Kannada Alphabet

ಕನ್ನಡ ವರ್ಣಮಾಲೆ

The Kannada alphabet is the script used for writing the Kannada language, which is primarily spoken in the Indian state of Karnataka and among the Kannada-speaking communities in other parts of India and around the world. The script belongs to the Brahmic family of scripts and is derived from the ancient Brahmi script. The Kannada alphabet has a distinct set of characters representing consonants and vowels.

Here is an overview of the Kannada alphabet:

Structure of Kannada Alphabet

The structure of the Kannada alphabet is well-organized, comprising various components that play distinct roles in forming syllables and words. The key elements of the Kannada alphabet include Swaras (vowels), Yogavaahakas (partly vowel and partly consonant), Vargeeya Vyanjanas (structured consonants), and Avargeeya Vyanjanas (unstructured consonants).

Kannada Alphabet

Kannada Swaras (Vowels)

The foundation of the Kannada alphabet lies in its vowels, known as “Swaras.” Kannada has a total of 13 vowel characters, encompassing both short and long vowels. Vowels can be written independently or combined with consonants to create syllables.

  1. ಅ (a)
  2. ಆ (aa)
  3. ಇ (i)
  4. ಈ (ii)
  5. ಉ (u)
  6. ಊ (uu)
  7. ಋ (ru)
  8. ಎ (e)
  9. ಏ (ee)
  10. ಐ (ai)
  11. ಒ (o)
  12. ಓ (oo)
  13. ಔ (au)

Kannada Yogavaahakas (Partly Vowel and Partly Consonant)

Yogavaahakas are characters that possess qualities of both vowels and consonants. These characters are a unique feature of the Kannada script, allowing for the representation of syllables that blend both vowel and consonant sounds.

  1. ಅಂ (anuswara)
  2. ಅಃ (visarga)
Kannada Vowels

Kannada Vargeeya Vyanjanas (Structured Consonants)

The structured consonants, or “Vargeeya Vyanjanas,” form a significant portion of the Kannada alphabet. These consonants are systematically organized based on their characteristics, such as gutturals, palatals, and cerebrals. Vargeeya Vyanjanas serve as the building blocks for the formation of syllables when combined with vowel symbols.

  1. ಕ (ka)
  2. ಖ (kha)
  3. ಗ (ga)
  4. ಘ (gha)
  5. ಙ (nga)
  6. ಚ (cha)
  7. ಛ (chha)
  8. ಜ (ja)
  9. ಝ (jha)
  10. ಞ (nya)
  11. ಟ (ṭa)
  12. ಠ (ṭha)
  13. ಡ (ḍa)
  14. ಢ (ḍha)
  15. ಣ (ṇa)
  16. ತ (ta)
  17. ಥ (tha)
  18. ದ (da)
  19. ಧ (dha)
  20. ನ (na)
  21. ಪ (pa)
  22. ಫ (pha)
  23. ಬ (ba)
  24. ಭ (bha)
  25. ಮ (ma)

Kannada Avargeeya Vyanjanas (Unstructured Consonants)

Avargeeya Vyanjanas refer to unstructured consonants that do not strictly adhere to the classification of structured consonants. These consonants may have unique phonetic features and play a distinctive role in the Kannada language.

  1. ಯ (ya)
  2. ರ (ra)
  3. ಲ (la)
  4. ವ (va)
  5. ಶ (sha)
  6. ಷ (ṣa)
  7. ಸ (sa)
  8. ಹ (ha)
  9. ಳ (ḷa)
Kannada Consonants

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