Top 7 Awesome Part-time Jobs for Nepalese Students Studying Abroad in 2021

Part-time Jobs are perfect for students, struggling artists, and almost everyone.

The recent trend of students pursuing their academic endeavors abroad is on the rise. With the rise in the students going abroad, mostly the students and parents are concerned about living stably in the environment they have heard but never experienced before. Well! The most striking benefit of experience is it can be shared, and this blog is determined to be grounded in it.

First, to give you the context, let’s talk about the data. Foreign Education Department Chief Girman Thapa reveals that the exact number of Nepali students who sought permission to go abroad is 323,972. And further in FY 2074-75 as many as 56,216 Nepali students went abroad for higher studies – an increase of 10,000 Nepali students in comparison to the previous year.

Now, if you are wondering with flocks of students going abroad, what do these students do abroad to support themselves? Part-time Jobs are very essential for all students studying abroad.

Usually, there are lots of odd jobs as part-time jobs but, there are also some normal jobs. Here are some lists of jobs that the students do to support them financially:

  1. Local Business Jobs (Ranging from café, restaurants, gas station, grocery stores, beauty shops to many more)
  2. Hospitality Related and Food Service Jobs ( Ranging from Hotels, Hospitals, Catering, Bartending and so on)
  3. Big Chain Companies (Such as Fast food chain, grocery chain, Apparels, Furniture and Décor, Retail chain)
  4. Vocational and Technical Jobs ( Includes Construction, Maintenance, Engineering and so on)
  5. Formal jobs (Ranging from Administrative, Internship, Volunteer jobs, clerical jobs, Assistant, Marketing, IT-related jobs, Nursing, and many more)
  6. Work-Study Jobs (Ranging from the library, Research assistant, University student representative council, Research study participant, and so on)
  7. Self-employed jobs (Freelancing, Uber, Delivery)

1. Local Business Jobs

The backbone of any economy is its small business. If you are searching for a job with high demand and low-skill jobs to start with, the local business is your gemstone.

Normally, most of the students work in cafés, restaurants, local grocery stores, gas stations, beauty shops, clothing stores, and the list goes on. You can start by being Runner/Waiter/Waitress, Barista, Cashier, Sales representative, Chef, and so on. The striking thing about small businesses is they are large in number and the chance of getting jobs in such businesses is high in comparison with others as the job demand is high.

Part-time Jobs

The most common online platforms like Gumtree and Indeed are the perfect platform to hunt and apply for these jobs or you can simply go and ask your nearby local business store manager if they have the vacancy available.

2. Hospitality and Health Service

If you have previous experience in hospitality-related jobs, then you can apply for more skill-requiring jobs that pay well. You can work in Catering, Restaurants, Hotels, and hospitals as a chef, server, supervisor, and housekeeper and as you gain the experience you can upgrade your employment status for instance being a manager.

Tools Nepal Top 7 Awesome Part-time Jobs for Nepalese Students Studying Abroad in 2021

Along with that, most commonly the Health care sector is also transitioning to provide value and experience to its customers. In this pursue there is a high demand for Nurses, Doctors, and Care staff for Age Care homes. So, if you are a health-related professional or a student, go and hunt for jobs in aged care homes, hospitals, and clinics and it will be a lot easier to secure a job if you have a strong referral for your resume.

3. Big Chain Companies

Usually, we get introduced to the chains like KFC, MC Donalds, Hungry Jacks, 7- Eleven, IKEA, Walmart through our peers, relatives, or pop-cultural references. Well, these are some of the commonly heard chain companies that have hundreds and thousands of stores worldwide. Thus, as a student, you definitely should hunt for a part-time job in these companies.

Tools Nepal Top 7 Awesome Part-time Jobs for Nepalese Students Studying Abroad in 2021

Fast-food chain like Mc Donalds, KFC, and Hungry Jacks usually hire young people who are less than 20 years of age. So, youngsters out there, who are desperate to secure the bucks in your pocket go with the fast-food chain jobs as you will have more chance of securing the job because of the demand.

4. Formal/ Professional Jobs

The indeed data of 2017 showed that the trend of immigrants with formal education is increasing. Though the percentage of formal job holders in the market is low, the percentage of workers with a Bachelors’s degree in that category is high. For instance, Software and Application Developers who are immigrants cover 9.2% of the total share but out of the employed percentage, 83% hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

Tools Nepal Top 7 Awesome Part-time Jobs for Nepalese Students Studying Abroad in 2021

The professional jobs most commonly done by the international students are administrative staff, call center jobs, accounting, and clerical jobs, Audit, Tax related jobs, IT-related jobs, Engineering jobs like railways, Infrastructure projects, and the like.

5. Vocational and Technical Jobs

The technical and vocational jobs are well-paid jobs abroad. Mostly as the construction sector and infrastructure projects boom in the market, the job prospect also increases. For instance, as the construction sector is in a boom in Australia, most of the students are seen working in construction-related jobs.

 Further, you can also choose to study the Vocational and Technical courses such as Electrician course, Builder course, Plumbing, and many other technical courses.

Tools Nepal Top 7 Awesome Part-time Jobs for Nepalese Students Studying Abroad in 2021

The TAFE is one of the vocational training institutions in Australia which provides range of vocational and technical courses.

6. Work-Study Jobs

These kinds of jobs are popular in the US as most graduate students are restricted to working only inside the university. The job ranges from working in the university café, Gyms, stores to a library, as a student council member, research participant, and research assistant, and so on.

Tools Nepal Top 7 Awesome Part-time Jobs for Nepalese Students Studying Abroad in 2021

Basically, the Post Graduate and Ph.D. students are given research-related jobs as research assistants, project researchers, and the like.

7. Self Employed Jobs

Tools Nepal Top 7 Awesome Part-time Jobs for Nepalese Students Studying Abroad in 2021

The current C2C business model has given rise to self-employed jobs. The companies like UBER, AIRBNB, OLA, UBER EATS, and freelancing jobs such as content writing, academic writing, etc can be great self-employed jobs to get the extra bucks if you are employed and have no work restrictions or an alternative for part-time jobs. The bookstore is filled with international bestsellers both in the fiction and non-fiction genre.

Part-time Jobs, The Prior choice of maximum students

Almost every student goes to another country for academic purposes, part-time jobs are the ideal choice as they can create a schedule around the job.

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