Insects Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Insects name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of insects name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
American House Spider (美国家蜘蛛)American House Spider美国家蜘蛛
Ant (蚂蚁)Ant蚂蚁
Apantesis Tiger Moth (虎蛾)Apantesis Tiger Moth虎蛾
Archaeognatha (古颌类)Archaeognatha古颌类
Bed Bug (臭虫)Bed Bug臭虫
Bee (蜜蜂)Bee蜜蜂
Beetle (甲虫)Beetle甲虫
Black And Yellow Argiope (黑色和黄色金金龟)Black And Yellow Argiope黑色和黄色金金龟
Black Widow Spider (黑寡妇蜘蛛)Black Widow Spider黑寡妇蜘蛛
Buffalo Tree Hoppers (水牛树跳者)Buffalo Tree Hoppers水牛树跳者
Buprestidae (鳅科)Buprestidae鳅科
Butterfly (蝴蝶)Butterfly蝴蝶
Carolina Locust (卡罗莱纳州蝗虫)Carolina Locust卡罗莱纳州蝗虫
Caterpillar (毛虫)Caterpillar毛虫
Cockroach (蟑螂)Cockroach蟑螂
Crickets (蟋蟀)Crickets蟋蟀
Deer Fly (鹿飞)Deer Fly鹿飞
Dragonfly (蜻蜓)Dragonfly蜻蜓
Earwig (蠼螋)Earwig蠼螋
European Cabbage Butterfly (欧洲菜粉蝶)European Cabbage Butterfly欧洲菜粉蝶
Flea (跳蚤)Flea跳蚤
Fly (飞)Fly
Grasshoppers (蚱蜢)Grasshoppers蚱蜢
Grylloblattodea (蝼蛄总科)Grylloblattodea蝼蛄总科
Hummingbird Clearwing (蜂鸟明翼)Hummingbird Clearwing蜂鸟明翼
Hymenoptera (膜翅目)Hymenoptera膜翅目
Lacewings (草蛉)Lacewings草蛉
Ladybird (瓢虫)Ladybird瓢虫
Large Wood Nymph (大木若虫)Large Wood Nymph大木若虫
Least Skipperling (最少船长)Least Skipperling最少船长
Lepidoptera (鳞翅目)Lepidoptera鳞翅目
Lice (虱子)Lice虱子
Luna Moth (月神蛾)Luna Moth月神蛾
Mantis (螳螂)Mantis螳螂
Mayfly (蜉蝣)Mayfly蜉蝣
Mecoptera (长翅目)Mecoptera长翅目
Megaloptera (大翅目)Megaloptera大翅目
Monarch (君主)Monarch君主
Mosquito (蚊子)Mosquito蚊子
Moths (飞蛾)Moths飞蛾
Neuroptera (脉翅目)Neuroptera脉翅目
Odonata (蜻蜓目)Odonata蜻蜓目
Orthoptera (直翅目)Orthoptera直翅目
Phasmatodea (竹节总科)Phasmatodea竹节总科
Plecoptera (剑翅目)Plecoptera剑翅目
Praying Mantis (螳螂)Praying Mantis螳螂
Psocoptera (裸翅目)Psocoptera裸翅目
Red Admiral (红海军上将)Red Admiral红海军上将
Scorpionflies (蝎蝇)Scorpionflies蝎蝇
Sheep Moth (羊蛾)Sheep Moth羊蛾
Snakefly (蛇蝇)Snakefly蛇蝇
Spring Azure (春天蔚蓝)Spring Azure春天蔚蓝
Stick Insects (竹节虫)Stick Insects竹节虫
Strepsiptera (链翅目)Strepsiptera链翅目
Termite (白蚁)Termite白蚁
Thrips (蓟马)Thrips蓟马
Thysanura (缨尾草属)Thysanura缨尾草属
Tiger Swallowtail (虎燕尾)Tiger Swallowtail虎燕尾
Trichoptera (毛翅目)Trichoptera毛翅目
True Bugs (真正的虫子)True Bugs真正的虫子
True Katydid (真螽斯)True Katydid真螽斯
Underwing Moths (翅下飞蛾)Underwing Moths翅下飞蛾
Wasp (黄蜂)Wasp黄蜂
Wolf Spider (狼蛛)Wolf Spider狼蛛
Woolly Bear Caterpillar (毛熊毛毛虫)Woolly Bear Caterpillar毛熊毛毛虫
Zorotypus (佐罗型)Zorotypus佐罗型

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