French Alphabet

Bonjour! Learning French is exciting, and getting to know its alphabet is the first step. In this blog, we’ll explore the French alphabet, focusing on consonants, vowels, and what makes it unique. Whether you’re a beginner or just curious, this guide will help you understand the basics of the French alphabet.

French Consonants

Let’s talk about the cool sounds French consonants make. We’ll cover pronunciation tips, silent “H,” and funky marks that change sounds. Knowing these will help you sound more like a native French speaker!

French ConsonantsName (Pronunciation)English Equivalent
B bBé (bay)B
C cCé (say)C
D dDé (day)D
F fEff (eff)F
G gGé (zhay)G
H hHache (ahsh)Silent
J jJi (zhee)Zh
K kKa (kah)K
L lElle (ehl)L
M mEmme (ehm)M
N nEnne (ehn)N
P pPé (pay)P
Q qQü (kew)K
R rErre (ehr)R
S sEss (ess)S
T tTé (tay)T
V vVé (vay)V
W wDouble Vé (doo-bluh vay)W
X xX (eex)KS
Z zZède (zed)Z

French Vowels

Vowels make French sound musical. We’ll learn their sounds, how accents affect them, and the unique nasal ones.

French VowelsName (Pronunciation)English Equivalent
A aA (ah)A
E eE (eh)E
I iI (ee)I
O oO (oh)O
U uU (ew)U
Y yY grec (ee grek)Y

French Alphabet

Now, let’s look at the whole alphabet. It’s like English, but with twists! We’ll explore pronunciation differences, letter combos, and the role of accents.

French Language
French AlphabetName (Pronunciation)English EquivalentExample (English)
A aA (ah)AAmi (friend)
B bBé (bay)BBateau (boat)
C cCé (say)CChien (dog)
D dDé (day)DDessin (drawing)
E eE (eh)EÉcole (school)
F fEff (eff)FFleur (flower)
G gGé (zhay)GGâteau (cake)
H hHache (ahsh)SilentHôtel (hotel)
I iI (ee)IIdée (idea)
J jJi (zhee)ZhJaune (yellow)
K kKa (kah)KKiwi (kiwi)
L lElle (ehl)LLampe (lamp)
M mEmme (ehm)MMaison (house)
N nEnne (ehn)NNuit (night)
O oO (oh)OOiseau (bird)
P pPé (pay)PPapier (paper)
Q qQü (kew)KQuatre (four)
R rErre (ehr)RRose (rose)
S sEss (ess)SSoleil (sun)
T tTé (tay)TTable (table)
U uU (ew)UUnivers (universe)
V vVé (vay)VVélo (bike)
W wDouble Vé (doo-bluh vay)WWagon (wagon)
X xX (eex)KSXylophone (xylophone)
Y yY grec (ee grek)YYacht (yacht)
Z zZède (zed)ZZèbre (zebra)

Learning the French alphabet is a fun way to start your language adventure. Each letter adds a touch of French charm. So, whether you’re saying ‘Bonjour’ or ‘Merci,’ knowing the alphabet is your ticket to speaking French like a pro. À la vôtre! (Cheers to you!)

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