Pulses and Lentils Name in Filipino & English (with pictures)

Pangalan ng Pulses at Lentil sa Filipino at English

Are you looking for all common Pulses and Lentils name in Filipino & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of pulses and lentils name in Filipino & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Filipino
Adzuki Beans (Adzuki Beans)Adzuki BeansAdzuki Beans
Bambara Groundnut (Bambara Groundnut)Bambara GroundnutBambara Groundnut
Black Bean (Black Bean)Black BeanBlack Bean
Black Chickpeas (Black Chickpeas)Black ChickpeasBlack Chickpeas
Black Eyed Peas (Black Eyed Peas)Black Eyed PeasBlack Eyed Peas
Black Gram (Itim na Gram)Black GramItim na Gram
Brown Lentils (Brown Lentils)Brown LentilsBrown Lentils
Cannellini Beans (Cannellini Beans)Cannellini BeansCannellini Beans
Chickpeas (Mga chickpeas)ChickpeasMga chickpeas
Dried Fava Beans (Pinatuyong Fava Beans)Dried Fava BeansPinatuyong Fava Beans
Dry Beans or Mixed Beans (Dry Beans o Mixed Beans)Dry Beans or Mixed BeansDry Beans o Mixed Beans
Dry Green Peas (Mga Dry Green Peas)Dry Green PeasMga Dry Green Peas
French Bean Seeds (Mga Buto ng French Bean)French Bean SeedsMga Buto ng French Bean
Green Gram Split (Green Gram Split)Green Gram SplitGreen Gram Split
Horse Gram (Horse Gram)Horse GramHorse Gram
Kidney Beans (Kidney Beans)Kidney BeansKidney Beans
Lima Beans (Lima Beans)Lima BeansLima Beans
Lupini Beans (Lupini Beans)Lupini BeansLupini Beans
Moth Bean or Turkish Gram (Moth Bean o Turkish Gram)Moth Bean or Turkish GramMoth Bean o Turkish Gram
Mung Dahl (Mung Dahl)Mung DahlMung Dahl
Navy Peas (Navy Peas)Navy PeasNavy Peas
Pinto Beans (Pinto Beans)Pinto BeansPinto Beans
Red Lentils (Mga Pulang Lentil)Red LentilsMga Pulang Lentil
Soy Beans (Soy Beans)Soy BeansSoy Beans
Split Black Gram (Hatiin ang Black Gram)Split Black GramHatiin ang Black Gram
White Peas (Mga White Peas)White PeasMga White Peas
Whole Red Lentil (Buong Pulang Lentil)Whole Red LentilBuong Pulang Lentil
Yellow Split Gram (Yellow Split Gram)Yellow Split GramYellow Split Gram
Yellow Split Pigeon Pea (Yellow Split Pigeon Pea)Yellow Split Pigeon PeaYellow Split Pigeon Pea

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