Indoor Plants Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Indoor Plants name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of indoor plants name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
African Milk Tree (非洲奶树)African Milk Tree非洲奶树
African Violet (非洲紫罗兰)African Violet非洲紫罗兰
Air Plant (空气装置)Air Plant空气装置
Alocasia Polly (海芋波莉)Alocasia Polly海芋波莉
Aloe Vera (芦荟)Aloe Vera芦荟
Anthurium (红掌)Anthurium红掌
Arrowhead Plant (箭头植物)Arrowhead Plant箭头植物
Aspidistra (蜘蛛兰)Aspidistra蜘蛛兰
Bamboo Palm (竹棕榈)Bamboo Palm竹棕榈
Begonia (海棠)Begonia海棠
Bird of Paradise (极乐鸟)Bird of Paradise极乐鸟
Boston Fern (波士顿蕨)Boston Fern波士顿蕨
Bromeliad (凤梨科)Bromeliad凤梨科
Button Fern (纽扣蕨)Button Fern纽扣蕨
Chinese Evergreen (中华长青树)Chinese Evergreen中华长青树
Chinese Money Plant (金钱树)Chinese Money Plant金钱树
Christmas Cactus (圣诞仙人掌)Christmas Cactus圣诞仙人掌
Coleus (锦紫苏属)Coleus锦紫苏属
Croton (巴豆)Croton巴豆
Crown of Thorns (荆棘冠)Crown of Thorns荆棘冠
Dragon Tree (龙树)Dragon Tree龙树
Dragon Wing Begonia (龙翼海棠)Dragon Wing Begonia龙翼海棠
Dumb Cane (哑杖)Dumb Cane哑杖
False Aralia (假龙牙)False Aralia假龙牙
Fern Leaf Cactus (蕨叶仙人掌)Fern Leaf Cactus蕨叶仙人掌
Ficus Alii (其他无花果)Ficus Alii其他无花果
Fiddle Leaf Fig (琴叶无花果)Fiddle Leaf Fig琴叶无花果
Golden Barrel Cactus (金桶仙人掌)Golden Barrel Cactus金桶仙人掌
Haworthia (十二卷)Haworthia十二卷
Haworthia Cooperi (古十二卷)Haworthia Cooperi古十二卷
Hoya (霍亚)Hoya霍亚
Jade Plant (玉厂)Jade Plant玉厂
Juniper Bonsai (杜松盆景)Juniper Bonsai杜松盆景
Kalanchoe (长寿花)Kalanchoe长寿花
Lavender (薰衣草)Lavender薰衣草
Lipstick Plant (口红厂)Lipstick Plant口红厂
Maidenhair Fern (铁线蕨)Maidenhair Fern铁线蕨
Money Plant or Pothos (金钱树或绿萝)Money Plant or Pothos金钱树或绿萝
Nerve Plant (神经植物)Nerve Plant神经植物
Norfolk Island Pine (诺福克岛松)Norfolk Island Pine诺福克岛松
Oxalis (酢浆草属)Oxalis酢浆草属
Oxalis Triangularis (酢浆草)Oxalis Triangularis酢浆草
Parlor Palm (客厅棕榈)Parlor Palm客厅棕榈
Peace Lily (和平百合)Peace Lily和平百合
Peperomia (胡椒属)Peperomia胡椒属
Persian Shield (波斯盾)Persian Shield波斯盾
Philodendron (喜林芋)Philodendron喜林芋
Ponytail Palm (马尾辫棕榈)Ponytail Palm马尾辫棕榈
Prayer Plant (祈祷植物)Prayer Plant祈祷植物
Purple Passion Plant (紫色西番莲植物)Purple Passion Plant紫色西番莲植物
Rattlesnake Plant (响尾蛇植物)Rattlesnake Plant响尾蛇植物
Red Aglaonema (红万年青)Red Aglaonema红万年青
Rex Begonia (霸王海棠)Rex Begonia霸王海棠
Rubber Plant (橡胶厂)Rubber Plant橡胶厂
Schefflera (鹅掌柴)Schefflera鹅掌柴
Senecio Radicans (晚年扎根)Senecio Radicans晚年扎根
Snake Plant (蛇植物)Snake Plant蛇植物
Spider Plant (蜘蛛植物)Spider Plant蜘蛛植物
Staghorn Fern (鹿角蕨)Staghorn Fern鹿角蕨
String of Dolphins (海豚串)String of Dolphins海豚串
String of Hearts (心之串)String of Hearts心之串
String of Pearls (珍珠串)String of Pearls珍珠串
Stromanthe Triostar (斯特罗曼三重奏)Stromanthe Triostar斯特罗曼三重奏
Succulents (多肉植物)Succulents多肉植物
Sweetheart Plant (甜心植物)Sweetheart Plant甜心植物
Swiss Cheese Plant (瑞士奶酪厂)Swiss Cheese Plant瑞士奶酪厂
Wandering Jew (流浪的犹太人)Wandering Jew流浪的犹太人
Watermelon Peperomia (西瓜椒草)Watermelon Peperomia西瓜椒草
Weeping Fig (哭泣无花果)Weeping Fig哭泣无花果
Yucca (丝兰)Yucca丝兰
ZZ Plant (ZZ厂)ZZ PlantZZ厂

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