Dry Fruits Name in Malay & English (with pictures)

Nama Buah Kering dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris

Are you looking for all common Dry Fruits name in Malay & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of dry fruits name in Malay & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Malay
Almonds (badam)Almondsbadam
Basil Seeds (Biji Basil)Basil SeedsBiji Basil
Betel Nuts (Pinang)Betel NutsPinang
Black Raisins (Kismis Hitam)Black RaisinsKismis Hitam
Black Walnuts (Walnut Hitam)Black WalnutsWalnut Hitam
Brazil Nuts (Kacang Brazil)Brazil NutsKacang Brazil
Cantaloupe or Melon Seeds (Biji Cantaloupe atau Melon)Cantaloupe or Melon SeedsBiji Cantaloupe atau Melon
Cashew (Gajus)CashewGajus
Chestnuts (buah berangan)Chestnutsbuah berangan
Chia Seeds (Biji Chia)Chia SeedsBiji Chia
Dates (kurma)Dateskurma
Dried Apples (Epal Kering)Dried ApplesEpal Kering
Dried Apricot (Aprikot Kering)Dried ApricotAprikot Kering
Dried Banana (Pisang Kering)Dried BananaPisang Kering
Dried Blueberries (Blueberry kering)Dried BlueberriesBlueberry kering
Dried Cherries (Ceri Kering)Dried CherriesCeri Kering
Dried Coconuts (Kelapa Kering)Dried CoconutsKelapa Kering
Dried Cranberries (Cranberry kering)Dried CranberriesCranberry kering
Dried Gojiberries (Gojiberi kering)Dried GojiberriesGojiberi kering
Dried Kiwi (Kiwi kering)Dried KiwiKiwi kering
Dried Mango (Mangga Kering)Dried MangoMangga Kering
Dried Oranges (Jeruk Kering)Dried OrangesJeruk Kering
Dried Papaya (Betik Kering)Dried PapayaBetik Kering
Dried Pears (Pear Kering)Dried PearsPear Kering
Dried Pineapples (Nanas Kering)Dried PineapplesNanas Kering
Dried Strawberries (Strawberi Kering)Dried StrawberriesStrawberi Kering
Dry California Fig (Gambar California Kering)Dry California FigGambar California Kering
Dry Fig (Rajah Kering)Dry FigRajah Kering
Dry Hazelnuts (Hazelnut kering)Dry HazelnutsHazelnut kering
Dry Peach or Dry Nectarines (Pic Kering atau Nektarin Kering)Dry Peach or Dry NectarinesPic Kering atau Nektarin Kering
Fennel Seeds (Jintan manis)Fennel SeedsJintan manis
Flax Seeds (Biji Flaks)Flax SeedsBiji Flaks
Fox Nuts (Kacang Fox)Fox NutsKacang Fox
Macadamia Nuts (Kacang macadamia)Macadamia NutsKacang macadamia
Marcona Almond (Marcona Almond)Marcona AlmondMarcona Almond
Pecans (pecan)Pecanspecan
Pili Nuts (Kacang Pili)Pili NutsKacang Pili
Pine Nuts (Kacang pain)Pine NutsKacang pain
Pistachios (Pistachio)PistachiosPistachio
Poppy Seeds (Biji popi)Poppy SeedsBiji popi
Prunes or Dried Plums (Prun atau Plum Kering)Prunes or Dried PlumsPrun atau Plum Kering
Pumpkin Seeds (Biji Labu)Pumpkin SeedsBiji Labu
Raisins (kismis)Raisinskismis
Sacha Inchi (Sacha Inchi)Sacha InchiSacha Inchi
Saffron (Safron)SaffronSafron
Sesame seeds (bijan)Sesame seedsbijan
Sultana Currant (Sultana Currant)Sultana CurrantSultana Currant
Sunflower Seeds (Biji bunga matahari)Sunflower SeedsBiji bunga matahari
Tiger Nuts (Kacang Harimau)Tiger NutsKacang Harimau
Walnut (kenari)Walnutkenari
Watermelon Seeds (Biji Tembikai)Watermelon SeedsBiji Tembikai

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