Fruits Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Fruits name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of fruits name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Acerola (针叶樱桃)Acerola针叶樱桃
Ackee (西非荔枝果)Ackee西非荔枝果
African cucumber (非洲黄瓜)African cucumber非洲黄瓜
Apple (苹果)Apple苹果
Apricot (杏)Apricot
Asian Pear (沙梨,苹果梨)Asian Pear沙梨,苹果梨
Avocado (牛油果)Avocado牛油果
Banana (香蕉)Banana香蕉
Bilberry (覆盆子)Bilberry覆盆子
Black Currants (黑加仑)Black Currants黑加仑
Black Sapote (黑果酱)Black Sapote黑果酱
Blackberry (黑莓)Blackberry黑莓
Blood Orange (血橙)Blood Orange血橙
Blueberries (蓝莓)Blueberries蓝莓
Boysenberries (波森莓)Boysenberries波森莓
Breadfruit (面包果)Breadfruit面包果
Buddha's Hand (佛手)Buddha’s Hand佛手
Cactus Pear (仙人掌梨)Cactus Pear仙人掌梨
Cantaloupe (哈密​​瓜)Cantaloupe哈密​​瓜
Cape Gooseberry (醋栗角)Cape Gooseberry醋栗角
Cempedak (杰克水果)Cempedak杰克水果
Chayote (壁球)Chayote壁球
Cherimoya (毛叶番荔枝)Cherimoya毛叶番荔枝
Cherry (樱桃)Cherry樱桃
Chico Fruit (奇科水果)Chico Fruit奇科水果
Clementine (克莱门汀)Clementine克莱门汀
Cloudberry (云莓)Cloudberry云莓
Coco De Mer (海可可)Coco De Mer海可可
Coconut (椰子)Coconut椰子
Crab Apple (海棠果)Crab Apple海棠果
Cranberries (蔓越莓)Cranberries蔓越莓
Currant (黑醋栗)Currant黑醋栗
Custard apple (刺果番荔枝)Custard apple刺果番荔枝
Damson (达姆森)Damson达姆森
Dates (日期)Dates日期
Dragon Fruit (火龙果)Dragon Fruit火龙果
Durian (榴莲)Durian榴莲
Elderberry (接骨木浆果)Elderberry接骨木浆果
Feijoa (费约果)Feijoa费约果
Fig (如图)Fig如图
Finger Lime (手指酸橙)Finger Lime手指酸橙
Galia Melon (加利亚甜瓜)Galia Melon加利亚甜瓜
Goji Berry (枸杞)Goji Berry枸杞
Gooseberry (醋栗)Gooseberry醋栗
Grapefruit (柚子)Grapefruit柚子
Grapes (葡萄)Grapes葡萄
Guava (番石榴)Guava番石榴
Honeydew (甘露)Honeydew甘露
Horned Melon or Kiwano (角瓜或 Kiwano)Horned Melon or Kiwano角瓜或 Kiwano
Huckleberry (哈克贝利)Huckleberry哈克贝利
Jabuticaba (嘉布提卡巴)Jabuticaba嘉布提卡巴
Jackfruit (菠萝蜜)Jackfruit菠萝蜜
Jostaberry (乔斯塔贝里)Jostaberry乔斯塔贝里
Jujube (枣)Jujube
Juniper Berry (刺柏梅)Juniper Berry刺柏梅
Kiwano (木瓦野)Kiwano木瓦野
Kiwi (猕猴桃)Kiwi猕猴桃
Kiwi Fruit (奇异果)Kiwi Fruit奇异果
Kumquat (金橘)Kumquat金橘
Lemon (柠檬)Lemon柠檬
Lime (柠檬)Lime柠檬
Loganberry (洛根莓)Loganberry洛根莓
Longan (长的)Longan长的
Loquat (枇杷)Loquat枇杷
Lulo (卢洛)Lulo卢洛
Lychee (荔枝)Lychee荔枝
Mandarine (橘子)Mandarine橘子
Mango (芒果)Mango芒果
Mangosteen (山竹)Mangosteen山竹
Marionberries (紫蓝莓)Marionberries紫蓝莓
Miracle Fruit (神奇果实)Miracle Fruit神奇果实
Mouse Melon (鼠瓜)Mouse Melon鼠瓜
Mulberry (桑)Mulberry
Musk Melon (麝香瓜)Musk Melon麝香瓜
Nance (南斯)Nance南斯
Nectarine (油桃)Nectarine油桃
Olive (橄榄)Olive橄榄
Oranges (橙子)Oranges橙子
Papaya (木瓜)Papaya木瓜
Passion Fruit (百香果)Passion Fruit百香果
Pawpaw (木瓜)Pawpaw木瓜
Peach (桃)Peach
Pear (梨)Pear
Persimmon (柿子)Persimmon柿子
Pineapple (菠萝)Pineapple菠萝
Plantains (车前草)Plantains车前草
Plum (李子)Plum李子
Pomegranate (石榴)Pomegranate石榴
Pomelo (柚)Pomelo
Prickly Pear (仙人掌梨)Prickly Pear仙人掌梨
Prune (修剪)Prune修剪
Pummelo (柚子)Pummelo柚子
Quince (桲)Quince
Rambutan (红毛丹)Rambutan红毛丹
Raspberry (覆盆子)Raspberry覆盆子
Redcurrant (红醋栗)Redcurrant红醋栗
Rose Apple (玫瑰苹果)Rose Apple玫瑰苹果
Salak or Snake Fruit (Salak 或蛇果)Salak or Snake FruitSalak 或蛇果
Sapote (萨波特)Sapote萨波特
Satsuma (萨摩)Satsuma萨摩
Star Apple (星苹果乐园)Star Apple星苹果乐园
Star Fruit (杨桃)Star Fruit杨桃
Strawberry (草莓)Strawberry草莓
Surinam cherry (苏里南樱桃)Surinam cherry苏里南樱桃
Tamarillo (塔马里洛)Tamarillo塔马里洛
Tamarind (罗望子)Tamarind罗望子
Tangelo (坦吉洛)Tangelo坦吉洛
Tangerine (柑橘)Tangerine柑橘
Tomato (番茄)Tomato番茄
Ugli Fruit (丑果)Ugli Fruit丑果
Watermelon (西瓜)Watermelon西瓜
White Currant (白醋栗)White Currant白醋栗
Yuzu (柚子)Yuzu柚子

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