Birds Name in Filipino & English (with pictures)

Pangalan ng mga Ibon sa Filipino at Ingles

Are you looking for all common Birds name in Filipino & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of birds name in Filipino & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Filipino
Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Asian Paradise Flycatcher)Asian Paradise FlycatcherAsian Paradise Flycatcher
Auk (At saka)AukAt saka
Avocet (Avocet)AvocetAvocet
Bat (Bat)BatBat
Baya Weaver (Baya Weaver)Baya WeaverBaya Weaver
Black-Bellied Tern (Black-Bellied Tern)Black-Bellied TernBlack-Bellied Tern
Black-Headed Ibis (Ibis na may itim na ulo)Black-Headed IbisIbis na may itim na ulo
Budgies (Budgie)BudgiesBudgie
Bulbul (Bulbul)BulbulBulbul
Canary (Canary)CanaryCanary
Cerulean Warbler (Cerulean Warbler)Cerulean WarblerCerulean Warbler
Cockatiel (Cockatiel)CockatielCockatiel
Cockatoo (cockatoo)Cockatoocockatoo
Conure (Conure)ConureConure
Cormorant (Cormorant)CormorantCormorant
Crane (Stork) (Crane (Stork))Crane (Stork)Crane (Stork)
Crow (Uwak)CrowUwak
Cuckoo (Cuckoo)CuckooCuckoo
Curlew (Curlew)CurlewCurlew
Dove (kalapati)Dovekalapati
Drongo (Drongo)DrongoDrongo
Duck (Itik)DuckItik
Eagle (Agila)EagleAgila
Eastern Bluebird (Silangang Bluebird)Eastern BluebirdSilangang Bluebird
Emu Bird (Ibong Emu)Emu BirdIbong Emu
Eurasian Spoonbill (Eurasian Spoonbill)Eurasian SpoonbillEurasian Spoonbill
Finch (Finch)FinchFinch
Flamingo (Flamingo)FlamingoFlamingo
Glossy Ibis (Makintab na Ibis)Glossy IbisMakintab na Ibis
Goldfinch (Goldfinch)GoldfinchGoldfinch
Goose (Gansa)GooseGansa
Greater Bird of Paradise (Mas Dakilang Ibon ng Paraiso)Greater Bird of ParadiseMas Dakilang Ibon ng Paraiso
Grey Heron (Gray Heron)Grey HeronGray Heron
Guinea Fowl (Guinea Fowl)Guinea FowlGuinea Fowl
Harris Hawk (Harris Hawk)Harris HawkHarris Hawk
Hen (Sinabi ni Hen)HenSinabi ni Hen
Hoatzin (Hoatzin)HoatzinHoatzin
Hoopoe (Matulog)HoopoeMatulog
Hornbill (Hornbill)HornbillHornbill
Hummingbird (Hummingbird)HummingbirdHummingbird
Indian Little Grebe (Indian Little Grebe)Indian Little GrebeIndian Little Grebe
Indian Robin (Indian Robin)Indian RobinIndian Robin
Indian Treepie (Indian Treepie)Indian TreepieIndian Treepie
Jay (Jay)JayJay
Kestrel (Kestrel)KestrelKestrel
Kingfisher (Kingfisher)KingfisherKingfisher
Kite (saranggola)Kitesaranggola
Kiwi (Kiwi)KiwiKiwi
Lady Gouldian Finch (Lady Gouldian Finch)Lady Gouldian FinchLady Gouldian Finch
Lilac-breasted Roller (Lilac-breasted Roller)Lilac-breasted RollerLilac-breasted Roller
Macaw (Macaw)MacawMacaw
Magpie (Magpie)MagpieMagpie
Mandarin Duck (Mandarin Duck)Mandarin DuckMandarin Duck
Mynah (Mynah)MynahMynah
Nightingale (Nightingale)NightingaleNightingale
Oriental Bird (Ibong Oriental)Oriental BirdIbong Oriental
Oriole (Oriole)OrioleOriole
Osprey (Osprey)OspreyOsprey
Ostrich (Ostrich)OstrichOstrich
Owl (Kuwago)OwlKuwago
Parrot (Loro)ParrotLoro
Partridge (Partridge)PartridgePartridge
Peacock (Peacock)PeacockPeacock
Pelican (Pelican)PelicanPelican
Penguin (Penguin)PenguinPenguin
Pewit (Pewit)PewitPewit
Pheasant (Pheasant)PheasantPheasant
Pigeon (Kalapati)PigeonKalapati
Pitta (Pitta)PittaPitta
Quail (Pugo)QuailPugo
Raven (Raven)RavenRaven
Robin (Robin)RobinRobin
Rock-horned Owl (Rock-horned Owl)Rock-horned OwlRock-horned Owl
Rooster (tandang)Roostertandang
Rosy Starling (Rosy Starling)Rosy StarlingRosy Starling
Sandpiper (Sandpiper)SandpiperSandpiper
Seagull (Seagull)SeagullSeagull
Skylark (Cloud sheet)SkylarkCloud sheet
Sparrow (maya)Sparrowmaya
Starling (Starling)StarlingStarling
Stork (Tagak)StorkTagak
Swallow (Lunok)SwallowLunok
Swan (Swan)SwanSwan
Tailorbird (Tailorbird)TailorbirdTailorbird
Toucan (Toucan)ToucanToucan
Turkey (Turkey)TurkeyTurkey
Vulture (buwitre)Vulturebuwitre
Wagtail (Wagtail)WagtailWagtail
Weaver (Weaver)WeaverWeaver
White-browed Fantail (White-browed Fantail)White-browed FantailWhite-browed Fantail
Woodpecker (Woodpecker)WoodpeckerWoodpecker

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