Human Body Parts Name in Marathi & English (with pictures)

Are you looking for all common Human Body Parts name in Marathi & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of human body parts name in Marathi & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Marathi
Arm (आर्म)Armआर्म
Back (मागे)Backमागे
Beard (दाढी)Beardदाढी
Belly (पोट)Bellyपोट
Blood (रक्त)Bloodरक्त
Body (शरीर)Bodyशरीर
Bone (हाड)Boneहाड
Brain (मेंदू)Brainमेंदू
Calf (वासरू)Calfवासरू
Cheek (गाल)Cheekगाल
Chest (छाती)Chestछाती
Chin (हनुवटी)Chinहनुवटी
Ear (कान)Earकान
Elbow (कोपर)Elbowकोपर
Eye (डोळा)Eyeडोळा
Eyebrow (भुवया)Eyebrowभुवया
Eyelid (पापणी)Eyelidपापणी
Face (चेहरा)Faceचेहरा
Fingers (बोटे)Fingersबोटे
Fist (मुठी)Fistमुठी
Foot (फूट)Footफूट
Forehead (कपाळ)Foreheadकपाळ
Hair (केस)Hairकेस
Hand (हात)Handहात
Head (डोके)Headडोके
Heart (हृदय)Heartहृदय
Heel (टाच)Heelटाच
Intestine (आतडे)Intestineआतडे
Jaw (जबडा)Jawजबडा
Joint (संयुक्त)Jointसंयुक्त
Kidney (मूत्रपिंड)Kidneyमूत्रपिंड
Knee (गुडघा)Kneeगुडघा
Leg (पाय)Legपाय
Lip (ओठ)Lipओठ
Liver (यकृत)Liverयकृत
Lungs (फुफ्फुसे)Lungsफुफ्फुसे
Moustache (मिशी)Moustacheमिशी
Mouth (तोंड)Mouthतोंड
Muscles (स्नायू)Musclesस्नायू
Nails (नखे)Nailsनखे
Neck (मान)Neckमान
Nerve (मज्जातंतू)Nerveमज्जातंतू
Nose (नाक)Noseनाक
Nostril (नाकपुडी)Nostrilनाकपुडी
Palm (पाम)Palmपाम
Paw (पंजा)Pawपंजा
Ribs (बरगड्या)Ribsबरगड्या
Shoulder (खांदा)Shoulderखांदा
Skin (त्वचा)Skinत्वचा
Skull (कवटी)Skullकवटी
Spine (पाठीचा कणा)Spineपाठीचा कणा
Stomach (पोट)Stomachपोट
Teeth (दात)Teethदात
Thigh (मांडी)Thighमांडी
Throat (घसा)Throatघसा
Thumb (अंगठा)Thumbअंगठा
Toe (पायाचे बोट)Toeपायाचे बोट
Tongue (जीभ)Tongueजीभ
Wrist (मनगट)Wristमनगट

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