Gujarati Alphabet

Gujarati language is an Indo-Aryan language with more than 70 million speakers worldwide. It is the sixth most widely spoken language in India and the twenty-sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Gujarati is commonly spoken in the Indian state of Gujarat and is also spoken in the neighboring states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. There are a few small Gujarati-speaking communities in other parts of India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Gujarati is one of the 22 official languages and 14 regional languages of India.

Outside of India, Gujarati is spoken by a significant diaspora community in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. There are also smaller Gujarati-speaking communities in other countries, such as South Africa, Kenya, and the Middle East.

Structure of Gujarati Alphabet

Gujarati Language

Gujarati Consonants (Vyanjan)

Gujarati Consonant
ConsonantPronunciationTyping Guidance
[ka]Type “k”
[kha]Type “kh”
[ga]Type “g”
[gha]Type “gh”
[ṅa]Type “nga”
[cha]Type “cha”
[chha]Type “chha”
[ja]Type “ja”
[jha]Type “jha”
[ña]Type “nya”
[ṭa]Type “ṭṭa”
[ṭha]Type “ṭṭha”
[ḍa]Type “ḍḍa”
[ḍha]Type “ḍḍha”
[ṇa]Type “ṇṇa”
[ta]Type “ta”
[tha]Type “tha”
[da]Type “da”
[dha]Type “dha”
[na]Type “na”
[pa]Type “pa”
[pha]Type “pha”
[ba]Type “ba”
[bha]Type “bha”
[ma]Type “ma”
[ya]Type “ya”
[ra]Type “ra”
[la]Type “la”
[ḷa]Type “ḷḷa”
[va]Type “va”
[sha]Type “sha”
[ṣa]Type “ṣṣa”
[sa]Type “sa”
[ha]Type “ha”

Gujarati Vowels (Swar)

Gujarati Vowels
Gujarati CharacterPhonetic RepresentationTyping Guidance
[a]Type “a”
[aa]Type “aa”
[i]Type “i”
[ii]Type “ii”
[u]Type “u”
[uu]Type “uu”
[r̩]Type “r”
[l]Type “l”
[e]Type “ae”
[e]Type “e”
[ai]Type “ai”
[o]Type “o”
[o]Type “aa”
[au]Type “au”

Gujarati Vowel Signs (Matras)

Vowel Sign (Matra)PronunciationTyping Guidance in Google Input
[aa]Type “aa”
િ[i]Type “i”
[ii]Type “ii”
◌ુ[u]Type “u”
◌ૂ[uu]Type “uu”
◌ૃ[r̩]Type “r”
◌ૄ[rr̩]Type “r” twice
◌ૅ[e]Type “ae”
◌ે[e]Type “e”
◌ૈ[ai]Type “ai”
[o]Type “o”
[o]Type “aa”
[au]Type “au”

Gujarati Special Characters

Full stop/Purnabiram

Gujarati Baarakhari System

Consonant (Vyanjan)Vowel (Swar)Consonant + Vowel Combination
ક (ka)અ (a)ક + અ = કા (kaa)
આ (aa)ક + આ = કાઆ (kaa)
ઇ (i)ક + ઇ = કિ (ki)
ઈ (ii)ક + ઈ = કી (kii)
ઉ (u)ક + ઉ = કુ (ku)
ઊ (uu)ક + ઊ = કૂ (kuu)
એ (e)ક + એ = કે (ke)
ઐ (ai)ક + ઐ = કૈ (kai)
ઓ (o)ક + ઓ = કો (ko)
ઔ (au)ક + ઔ = કૌ (kau)
અં (aṅ)ક + અં = કં (kaṅ)
અઃ (aḥ)ક + અઃ = કઃ (kaḥ)
અઁ (aṁ)ક + અઁ = કઁ (kaṁ)

And that’s the Gujarati alphabet, covered!

Now you know the Vowels (Swar), Vowel Signs (Matra), Consonants (Vyanjan), and Baahrakhari of the Gujarati alphabet. You’re practically a master of Gujarati letters and sounds. But, of course, that’s only the beginning.

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