Common Spices Name in Chinese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all Common Spices name in Chinese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of common spices name in Chinese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Chinese
Alkanet Root (紫草根)Alkanet Root紫草根
Amchoor (安乔尔)Amchoor安乔尔
Asafoetida (阿魏)Asafoetida阿魏
Basil Seeds (罗勒种子)Basil Seeds罗勒种子
Black Cardamom (黑豆蔻)Black Cardamom黑豆蔻
Black Cumin Seeds (黑孜然种子)Black Cumin Seeds黑孜然种子
Black Pepper (黑胡椒)Black Pepper黑胡椒
Black Salt (黑盐)Black Salt黑盐
Black Stone Flower (黑石花)Black Stone Flower黑石花
Bouquet Garni (加尼花束)Bouquet Garni加尼花束
Caraway Seeds (香菜种子)Caraway Seeds香菜种子
Celery Seeds (芹菜种子)Celery Seeds芹菜种子
Chilli Powder (辣椒粉)Chilli Powder辣椒粉
Cinnamon (肉桂)Cinnamon肉桂
Cloves (丁香)Cloves丁香
Coriander Leaves or  Cilantro (香菜叶或香菜)Coriander Leaves or Cilantro香菜叶或香菜
Coriander Seeds and Coriander Powder (香菜籽和香菜粉)Coriander Seeds and Coriander Powder香菜籽和香菜粉
Cumin Seeds and Cumin Powder (小茴香籽和小茴香粉)Cumin Seeds and Cumin Powder小茴香籽和小茴香粉
Curry Leaves and Curry Powder (咖喱叶和咖喱粉)Curry Leaves and Curry Powder咖喱叶和咖喱粉
Dry Fenugreek Leaves (干胡芦巴叶)Dry Fenugreek Leaves干胡芦巴叶
Dry Garlic Powder (干蒜粉)Dry Garlic Powder干蒜粉
Dry Ginger Powder (干姜粉)Dry Ginger Powder干姜粉
Dry Pomegranate Seeds (干石榴籽)Dry Pomegranate Seeds干石榴籽
Fennel Seeds (茴香种子)Fennel Seeds茴香种子
Fenugreek seeds (胡芦巴种子)Fenugreek seeds胡芦巴种子
Garcinia Cambogia (藤黄果)Garcinia Cambogia藤黄果
Garlic (蒜)Garlic
Ginger (姜)Ginger
Green Cardamom (绿豆蔻)Green Cardamom绿豆蔻
Green Chilli (青辣椒)Green Chilli青辣椒
Gum Tragacanth (黄芪胶)Gum Tragacanth黄芪胶
Holy Basil (圣罗勒)Holy Basil圣罗勒
Hot Spices (辣味香料)Hot Spices辣味香料
Indian Bay Leaf (印度月桂叶)Indian Bay Leaf印度月桂叶
Indian Gooseberry (印度醋栗)Indian Gooseberry印度醋栗
Inknut (墨坚果)Inknut墨坚果
Kokum Rinds (科库姆外皮)Kokum Rinds科库姆外皮
Licorice Powder (甘草粉)Licorice Powder甘草粉
Lime (柠檬)Lime柠檬
Long Pepper (长辣椒)Long Pepper长辣椒
Mace (锤)Mace
Marjoram (马郁兰)Marjoram马郁兰
Mint (薄荷)Mint薄荷
Mustard Seeds (芥菜籽)Mustard Seeds芥菜籽
Nigella Seeds (黑种草种子)Nigella Seeds黑种草种子
Nutmeg (肉豆蔻)Nutmeg肉豆蔻
Oregano (牛至)Oregano牛至
Paprika (辣椒)Paprika辣椒
Peanuts (花生)Peanuts花生
Poppy Seeds (罂粟种子)Poppy Seeds罂粟种子
Red Chilli (红辣椒)Red Chilli红辣椒
Rock Salt (岩盐)Rock Salt岩盐
Rosemary (迷迭香)Rosemary迷迭香
Saffron (藏红花)Saffron藏红花
Salt (盐)Salt
Sesame seeds (芝麻籽)Sesame seeds芝麻籽
Sichuan Pepper (四川花椒)Sichuan Pepper四川花椒
Star Anise (八角)Star Anise八角
Tamarind (罗望子)Tamarind罗望子
Tarragon (龙蒿)Tarragon龙蒿
Thyme (百里香)Thyme百里香
Turmeric (姜黄)Turmeric姜黄
Vinegar (醋)Vinegar
White Peppercorns (白胡椒粒)White Peppercorns白胡椒粒
Yellow Mustard Seed (黄芥菜籽)Yellow Mustard Seed黄芥菜籽

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