Malayalam Alphabet

മലയാളം അക്ഷരമാല

Malayalam is a Dravidian language spoken by about 35 million people in India, mainly in the state of Kerala. It is also spoken by smaller communities in other parts of India, as well as in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Malayalam is a highly inflected language, meaning that words change their form depending on their role in the sentence. It is also a synthetic language, meaning that words are formed by combining smaller units of meaning.

Malayalam is a beautiful and expressive language with a long and rich history. It is the language of the Malayali people, who are known for their culture and hospitality.

Structure of Malayalam Alphabet

Malayalam Alphabet

Also known as Kairali script, Malayalam is a Brahmic script with 15 vowel letters and 38 constants, bringing it to a total of 53 characters.

Malayalam Vowels (Swar)

Malayalam Vowels
Malayalam VowelPronunciationTyping Guidance in Google Input
അ (a)[a]Type “a”
ആ (aa)[aa]Type “aa”
ഇ (i)[i]Type “i”
ഈ (ii)[ii]Type “ii”
ഉ (u)[u]Type “u”
ഊ (uu)[uu]Type “uu”
ഋ (r)[r]Type “r”
ൠ (rr)[rr]Type “rr”
ഌ (l)[l]Type “l”
ൡ (ll)[ll]Type “ll”
എ (e)[e]Type “e”
ഏ (ee)[ee]Type “ee”
ഒ (o)[o]Type “o”
ഓ (oo)[oo]Type “oo”
ഐ (ai)[ai]Type “ai”

Malayalam Vowel Signs (Matras)

Malayalam Vowel SignPronunciationTyping Guidance in Google Input
ാ (aa)[aa]Type “aa”
ി (i)[i]Type “i”
ീ (ii)[ii]Type “ii”
ു (u)[u]Type “u”
ൂ (uu)[uu]Type “uu”
ൃ (r)[r]Type “r”
ൄ (rr)[rr]Type “rr”
[ṝ]Type “ṝ”
[ḷ]Type “ḷ”
െ (e)[e]Type “e”
േ (ee)[ee]Type “ee”
ൈ (ai)[ai]Type “ai”
ൊ (o)[o]Type “o”
ോ (oo)[oo]Type “oo”
ൌ (au)[au]Type “au”

Malayalam Consonants (Vyanjan)

Malayalam Consonant
Malayalam ConsonantPronunciationTyping Guidance in Google Input
ക (ka)[ka]Type “ka”
ഖ (kha)[kha]Type “kha”
ഗ (ga)[ga]Type “ga”
ഘ (gha)[gha]Type “gha”
ങ (ṅa)[ṅa]Type “nga”
ച (cha)[cha]Type “cha”
ഛ (chha)[chha]Type “chha”
ജ (ja)[ja]Type “ja”
ഝ (jha)[jha]Type “jha”
ഞ (ña)[ña]Type “nya”
ട (ṭa)[ṭa]Type “ṭa”
ഠ (ṭha)[ṭha]Type “ṭha”
ഡ (ḍa)[ḍa]Type “ḍa”
ഢ (ḍha)[ḍha]Type “ḍha”
ണ (ṇa)[ṇa]Type “ṇa”
ത (ta)[ta]Type “ta”
ഥ (tha)[tha]Type “tha”
ദ (da)[da]Type “da”
ധ (dha)[dha]Type “dha”
ന (na)[na]Type “na”
ഩ (nnna)[nnna]Type “nnna”
പ (pa)[pa]Type “pa”
ഫ (pha)[pha]Type “pha”
ബ (ba)[ba]Type “ba”
ഭ (bha)[bha]Type “bha”
മ (ma)[ma]Type “ma”
യ (ya)[ya]Type “ya”
ര (ra)[ra]Type “ra”
റ (ṟa)[ṟa]Type “ṟa”
ല (la)[la]Type “la”
ള (ḷa)[ḷa]Type “ḷa”
ഴ (ḻa)[ḻa]Type “ḻa”
വ (va)[va]Type “va”
ശ (sha)[sha]Type “sha”
ഷ (ṣa)[ṣa]Type “ṣa”
സ (sa)[sa]Type “sa”
ഹ (ha)[ha]Type “ha”
ഺ (ttta)[ttta]Type “ttta”

Malayalam Special Characters

Special CharacterSymbolPronunciation
ം (Anusvara)[ṁ]
ഃ (Visarga)[h]
ഁ (Candrakala)Elongation of the preceding vowel/consonant sound
ഺ (Chandrakkala)Elongation of the preceding consonant sound
ഽ (Avagraha)Avagraha sound (used in certain Sanskrit-derived words)
ക്സ (Chillu Ksa)ക്സ[ks]
ക്ഷ (Chillu Ksha)ക്ഷ[kṣ]

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