10 Amazing Nepali Ads That Shows Creativity

Nepali Ads, are not the best Ads in the market, but there was a time when people were being creative and made some really enjoyable ads.

Nepali Ads
Sahasi Ko Ek Matra Chahana

It was another dull day at the office again and I somehow ended up watching ads again. For some reason, when I don’t have enough energy to think about work-related stuff, I regularly gravitate towards the ads. This time it was Nepali Ads. For some reason, Nepali ads never really attracted me but I was wrong. On this boring day at work, I managed to find some Nepali ads that made me giggle.

A lot of us underestimate Nepali ads and for a good reason as well. However, these are the ads that stood out among the masses. Do keep in mind that Humorous Nepali ads are really hard to find in Nepal so this is my compilation from a few separate sessions of ad binging at work.

1. Shalimar cement- The OG Nepali Ads

Does anyone remember that “Fulma Mauri…Ae Maya naalai ka janchau ae phyauri” guy from meri bassai? Well, he is both the heart and soul of this ad. 

The ad concept is really simple but still managed to make me giggle. Maybe I am a bit of a kid I guess. Regardless, the ad is basically a bus hitting a wooden cart filled with Shalimar Cement. Now if we are to talk about reality, when such a thing happens, the scene would be brutal. However, this is an ad we are talking about. 

The bus explodes and what remains is the driver, with smoke dust all over his face. Meanwhile, the guy from meri bassai just sings his song – happy that he is alive without a care for the driver.

This was the humor of Nepal and in all honesty, I don’t think it’s that bad. Dumb for sure but good at the same time.

2. Miho Noodles – Kung-fu influenced Nepali ads

At first, you will think is this a Chinese ad? But Nope, it is a Nepali Ad. I find the starting scene rather funny. With the sole reason being the expressions of students when their teacher starts binding on the noodles.

This is a rather old ad so a lot of you may not even have heard about these noodles. Heck, even I was just a pre-teen when this noodle came and disappeared. So this ad took more than a decade into the past. 

How many of you were there when this ad came out?

3. Sarbottam Cement – The Offensive yet funny Nepali Ad

Now before you judge me, let me defend myself, I am not against bald people. I love them. But I can’t help but find this ad funny. 

Besides the bald guy, the thing that I find the funniest is how the ad switches from a gag to an ad. The transition is just so sudden that before you know what happened, the ad is already over. 

4. Rijalco Blow – Nepali Ads with South Action movie vibe

If you think that South Indian movies show the impossible, then this ad will change your opinion. A guy falls from the upper roof into the lower roof, then from that roof all the way to the ground floor, and yet survives without a single hair harmed. All of this is possible thanks to him being stuck inside a Rijalco water tanker.

Tell me, isn’t this on the same level as those South Indian over actions we make fun of?

5. Hajmola- Dubbed Nepali Ads

Even though this Nepali Dubbed Nepali Ad, I had to include this on the list. The epic dialogue “Wyatt dance lai Pachaunus” is one of the most memorable dialogues from all of the Hajmola Ads. 

The scene of a small kid ignoring the epic dance show of the great Amitabh Bachhan just to copy that dance again. How epic was that scene. 

6. Jasmine Paints- Nepali Ads

Do you love to see fails on the internet? I assume that a lot of you do. It’s a strange part of us Humans I guess, to laugh at other people failing. 

Well, this ad is just that – two thieves failing to enter a house all because of non-washable paint.  Now while I was laughing at this ad, I must admit it was a pretty effective one. It targeted our tendency to laugh at others’ failures. 

Want robbers to slip and fail and be humiliated  – use Jasmine Paints.

7. Mangalam Pipes- Must watch Nepali Ads

The ultimate weapon can make even a weakling stronger than gods- that is what this ad basically says.

The opening of this ad is a bit cliche as we see a bunch of goons harassing innocent girls. A weak-looking guy passes by and tries to save that girl and the goons laugh. After all, what can a weak guy even do right? Little do they know that the weak guy has the Ultimate Weapon – Mangalam Pipes.

8.  Happydent Chewing Gums- Over The Top Nepali Ads

A smile can end violence and injustice, especially when that smile produces a light brighter than most of the torches. 

Welcome to the world of happy dent chewing gums where as soon as you chew this, your teeth suddenly reflect pure bright light. In this Nepali ad, a girl is being harassed on the bus (sadly a bit too real to life). But then, a couple chews this gum and shines the light- brighter than bright on the face of the harassers and points towards the sign. The funniest part of Happydent’s ad will always be how chewing gum can make your teeth white enough to reflect bright light even at night. 

9. Mangalam Tank – Funniest Nepali Ads

Can a tanker be tough to tank a TNT? Now try saying it three times!

Anyways this ad for Mangalam water tanker shows just that. A water tanker surviving (tanking out) a full blast from a TNT explosive. Is this a unique idea? Definitely not, many ads show their products surviving impossible things to show their toughness. But what is interesting about this ad is how they show it. 

You might get a bit confused at the start because of the warnings and credits and might think that this is a trailer but if you look carefully at the texts, you will know that this is an ad.

10. Coca Cola – Modern Nepali ads

Being drowsy on hot days can lead you to miss out on connecting with your favorite and cute senior and a bunch of cool selfies. Drink Coca-Cola! 

It is clear that this ad is targeted towards the selfie generation and that is what makes this ad interesting. The creators of this ad know what our younger generations think about at idle times- either hanging out with our friends or going on a date. Although there are people who don’t think like this, a lot of us do. So this short ad definitely hits us right in the heart. Auu

Final Thoughts

In all honesty it was rather hard to find Nepali ads that were memorable. Mostly because they were either too cheesy, too bland or so cringy that I couldn’t watch more than 5 seconds of it. 

But regardless of that, there are quite a few that are interesting and caught my eyes. Now, this is not the complete list so if you want to know more interesting Nepali ads please tell me so I can slack off and binge on ads in the name of researching. 

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