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10 Best Alternative Job for semi-skilled Workers

Are you a skilled person?

A lot of you may be answering “Yes I am” but are you a skilled worker?

Some of you may be wondering what a “skilled worker” is. The simple answer to this is “any worker who has special skill, training or knowledge that they can apply to their work”. So in this context, some of you may not be skilled workers. 

How about a semi-skilled worker? If you are wondering what a semi-skilled worker is, they are workers who have a generic skillset required to be a worker but are not specialized in any field. These are the workers perfect for jobs that do not require any form of specific skill set but a proper work mentality. 

So, with the definition out of the way, we can now move onto the main point of this article the list of jobs for the semi-skilled workers. Let see what they are now.

1) Retail Salesperson

 Job for semi-skilled Workers

Average Salary: 23,000

This is one of those fields where a lot of personnel are required. The retail salesperson usually works in big markets or Malls as these are the people who determine the income of the said shop. They are required to interact with the customers and tempt the customers to buy. 

As you may have guessed, while you don’t need a specific skill to become a retail salesperson you do need to know how to interact with people and tempt them. 

2) Security Guard

 Job for semi-skilled Workers

Average Salary: 12,000

While being a security guard is often looked down upon, this is a rather good job for people who have a good physique and are good at managing conflict. As one may know, this is a slightly risky job since your main purpose is to handle conflict. 

The main requirement for one to be a security guard is that s/he needs to be intimidating and bulky. Along with this, having some combat skills is helpful as well. But remember this: The primary job of a security guard is to look intimidating to prevent any mishaps. 

3) Telephone Solicitor

 Job for semi-skilled Workers

Average Salary: 19,000

While this term may sound a bit complicated, it really isn’t. Telephone Solicitor, which is more commonly known as Telephone marketers is responsible for interacting with their customers and solving any immediate issue that they may have along with prompting them to buy their products or services. 

As one can guess from this job description, while they may not need any formal training or skill, they do need good communication and marketing skills as well. One can become a Telephone Solicitor for producers and any range of service providers. Alternatively one can also work in a call center for this type of job. 

4) Waiter/Waitress

 Job for semi-skilled Workers

Average Salary: 15,000

We all know what a waiter/waitress does – they take and serve the orders of the customers at an F and B organization. That being said the F and B organization doesn’t need to be a high-class restaurant. One can be a waiter and waitress at a well-established cafe as well. 

Needless to say, while they may not need any specific training or skill, they do need a general skill of greeting their customer, a good memory, and a stable footing to be able to deliver the orders of the customers without any hindrance. 

5) Bartender

Job for semi-skilled Worker

Average Salary: 14,000

Similar to Waiter and waitress, these are the personnel who are associated with F and B organizations. But unlike a waiter/waitress, they can’t just work at any F and B organization. As the name suggests, Bartenders work at a Bar, taking drink orders and serving them. 

At the base level, all they need to do is remember the order and deliver them to the right person. But as their experience increases, they may need to prepare drinks as well. For this, they will need to go through training designed to enable the bartenders to prepare a wide range of cocktails and mocktails. Naturally, as their skill level and responsibilities increase so will their pay. By this time, they will no longer be a semi-skilled worker but a skilled worker instead. 

6) Flight Attendant

Job for semi-skilled Worker

Average Salary: 25,000

One may get surprised on this job got into the list of “jobs for the semi-skilled workers” as flight attendants are generally perceived to require some level of specialized skill. Well if you are thinking this, you are partially wrong. 

The base job of a flight attendant is to ensure that everyone in the flight follows the security regulations of the flight. They do this via their communication skills. So as expected, even though being a flight attendant may not require any form of formal skill sent, they do have a requirement for good communication skills. Furthermore, they should also be acquainted with general first aid as well for emergencies. 

So although the requirements for a flight attendant are a bit higher, since you don’t require any form of specific formal skill, this is still among the valid jobs for semi-skilled workers. 

7) Taxi Driver

Job for semi-skilled Worker

Average Salary: 20,000

Here is a thing about being a taxi driver, the amount you earn will directly depend on the customers you can get in a day. While at first, you will mostly have to rely on luck for this, as you are acquainted with more customers, you need to do your best to maintain a good relationship with them and make them trust you.

If a customer trusts you, they will naturally give you a call when they need a taxi. This way not only will you expand your networking but generate more profit as well. So while this job for the semi-skilled workers doesn’t require any training in a formal way, you do need to have good networking skills along with driving skills as well. 

8) Laundry Operator

Job for semi-skilled Worker

Average Salary: 21,000

This is one of those jobs that is undeservedly looked down upon. For those who don’t know, laundry operators tend to wash or dry-cleaning machines to wash industrial garments. So, basically, they are the workers at a dry-cleaning organization.

To be a laundry operator, all you need to know is how to operate the said machines. This can be learned rather easily and you do not need any formal training for this. But once you know the process well, you can easily earn an adequate amount while working on autopilot mode. This is the perfect job the semi-skilled workers if they are not proficient enough for any formal skills but can learn the patterns well. 

What’s more, if you learn the basics of the machines, you can even learn how they work and get formal training in machine mechanics, and upgrade your post as well.

9) Nurse assistant

Job for semi-skilled Worker

Average Salary:15,000

Before we begin explaining about this job, if you are not able to handle people, this job is not meant for you. The reason is rather simple. As a nurse assistant, you will be doing all the side jobs of helping patients that the nurses are too busy to do. This includes helping the patients bathe, get dressed, reposition their wheelchairs, and even clean their excrements.

 So to do all of these you need to be patient and be good with people. While this is an underappreciated job for the semi-skilled workers, it is undoubtedly one of those jobs which do a great service to humanity. 

10) Furniture Mover

Job for semi-skilled Worker

Average Salary:25,000

If you are someone who doesn’t have any specific skill but is great at solving puzzles and is strong, this is the perfect job for you. This is one of those jobs for the semi-skilled worker that requires strength and problem-solving ability. 

The entire premise of this job is disassembling the furniture, placing them in a vehicle in a way that optimizes space, transporting them to their destination, and re-assembling the furniture there. And since the assembly of furniture depends on the company or the carpenter, each batch of furniture that you may have to move will probably be unique. This is why one needs to be good at problem-solving and have a good sense of spatial awareness to be involved in this job for semi-skilled workers. 

Besides these, some of the furniture can’t be disassembled. So in order to move them, you need some degrees of physical strength as well. 


Job for semi-skilled Worker

These are some of the best jobs for semi-skilled workers. As you may have noticed, while these jobs do not require one to be skilled in a specific aspect, you are required to be proficient in a number of soft skills. Some may require you to have strength while some may require you to be proficient in communication. Regardless of which, you cannot get these jobs without some underlying skill, albeit be it an unrelated one.

Hope you found this interesting. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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