Common Spices Name in Filipino & English (with pictures)

Karaniwang Pangalan ng Spices sa Filipino at English

Are you looking for all common Common Spices name in Filipino & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of common spices name in Filipino & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Filipino
Alkanet Root (Alkanet Root)Alkanet RootAlkanet Root
Amchoor (Amchoor)AmchoorAmchoor
Asafoetida (Asafoetida)AsafoetidaAsafoetida
Basil Seeds (Mga Buto ng Basil)Basil SeedsMga Buto ng Basil
Black Cardamom (Itim na Cardamom)Black CardamomItim na Cardamom
Black Cumin Seeds (Black Cumin Seeds)Black Cumin SeedsBlack Cumin Seeds
Black Pepper (Itim na paminta)Black PepperItim na paminta
Black Salt (Itim na Asin)Black SaltItim na Asin
Black Stone Flower (Bulaklak ng Black Stone)Black Stone FlowerBulaklak ng Black Stone
Bouquet Garni (Bouquet garni)Bouquet GarniBouquet garni
Caraway Seeds (Mga Binhi ng Caraway)Caraway SeedsMga Binhi ng Caraway
Celery Seeds (Mga Binhi ng Kintsay)Celery SeedsMga Binhi ng Kintsay
Chilli Powder (Chilli Powder)Chilli PowderChilli Powder
Cinnamon (kanela)Cinnamonkanela
Cloves (Mga clove)ClovesMga clove
Coriander Leaves or  Cilantro (Mga dahon ng kulantro o cilantro)Coriander Leaves or CilantroMga dahon ng kulantro o cilantro
Coriander Seeds and Coriander Powder (Coriander Seeds at Corriander Powder)Coriander Seeds and Coriander PowderCoriander Seeds at Corriander Powder
Cumin Seeds and Cumin Powder (Mga Buto ng Cumin at Cumin Powder)Cumin Seeds and Cumin PowderMga Buto ng Cumin at Cumin Powder
Curry Leaves and Curry Powder (Dahon ng Curry at Curry Powder)Curry Leaves and Curry PowderDahon ng Curry at Curry Powder
Dry Fenugreek Leaves (Tuyong Dahon ng Fenugreek)Dry Fenugreek LeavesTuyong Dahon ng Fenugreek
Dry Garlic Powder (Dry Garlic Powder)Dry Garlic PowderDry Garlic Powder
Dry Ginger Powder (Dry Ginger Powder)Dry Ginger PowderDry Ginger Powder
Dry Pomegranate Seeds (Mga Dry Pomegranate Seed)Dry Pomegranate SeedsMga Dry Pomegranate Seed
Fennel Seeds (Mga buto ng haras)Fennel SeedsMga buto ng haras
Fenugreek seeds (Mga buto ng fenugreek)Fenugreek seedsMga buto ng fenugreek
Garcinia Cambogia (Garcinia Cambogia)Garcinia CambogiaGarcinia Cambogia
Garlic (Bawang)GarlicBawang
Ginger (Luya)GingerLuya
Green Cardamom (Berdeng Cardamom)Green CardamomBerdeng Cardamom
Green Chilli (Berdeng sili)Green ChilliBerdeng sili
Gum Tragacanth (Gum Tragacanth)Gum TragacanthGum Tragacanth
Holy Basil (Banal na Basil)Holy BasilBanal na Basil
Hot Spices (Mainit na Spices)Hot SpicesMainit na Spices
Indian Bay Leaf (Indian Bay Leaf)Indian Bay LeafIndian Bay Leaf
Indian Gooseberry (Indian Gooseberry)Indian GooseberryIndian Gooseberry
Inknut (Inknut)InknutInknut
Kokum Rinds (Kokum Rinds)Kokum RindsKokum Rinds
Licorice Powder (Licorice Powder)Licorice PowderLicorice Powder
Lime (Limon)LimeLimon
Long Pepper (Mahabang Paminta)Long PepperMahabang Paminta
Mace (Mace)MaceMace
Marjoram (Marjoram)MarjoramMarjoram
Mint (Mint)MintMint
Mustard Seeds (Mga Buto ng Mustasa)Mustard SeedsMga Buto ng Mustasa
Nigella Seeds (Mga Binhi ng Nigella)Nigella SeedsMga Binhi ng Nigella
Nutmeg (Nutmeg)NutmegNutmeg
Oregano (Oregano)OreganoOregano
Paprika (Paprika)PaprikaPaprika
Peanuts (Mga mani)PeanutsMga mani
Poppy Seeds (Mga Buto ng Poppy)Poppy SeedsMga Buto ng Poppy
Red Chilli (Pulang Sili)Red ChilliPulang Sili
Rock Salt (Asin)Rock SaltAsin
Rosemary (Rosemary)RosemaryRosemary
Saffron (Safron)SaffronSafron
Salt (asin)Saltasin
Sesame seeds (linga)Sesame seedslinga
Sichuan Pepper (Sichuan Pepper)Sichuan PepperSichuan Pepper
Star Anise (Star Anis)Star AniseStar Anis
Tamarind (Tamarind)TamarindTamarind
Tarragon (Tarragon)TarragonTarragon
Thyme (Thyme)ThymeThyme
Turmeric (Turmerik)TurmericTurmerik
Vinegar (Suka)VinegarSuka
White Peppercorns (White Peppercorns)White PeppercornsWhite Peppercorns
Yellow Mustard Seed (Dilaw na Buto ng Mustasa)Yellow Mustard SeedDilaw na Buto ng Mustasa

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