Domestic Animals Name in French & English (with pictures)

Nom des animaux domestiques en français et en anglais

Are you looking for all common Domestic Animals name in French & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of domestic animals name in French & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn French
Alpaca (Alpaga)AlpacaAlpaga
Buffalo (Buffle)BuffaloBuffle
Bull (Taureau)BullTaureau
Calf (Veau)CalfVeau
Camel (chameau)Camelchameau
Cat (Chat)CatChat
Chicken (Poulet)ChickenPoulet
Cow (Vache)CowVache
Deer (Cerf)DeerCerf
Dog (Chien)DogChien
Donkey (Âne)DonkeyÂne
Goat (Chèvre)GoatChèvre
Guinea Pig (Cochon d'Inde)Guinea PigCochon d’Inde
Hamster (Hamster)HamsterHamster
Horse (Cheval)HorseCheval
Llama (Lama)LlamaLama
Mouse (Souris)MouseSouris
Mule (Mule)MuleMule
Ox (Bœuf)OxBœuf
Pig (Cochon)PigCochon
Rabbit (Lapin)RabbitLapin
Rat (Rat)RatRat
Reindeer (Renne)ReindeerRenne
Sheep (Mouton)SheepMouton
Squirrel (Écureuil)SquirrelÉcureuil
Tortoise (Tortue)TortoiseTortue
Yak (Yak)YakYak

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