Jobs Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Jobs name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of jobs name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Accountant (会计)Accountant会计
Actor (演员)Actor演员
Airhostess (空中小姐)Airhostess空中小姐
Architect (建筑师)Architect建筑师
Army (军队)Army军队
Astrologer (占星家)Astrologer占星家
Astronaut (宇航员)Astronaut宇航员
Baker (贝克)Baker贝克
Banker (银行家)Banker银行家
Barber (理发师)Barber理发师
Bartenders (调酒师)Bartenders调酒师
Bodyguard (保镖)Bodyguard保镖
Bricklayer (瓦工)Bricklayer瓦工
Builder (建设者)Builder建设者
Businessman (商人)Businessman商人
Butcher (屠夫)Butcher屠夫
Cameraman (摄影师)Cameraman摄影师
Carpenter (木匠)Carpenter木匠
Cashier (出纳员)Cashier出纳员
Chef (厨师)Chef厨师
Civil Engineer (土木工程师)Civil Engineer土木工程师
Cleaner (清洁工)Cleaner清洁工
Clown (小丑)Clown小丑
Cobbler (皮匠)Cobbler皮匠
Construction Worker (建筑工人)Construction Worker建筑工人
Content Creator (内容创建者)Content Creator内容创建者
Cricketer (板球运动员)Cricketer板球运动员
Dancer (舞蹈家)Dancer舞蹈家
Delivery Man (邮递员)Delivery Man邮递员
Dentist (牙医)Dentist牙医
Designer (设计师)Designer设计师
Detective (侦探)Detective侦探
Developer (开发商)Developer开发商
Dietician (营养师)Dietician营养师
Doctor (医生)Doctor医生
Doorman (门卫)Doorman门卫
Electrician (电工)Electrician电工
Engineer (工程师)Engineer工程师
Event Coordinator (活动协调员)Event Coordinator活动协调员
Factory Worker (工厂员工)Factory Worker工厂员工
Farmer (农民)Farmer农民
Film Director (电影导演)Film Director电影导演
Fireman (消防队员)Fireman消防队员
Fisherman (渔夫)Fisherman渔夫
Florist (花店)Florist花店
Footballer (足球运动员)Footballer足球运动员
Forest Ranger (护林员)Forest Ranger护林员
Gardener (园丁)Gardener园丁
Geisha (艺妓)Geisha艺妓
Hairdresser (美发师)Hairdresser美发师
Hotel Manager (酒店经理)Hotel Manager酒店经理
Housekeeper (管家)Housekeeper管家
Housewife (家庭主妇)Housewife家庭主妇
Janitor Custodian (清洁工 保管员)Janitor Custodian清洁工 保管员
Jeweler (珠宝商)Jeweler珠宝商
Journalist/Reporter (记者/记者)Journalist/Reporter记者/记者
Judge (法官)Judge法官
Lawyer (律师)Lawyer律师
Lecturer (讲师)Lecturer讲师
Librarian (图书管理员)Librarian图书管理员
Lifeguard (救生员)Lifeguard救生员
Magician (魔术师)Magician魔术师
Makeup Artist (彩妆大师)Makeup Artist彩妆大师
Mechanic (机械)Mechanic机械
Model (模型)Model模型
Musician (音乐家)Musician音乐家
Newsreader (新闻阅读器)Newsreader新闻阅读器
Nurse (护士)Nurse护士
Optician (配镜师)Optician配镜师
Painter (画家)Painter画家
Paramedic (护理人员)Paramedic护理人员
Pastor (牧师)Pastor牧师
Personal Trainer (私人教练)Personal Trainer私人教练
Pharmacist (药剂师)Pharmacist药剂师
Photographer (摄影师)Photographer摄影师
Pilot (飞行员)Pilot飞行员
Plumber (水管工)Plumber水管工
Police Officer (警官)Police Officer警官
Policeman (警察)Policeman警察
Politician (政治家)Politician政治家
Postman (邮差)Postman邮差
Psychologist (心理学家)Psychologist心理学家
Real Estate Agent (房地产中介)Real Estate Agent房地产中介
Receptionist (接待员)Receptionist接待员
Repairman (修理工)Repairman修理工
Salesman (推销员)Salesman推销员
Scientist (科学家)Scientist科学家
Secretary (秘书)Secretary秘书
Security Guard (警卫)Security Guard警卫
Shop Assistant (售货员)Shop Assistant售货员
Singer (歌手)Singer歌手
Social Worker (社会工作者)Social Worker社会工作者
Software Developer (软件开发人员)Software Developer软件开发人员
Soldier (士兵)Soldier士兵
Student (学生)Student学生
Surgeon (外科医生)Surgeon外科医生
Tailor (裁缝)Tailor裁缝
Taxi Driver (出租车司机)Taxi Driver出租车司机
Teacher (老师)Teacher老师
Therapist (治疗师)Therapist治疗师
Tour Guide (导游)Tour Guide导游
Traffic Warden (交通督导员)Traffic Warden交通督导员
Train Conductor (列车长)Train Conductor列车长
Translator (翻译者)Translator翻译者
Travel Agent (旅行社)Travel Agent旅行社
Veterinary Doctor (Vet) (兽医医生(兽医))Veterinary Doctor (Vet)兽医医生(兽医)
Videographer (摄像师)Videographer摄像师
Waiter (服务员)Waiter服务员
Welder (焊机)Welder焊机
Writer (作家)Writer作家

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