Human Body Parts Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Human Body Parts name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of human body parts name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Arm (手臂)Arm手臂
Back (后退)Back后退
Beard (胡须)Beard胡须
Belly (腹部)Belly腹部
Blood (血)Blood
Body (身体)Body身体
Bone (骨)Bone
Brain (脑)Brain
Calf (小牛)Calf小牛
Cheek (脸颊)Cheek脸颊
Chest (胸部)Chest胸部
Chin (下巴)Chin下巴
Ear (耳朵)Ear耳朵
Elbow (弯头)Elbow弯头
Eye (眼睛)Eye眼睛
Eyebrow (眉)Eyebrow
Eyelid (眼皮)Eyelid眼皮
Face (脸)Face
Fingers (手指)Fingers手指
Fist (拳头)Fist拳头
Foot (脚)Foot
Forehead (前额)Forehead前额
Hair (头发)Hair头发
Hand (手)Hand
Head (头)Head
Heart (心)Heart
Heel (脚跟)Heel脚跟
Intestine (肠)Intestine
Jaw (颚)Jaw
Joint (联合的)Joint联合的
Kidney (肾)Kidney
Knee (膝盖)Knee膝盖
Leg (腿)Leg
Lip (唇)Lip
Liver (肝)Liver
Lungs (肺)Lungs
Moustache (胡子)Moustache胡子
Mouth (嘴)Mouth
Muscles (肌肉)Muscles肌肉
Nails (指甲)Nails指甲
Neck (脖子)Neck脖子
Nerve (神经)Nerve神经
Nose (鼻子)Nose鼻子
Nostril (鼻孔)Nostril鼻孔
Palm (棕榈)Palm棕榈
Paw (爪子)Paw爪子
Ribs (肋骨)Ribs肋骨
Shoulder (肩膀)Shoulder肩膀
Skin (皮肤)Skin皮肤
Skull (颅骨)Skull颅骨
Spine (脊柱)Spine脊柱
Stomach (胃)Stomach
Teeth (牙齿)Teeth牙齿
Thigh (大腿)Thigh大腿
Throat (喉)Throat
Thumb (拇指)Thumb拇指
Toe (脚趾)Toe脚趾
Tongue (舌头)Tongue舌头
Wrist (手腕)Wrist手腕

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