Dry Fruits Name in Filipino & English (with pictures)

Pangalan ng Dry Fruits sa Filipino at English

Are you looking for all common Dry Fruits name in Filipino & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of dry fruits name in Filipino & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Filipino
Almonds (Almendras)AlmondsAlmendras
Basil Seeds (Mga Buto ng Basil)Basil SeedsMga Buto ng Basil
Betel Nuts (Betel Nuts)Betel NutsBetel Nuts
Black Raisins (Itim na pasas)Black RaisinsItim na pasas
Black Walnuts (Itim na Walnuts)Black WalnutsItim na Walnuts
Brazil Nuts (Brazil Nuts)Brazil NutsBrazil Nuts
Cantaloupe or Melon Seeds (Cantaloupe o Melon Seeds)Cantaloupe or Melon SeedsCantaloupe o Melon Seeds
Cashew (kasoy)Cashewkasoy
Chestnuts (Mga kastanyas)ChestnutsMga kastanyas
Chia Seeds (Mga Buto ng Chia)Chia SeedsMga Buto ng Chia
Dates (Petsa)DatesPetsa
Dried Apples (Mga pinatuyong mansanas)Dried ApplesMga pinatuyong mansanas
Dried Apricot (Pinatuyong Aprikot)Dried ApricotPinatuyong Aprikot
Dried Banana (Pinatuyong Saging)Dried BananaPinatuyong Saging
Dried Blueberries (Pinatuyong Blueberries)Dried BlueberriesPinatuyong Blueberries
Dried Cherries (Pinatuyong Cherries)Dried CherriesPinatuyong Cherries
Dried Coconuts (Mga Tuyong Niyog)Dried CoconutsMga Tuyong Niyog
Dried Cranberries (Tuyong mga kranberya)Dried CranberriesTuyong mga kranberya
Dried Gojiberries (Pinatuyong Gojiberries)Dried GojiberriesPinatuyong Gojiberries
Dried Kiwi (Pinatuyong Kiwi)Dried KiwiPinatuyong Kiwi
Dried Mango (Tuyong Mangga)Dried MangoTuyong Mangga
Dried Oranges (Pinatuyong dalandan)Dried OrangesPinatuyong dalandan
Dried Papaya (Pinatuyong Papaya)Dried PapayaPinatuyong Papaya
Dried Pears (Mga pinatuyong peras)Dried PearsMga pinatuyong peras
Dried Pineapples (Pinatuyong Pinya)Dried PineapplesPinatuyong Pinya
Dried Strawberries (Pinatuyong Strawberries)Dried StrawberriesPinatuyong Strawberries
Dry California Fig (Dry California Fig)Dry California FigDry California Fig
Dry Fig (Dry Fig)Dry FigDry Fig
Dry Hazelnuts (Mga Tuyong Hazelnut)Dry HazelnutsMga Tuyong Hazelnut
Dry Peach or Dry Nectarines (Dry Peach o Dry Nectarine)Dry Peach or Dry NectarinesDry Peach o Dry Nectarine
Fennel Seeds (Mga buto ng haras)Fennel SeedsMga buto ng haras
Flax Seeds (Mga Buto ng Flax)Flax SeedsMga Buto ng Flax
Fox Nuts (Mga Fox Nuts)Fox NutsMga Fox Nuts
Macadamia Nuts (Mga mani ng Macadamia)Macadamia NutsMga mani ng Macadamia
Marcona Almond (Marcona Almond)Marcona AlmondMarcona Almond
Pecans (Pecans)PecansPecans
Pili Nuts (Pili Nuts)Pili NutsPili Nuts
Pine Nuts (Pine Nuts)Pine NutsPine Nuts
Pistachios (Pistachios)PistachiosPistachios
Poppy Seeds (Mga Buto ng Poppy)Poppy SeedsMga Buto ng Poppy
Prunes or Dried Plums (Mga Prun o Pinatuyong Plum)Prunes or Dried PlumsMga Prun o Pinatuyong Plum
Pumpkin Seeds (Pumpkin Seeds)Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin Seeds
Raisins (Mga pasas)RaisinsMga pasas
Sacha Inchi (Sacha Inchi)Sacha InchiSacha Inchi
Saffron (Safron)SaffronSafron
Sesame seeds (linga)Sesame seedslinga
Sultana Currant (Sultana Currant)Sultana CurrantSultana Currant
Sunflower Seeds (Mga Buto ng Sunflower)Sunflower SeedsMga Buto ng Sunflower
Tiger Nuts (Tiger Nuts)Tiger NutsTiger Nuts
Walnut (Walnut)WalnutWalnut
Watermelon Seeds (Mga Buto ng Pakwan)Watermelon SeedsMga Buto ng Pakwan

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