Colors Name in French & English (with pictures)

Nom des couleurs en français et anglais

Are you looking for all common Colors name in French & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of colors name in French & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn French
Aqua (Aqua)AquaAqua
Aquamarine (Bleu vert)AquamarineBleu vert
Azure (Azur)AzureAzur
Beige (Beige)BeigeBeige
Black (Noir)BlackNoir
Blue (Bleu)BlueBleu
Bronze (Bronze)BronzeBronze
Brown (Brun)BrownBrun
Burgundy (Bourgogne)BurgundyBourgogne
Clay (Argile)ClayArgile
Coffee (Café)CoffeeCafé
Crimson (cramoisi)Crimsoncramoisi
Cyan (Cyan)CyanCyan
Fuchsia (Fuchsia)FuchsiaFuchsia
Golden (Doré)GoldenDoré
Gray (Gris)GrayGris
Green (Vert)GreenVert
Indigo (Indigo)IndigoIndigo
Khaki (Kaki)KhakiKaki
Lavendar (Lavande)LavendarLavande
Lime Color (Citron vert)Lime ColorCitron vert
Magenta (Magenta)MagentaMagenta
Mauve (Mauve)MauveMauve
Navy Blue (Bleu marine)Navy BlueBleu marine
Olive Color (olive)Olive Colorolive
Orange (Orange)OrangeOrange
Orchid (Orchidée)OrchidOrchidée
Parrot Green (Perroquet Vert)Parrot GreenPerroquet Vert
Pink (Rose)PinkRose
Purple (Violet)PurpleViolet
Red (Rouge)RedRouge
Royal Blue (Bleu royal)Royal BlueBleu royal
Silver (Argent)SilverArgent
Sky blue (Bleu ciel)Sky blueBleu ciel
Turquoise (Turquoise)TurquoiseTurquoise
Violet (Violet)VioletViolet
White (Blanc)WhiteBlanc
Yellow (Jaune)YellowJaune

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