9 Awesome Jobs in the Movie Industry You Can Apply For

Being a movie star seems like a great life but when it comes down to it – it really is a stressful one

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And whoever said this was saying the truth. Not everybody wants to be a movie star as it comes with its share of stress and problems – need to sign good movies, upgrade acting skills, brand promotion, and worst of all – paparazzi. 

But what if you want to work in the movie without all of this hassle? Well good news for you, there are still quite a few jobs in the movie industry that doesn’t involve acting or even showing your face on the camera- for the most part. 

These jobs in entertainment industries are somewhat tough to do and you don’t have the massively underrated entertainment industry and get recognition from the public but they pay well and are perfect for those who want jobs in the movie industry that don’t require public showbiz. 

Are you getting curious? If yes, then let’s move on to the list.

1) Director

Jobs in the Movie Industry

Director is one of those well-known jobs in the movie industry that doesn’t require you to show your face on camera (for the most part) and is well respected. 

The main job of a director is, well to direct everything that goes on the set, This includes things like acting, set props, make-up, screenplay, camera angle, camera movements, lights, sound, etc. So basically a director is someone who is responsible for the overall management of the entire movie set, while he is in action. 

As you may have known a director can make or break a movie/series depending on how s/he directs the script. Along with this, you may also have known that being a director is not an easy task. It is one of the toughest jobs in the movie industry since you are the brains behind the entire shoot. 

2) Producer

Jobs in the Movie Industry

The producer is another one of those jobs in the movie industry that doesn’t require you to show your face. Unlike the director who needs to be present during movie discussions and screening, a producer doesn’t have such a requirement. As long as you are known to exist, you can become a producer.

Another benefit of being a producer is that if you chose to, you can remain totally anonymous. The only requirement is that you put in money and manage the business aspect of a show/video/music which is not exactly an easy thing to do because big-budget movies can cost crores of rupees- especially in Nepal. 

3) Set Designer

Jobs in the Movie Industry

This is one of those underappreciated and underrated jobs in the movie industry. For those who don’t know,  they are the ones responsible for the ambiance of the environment in any video – be it a show, music video, series, or movie. In fact, they are the sole reason why most of the movies look the way they look. 

Be it the dark theme of “The Dark Knight rises” or the shiny background of most Indian soap operas, these are all the wonders of the set designers. They create the best background for each scene of each movie/series/music video.

The only requirement to be a set designer is that you need the know-how of how a movie set affects the ambiance of a scene and be creative to modSeify as the scene demands. 

4) Cinematographer

Jobs in the Movie Industry

This is one of those jobs in the movie industry that is somewhat overshadowed by its popular counterpart – the director. In simple words, a cinematographer is the right-hand man of the director who brings the vision of a director into reality. What this means is that you do virtually everything a director does, just in a more direct way by coordinating with various departments like lighting, sound, cameramen, actors, etc. 

Needless to say, this is indeed a tough job in the entertainment industry as not only do you have to do what the director says but also maintain a smooth relationship between the departments. Along with this, the working hours can be weird. But that being said apart from those who are not directly involved in the show/movie/video during the time of the shoot, this random work timing applies for virtually everyone – including the actors. 

5) Costume Designer

Jobs in the Movie Industry

In simple words, a costume designer is the same as a set designer except for their canvas. While the set designer sees the entire set as their canvas, the costume designer sees the actors as their canvas. 

Needless to say, a costume designer is an important part of any shoot since they are the ones who determine how a character looks. They are the ones who designed the tight leather suit of Scarlet Johanson in the Avengers and these people are also the ones who designed Jim Carrys the Grinch. 

While this is all good, the con of this is that you won’t get paid much unless you make a name for yourself. 

6) Prop Master

Jobs in the Movie Industry

This is one of those jobs that is severely underrated jobs in the movie industry. A prop master brings the vision of both the set designer and director into fruition by micromanaging all the props on the set. This includes things as mundane as an empty soda bottle on the set to things as massive as a luxury car.

If you become a propmaster you will be the one responsible for making sure that all the props (including fancy gadgets) are working and in the correct order. That is the best part about this job, you get to play around with a lot of things while getting paid. The only con is that it can also take weeks to find the perfect rock for set – which can get mind-numbingly boring at times. 

7) Makeup Artist

Jobs in the Movie Industry

We all know what make-up artists do – they do make-up on the actors. While this may seem like an easy thing to do, know that makeup doesn’t just include making the actors look brighter and prettier on screen, it also includes making them look horrible as well if the scene calls for it.

This is even more difficult if the movie has a lot of violence included in them ( which a Nepali movie typically has/had) since the makeup artist is responsible for inserting all of those wounds and blood on actors. This can be rather tedious work to do. On top of this even if the makeup is just about touching up the actors since things like “one-shot okay” are very rare and shooting hours are unpredictable, they will have to work random houses – sometimes without rest. 

But the plus side is that they get paid well and are well recognized for their services. 

8) Movie editor

Jobs in the Movie Industry

This is one of those jobs in the movie industry where one doesn’t need to show their face- even to a lot of the shooting team members. As long as they get the job done, they can get by contacting just the important personnel like the director, cinematographer, and producer. 

The primary job of a movie editor is to assemble thousands of random scenes into a movie by coordinating with the scriptwriter and the director along with the cinematographer. They are also the ones responsible for most of the effects on the movie. 

There are a few downsides though. The first downside is that one needs an extremely good computer to handle all of the clips and process them. Another major downfall is that this whole thing can be extremely tedious. One can edit for hours for a two-second clip to make the lighting and the dubbing perfect while adding in the effects. 

They do get paid well though. 

9) Score Composer

Jobs in the Movie Industry

This is one of those jobs in the entertainment industry that is massively underrated. For those who don’t know what a Score composer does, they are the sound guys that manage each and every sound in the movie – from the simple breathing of the actors to the dramatic “Dhoom tana nana” in the background along with the perfect music and songs. 

They work directly under the director so their position is quite high on the hierarchy among the jobs in the movie industry. But that being said they do need to be extremely creative and knowledgeable about the music. Along with this, while being creative, they do have to work under the set requirement as well.


Jobs in the Movie Industry

As you may have seen acting is not the only job in the movie industry. Bides acting there are tons of other jobs that pay quite well. The best part about these jobs is that a lot of them are quite good if you don’t want to get stormed by an army of media while being known in the industry – especially those related to designing and editing. 

You may have noted that we haven’t mentioned salary in this article about the jobs in the movie industry. This is because, for the most part, there is no fixed salary for any of these jobs. Since virtually every single one of these jobs is based on creativity, one cannot pin an exact average price on these jobs. 

Most of the people who work in creative jobs – including writing are freelancers who work from project to project and their income is based on the success of the project as well as the number of projects they are involved in, which in turn is based entirely on their skill. So there is no exact way to get even average since they vary wildly.

Hope you found this informative. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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