Insects Name in Filipino & English (with pictures)

Pangalan ng Insekto sa Filipino at English

Are you looking for all common Insects name in Filipino & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of insects name in Filipino & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Filipino
American House Spider (American House Spider)American House SpiderAmerican House Spider
Ant (Langgam)AntLanggam
Apantesis Tiger Moth (Apantesis Tiger Moth)Apantesis Tiger MothApantesis Tiger Moth
Archaeognatha (Archaeognatha)ArchaeognathaArchaeognatha
Bed Bug (Bed Bug)Bed BugBed Bug
Bee (Pukyutan)BeePukyutan
Beetle (Salaginto)BeetleSalaginto
Black And Yellow Argiope (Itim At Dilaw na Argiope)Black And Yellow ArgiopeItim At Dilaw na Argiope
Black Widow Spider (Black Widow Spider)Black Widow SpiderBlack Widow Spider
Buffalo Tree Hoppers (Buffalo Tree Hoppers)Buffalo Tree HoppersBuffalo Tree Hoppers
Buprestidae (Buprestidae)BuprestidaeBuprestidae
Butterfly (Butterfly)ButterflyButterfly
Carolina Locust (Carolina Locust)Carolina LocustCarolina Locust
Caterpillar (Uod)CaterpillarUod
Cockroach (Ipis)CockroachIpis
Crickets (Mga kuliglig)CricketsMga kuliglig
Deer Fly (Lumipad ng usa)Deer FlyLumipad ng usa
Dragonfly (Tutubi)DragonflyTutubi
Earwig (Earwig)EarwigEarwig
European Cabbage Butterfly (European Cabbage Butterfly)European Cabbage ButterflyEuropean Cabbage Butterfly
Flea (Flea)FleaFlea
Fly (Lumipad)FlyLumipad
Grasshoppers (Mga tipaklong)GrasshoppersMga tipaklong
Grylloblattodea (Grylloplattodea)GrylloblattodeaGrylloplattodea
Hummingbird Clearwing (Hummingbird Clearwing)Hummingbird ClearwingHummingbird Clearwing
Hymenoptera (Hymenoptera)HymenopteraHymenoptera
Lacewings (Lacewings)LacewingsLacewings
Ladybird (Ladybird)LadybirdLadybird
Large Wood Nymph (Malaking Wood Nymph)Large Wood NymphMalaking Wood Nymph
Least Skipperling (Hindi bababa sa Skipperling)Least SkipperlingHindi bababa sa Skipperling
Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera)LepidopteraLepidoptera
Lice (Kuto)LiceKuto
Luna Moth (Luna Moth)Luna MothLuna Moth
Mantis (Mantis)MantisMantis
Mayfly (Mayfly)MayflyMayfly
Mecoptera (Mecoptera)MecopteraMecoptera
Megaloptera (Megaloptera)MegalopteraMegaloptera
Monarch (Monarch)MonarchMonarch
Mosquito (lamok)Mosquitolamok
Moths (Mga gamu-gamo)MothsMga gamu-gamo
Neuroptera (Neuroptera)NeuropteraNeuroptera
Odonata (Odonata)OdonataOdonata
Orthoptera (Orthoptera)OrthopteraOrthoptera
Phasmatodea (Phasmatodea)PhasmatodeaPhasmatodea
Plecoptera (Plecoptera)PlecopteraPlecoptera
Praying Mantis (Praying Mantis)Praying MantisPraying Mantis
Psocoptera (Psocoptera)PsocopteraPsocoptera
Red Admiral (Pulang Admiral)Red AdmiralPulang Admiral
Scorpionflies (Mga scorpionflies)ScorpionfliesMga scorpionflies
Sheep Moth (Tupa Gamu-gamo)Sheep MothTupa Gamu-gamo
Snakefly (ahas)Snakeflyahas
Spring Azure (Spring Azure)Spring AzureSpring Azure
Stick Insects (Stick Insekto)Stick InsectsStick Insekto
Strepsiptera (Strepsiptera)StrepsipteraStrepsiptera
Termite (anay)Termiteanay
Thrips (Thrips)ThripsThrips
Thysanura (Thysanura)ThysanuraThysanura
Tiger Swallowtail (Tigre Swallowtail)Tiger SwallowtailTigre Swallowtail
Trichoptera (Trichoptera)TrichopteraTrichoptera
True Bugs (Mga Tunay na Bug)True BugsMga Tunay na Bug
True Katydid (Totoong Katydid)True KatydidTotoong Katydid
Underwing Moths (Underwing Moths)Underwing MothsUnderwing Moths
Wasp (Wasp)WaspWasp
Wolf Spider (Wolf Spider)Wolf SpiderWolf Spider
Woolly Bear Caterpillar (Woolly Bear Caterpillar)Woolly Bear CaterpillarWoolly Bear Caterpillar
Zorotypus (Zorotypus)ZorotypusZorotypus

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