Dry Fruits Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Dry Fruits name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of dry fruits name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Almonds (杏仁)Almonds杏仁
Basil Seeds (罗勒种子)Basil Seeds罗勒种子
Betel Nuts (槟榔)Betel Nuts槟榔
Black Raisins (黑葡萄干)Black Raisins黑葡萄干
Black Walnuts (黑胡桃木)Black Walnuts黑胡桃木
Brazil Nuts (巴西坚果)Brazil Nuts巴西坚果
Cantaloupe or Melon Seeds (哈密​​瓜或瓜子)Cantaloupe or Melon Seeds哈密​​瓜或瓜子
Cashew (腰果)Cashew腰果
Chestnuts (栗子)Chestnuts栗子
Chia Seeds (嘉种子)Chia Seeds嘉种子
Dates (日期)Dates日期
Dried Apples (苹果干)Dried Apples苹果干
Dried Apricot (杏干)Dried Apricot杏干
Dried Banana (香蕉干)Dried Banana香蕉干
Dried Blueberries (蓝莓干)Dried Blueberries蓝莓干
Dried Cherries (樱桃干)Dried Cherries樱桃干
Dried Coconuts (椰子干)Dried Coconuts椰子干
Dried Cranberries (蔓越莓干)Dried Cranberries蔓越莓干
Dried Gojiberries (枸杞干)Dried Gojiberries枸杞干
Dried Kiwi (猕猴桃干)Dried Kiwi猕猴桃干
Dried Mango (芒果干)Dried Mango芒果干
Dried Oranges (橙干)Dried Oranges橙干
Dried Papaya (木瓜干)Dried Papaya木瓜干
Dried Pears (干梨)Dried Pears干梨
Dried Pineapples (菠萝干)Dried Pineapples菠萝干
Dried Strawberries (草莓干)Dried Strawberries草莓干
Dry California Fig (干加州无花果)Dry California Fig干加州无花果
Dry Fig (干无花果)Dry Fig干无花果
Dry Hazelnuts (干榛子)Dry Hazelnuts干榛子
Dry Peach or Dry Nectarines (干桃子或干油桃)Dry Peach or Dry Nectarines干桃子或干油桃
Fennel Seeds (茴香种子)Fennel Seeds茴香种子
Flax Seeds (亚麻种子)Flax Seeds亚麻种子
Fox Nuts (狐狸坚果)Fox Nuts狐狸坚果
Macadamia Nuts (澳洲坚果)Macadamia Nuts澳洲坚果
Marcona Almond (马科纳杏仁)Marcona Almond马科纳杏仁
Pecans (胡桃)Pecans胡桃
Pili Nuts (霹雳果)Pili Nuts霹雳果
Pine Nuts (松子)Pine Nuts松子
Pistachios (开心果)Pistachios开心果
Poppy Seeds (罂粟种子)Poppy Seeds罂粟种子
Prunes or Dried Plums (梅子或李子干)Prunes or Dried Plums梅子或李子干
Pumpkin Seeds (南瓜子)Pumpkin Seeds南瓜子
Raisins (葡萄干)Raisins葡萄干
Sacha Inchi (印加果)Sacha Inchi印加果
Saffron (藏红花)Saffron藏红花
Sesame seeds (芝麻籽)Sesame seeds芝麻籽
Sultana Currant (苏丹娜醋栗)Sultana Currant苏丹娜醋栗
Sunflower Seeds (葵花籽)Sunflower Seeds葵花籽
Tiger Nuts (老虎坚果)Tiger Nuts老虎坚果
Walnut (核桃)Walnut核桃
Watermelon Seeds (西瓜籽)Watermelon Seeds西瓜籽

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