Top 10 Highest Viewed Nepali Songs on YouTube

Do you like songs? Of course, you do. We all do. Without songs, without music, life would be bland, tasteless. But what is your favorite song or songs?

Highest Viewed Nepali Songs

Is there any Nepali song in your favorites list? We do and if we compile a list of our favorite Nepali songs it would be a whole playlist of itself but just as a glimpse lets us tell you that it includes Aviyukta by Girish and the Unity, Timro Mann by Dibya Subba, Insta ko Photo by Kali Prasad Baskotaand Nai Malai Thahah china by Sanjib Parajuli. 

Is any of these your favorite? But being a favorite doesn’t mean being the most viewed song. In Fact, most of these songs that we have mentioned don’t even come close to being the most viewed song on YouTube – The thing that almost replaced Television. 

So what are the most viewed Nepali Songs on Youtube? Here we are going to list out 10 of the most viewed Nepali songs on YouTube. 

1. Kutu ma Kutu – Rajanran Siwakoti (148 Million)

Yes, this is the most viewed Nepali song till 2021. Surprised? Well, we were too but when thought about it, we really should not be. Considering that it has been 3 years since this song came out and we still feel like it is a newcomer, it does make sense that this song has garnered 148 million views – which is a lot for Nepal.

The song sounds great with great music and lyrics and is accomplished by a graceful dance of the beautiful National Bhauju Swastima Khadka. So this song rightfully deserves its millions of views.

2. Maya Luki Luki -Tika Prasain (104 million)

Similar to the previous one, this song is old – 2 years old. Despite this, it still feels fresh, and when it was only while researching for this article that we realized that dang – it has already been 2 whole years since this song was released. Let’s be honest, what’s there to not like about this song? 

Great music? Check! Enjoyable and somewhat relatable lyrics? Check! Great Dance and good-looking dancers? Check! The dance is performed by the well-known Dance group Cartoon Crew as well and this was the time before they had they’re falling out. So those 104 million views are something that they have earned. 

3. Pirim Nalaune – Aashish Sachin, Melina Rai (77 Million)

Unlike the previous song, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea – at the first glance. For those who are not really into traditional songs, the music might feel a bit annoying but once you give it a chance you will know why this song has got 77 million views. 

After a few seconds, you get used to the music and get sucked in by the ambiance of the song. Coupled with great lyrics and superb dance, it is no wonder that this song has got 77 million views. Admittedly, this song is not really meant for those “born and raised in the city” kids but then again, many of the Nepali are not “born and raised in the city”. But regardless anyone can enjoy this song if they give it a chance.

4. Sali Man paryo – Ghamand Ghimire (72 million views)

If you are married and have a sali (sister of your wife) or if your brother is married and he has a sali, then you will feel the lyrics of this song to be extremely relatable. 

This song is humorous and reveals a part of male emotions that should not really be exposed- that is they find the sali (regardless of if you are the married person or his brother) a bit cuter than the bride. As for the females, you know the fun you have while teasing your soon-to-be brother-in-law and his little brother? Well, this song encompasses all of that feeling.

No wonder this song has gotten 72 million views and considering that it was released a year ago, we wouldn’t be surprised if this song remains one of those evergreen ones in years to come.

5. Salko Paat ko Tapari – Kulendra Bishwakarma Ft Bishnu Manji (69 Million)

There is tough competition for the 5th spot on this list as this music video/song has got just about 10 thousand more views than the next one on the list.

The song is quite enjoyable and is the kind of song that will get stuck on your head for a long time. Although similar to Pirim Nalaune, this is not really meant for the city kids who are not really into traditional songs, it is still enjoyable. If Prim Nalaune has proven anything, it is that traditional-sounding songs have no reason to lack views. As long as it is enjoyable, it will get views. 

While the tune can get a bit annoying for those who don’t like this style, once you get past this, it is really enjoyable. Let’s not forget that this was the song that every radio played and the favorite of the drivers all over Nepal. It became that for a good reason – the song is really enjoyable.

6. Goji ma Dam Chhaina – Rajanraj Siwakoti (69 million views) (69, 060, 192)

Another song that we feel will remain evergreen – not because of the music, but because of the context. don’t get us wrong, the music is great as well but what makes this song stand out is its lyrics and the context of those lyrics. 

The gist of the lyrics is basically “I am too broke to take you for a tour my love” which is true for most Nepali. We want to take our beloved one on a long tour and give them all the beauties of the world but for most of us, our budget limits us. This feeling hits right at home and combines that with great and enjoyable lyrics and really good videography, it really deserves its 69 million views. 

7. Nacha Firiri – Mahesh Kafle (68 million)

Here we finally see our National Bhauju and National Dai as a couple in the same video. They really do make a good couple and dang we are jealous of the chemistry between them in the video. 

Keeping that said, the song is really a good one as well. It portrays the innocence of the romance in the most Nepali style possible. Coupled with the great vocal of the singer and the superb music – the song just works and manages to make a soft spot in your heart. 

8. Maya Birani – Mahesh Kafle (64 million)

Another song that went viral and another enjoyable song that is loved by anyone who has heard this song. Although there is nothing that stands out in the lyrics, it is still good and when you combine good lyrics with a great sense of music and good background music, you get a banger of a song. 

The actors and their dances are just like honey to the pancake – can do well without but the addition just makes the whole song/video even better. Similar to Goji madam chain and also part ko apart, this was another one of those songs that you would hear often while traveling in busses as the drivers loved this song and for good reasons as well. 

9. Kasari Kasari 2 – Tanka Budhathoki, melina rai (62 million)

This is one of those songs that doesn’t have great lyrics nor superb music but at the same time, its mediocrity is what makes this song so good. Sometimes people don’t need complex nor deep lyrics or great music. Those make people think hard and feel deeply. Sometimes we just want to enjoy a song that doesn’t make us think nor feel deep and just enjoy the beats and enjoy the simple lyrics. 

Because of all this, this song is the type that you can listen to on repeat for a long time and add that with the cute dancing of the two kid stars, this song is worth all the 62 million views that it has. 

10. Parkha Parkha Mayalu – Krishna Kafle (54 million)

If you want a traditional song that can trigger a subtle headbang and a feet tap, then this is the song that can make you do that without you even realizing it. Admittedly this is not everyone’s cup of tea or coffee due to the traditional music and lyrics. However it doesn’t matter if a few people don’t like a song, there will always be such people. As long as the majority of the people enjoy it and dig into it, it is more than good enough. 

With its simple lyrics and traditional music that can make you tap your feet, 54 million views seems a bit too less. Regardless just like quite a few entries in this list, if you travel by bus, you will have heard this song as it was one of the favorites of the drivers across Nepal.

Final Thoughts

With all things considered, Nepal music has garnered quite a lot of views, and considering that Nepal was quite late to this “uploading music videos on YouTube” thing, this is really a good thing. Although the most viewed music video is only 148 million, you have to consider that Nepali Music Videos have a rather small audience when compared to international videos and a lot of Nepali don’t really like Nepali Music for their own reasons.

So let’s end this by saying, there is Nepali Music for each of your types and if we can support international causes that have nothing to do with us, why not Nepali Music on Youtube? Let’s search and find our taste in Nepali songs and Support Nepali artists.

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