)Knife
Knife Set (刀具套装)Knife Set刀具套装
Knife Sharpener (磨刀器)Knife Sharpener磨刀器
Ladle (钢包)Ladle钢包
Lemon Squeezer (柠檬榨汁器)Lemon Squeezer柠檬榨汁器
Matchbox (火柴盒)Matchbox火柴盒
Measuring Cups (量杯)Measuring Cups量杯
Measuring Jug (量杯)Measuring Jug量杯
Measuring Spoons (量匙)Measuring Spoons量匙
Meat Tenderizer Hammer or Mallet (嫩肉锤或木槌)Meat Tenderizer Hammer or Mallet嫩肉锤或木槌
Microwave Oven (微波炉)Microwave Oven微波炉
Mixing Bowls (搅拌碗)Mixing Bowls搅拌碗
Mortar and Pestle (研钵和研杵)Mortar and Pestle研钵和研杵
Mug (马克杯)Mug马克杯
Napkin (餐巾)Napkin餐巾
Nut Cracker (胡桃夹子)Nut Cracker胡桃夹子
Oven Gloves (烤箱手套)Oven Gloves烤箱手套
Ovenproof Dish (耐热盘)Ovenproof Dish耐热盘
Paring Knife (削皮刀)Paring Knife削皮刀
Pasta Ladle (面食勺)Pasta Ladle面食勺
Peeler (削皮器)Peeler削皮器
Peppermill (胡椒磨)Peppermill胡椒磨
Pizza Cutter (披萨刀)Pizza Cutter披萨刀
Placemat (餐垫)Placemat餐垫
Plastic Containers (塑料容器)Plastic Containers塑料容器
Plate (盘子)Plate盘子
Potato Masher (土豆捣碎机)Potato Masher土豆捣碎机
Pots and Pans (锅碗瓢盆)Pots and Pans锅碗瓢盆
Pressure Cooker (压力锅)Pressure Cooker压力锅
Ramekin (拉梅金)Ramekin拉梅金
Refrigerator (冰箱)Refrigerator冰箱
Rice Cooker (电饭锅)Rice Cooker电饭锅
Rolling Pin and Board (擀面杖和擀面杖)Rolling Pin and Board擀面杖和擀面杖
Saucepans (平底锅)Saucepans平底锅
Sieve (筛)Sieve
Sink (下沉)Sink下沉
Skewers (串烧)Skewers串烧
Skimmer (撇渣器)Skimmer撇渣器
Spatula (抹刀)Spatula抹刀
Spice Box (香料盒)Spice Box香料盒
Spice Rack (调料架)Spice Rack调料架
Sponge (海绵)Sponge海绵
Spoon (勺子)Spoon勺子
Tea Coaster (茶杯垫)Tea Coaster茶杯垫
Tea Strainer (滤茶器)Tea Strainer滤茶器
Teapot (茶壶)Teapot茶壶
Thermos (热水瓶)Thermos热水瓶
Timer (定时器)Timer定时器
Toaster (烤面包机)Toaster烤面包机
Tongs (钳)Tongs
Tray (托盘)Tray托盘
Wok (炒锅)Wok炒锅
Wooden Spoon and Stirrers (木勺和搅拌器)Wooden Spoon and Stirrers木勺和搅拌器

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