Domestic Animals Name in Japanese & English (with pictures)


Are you looking for all common Domestic Animals name in Japanese & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of domestic animals name in Japanese & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Japanese
Alpaca (アルパカ)Alpacaアルパカ
Buffalo (バッファロー)Buffaloバッファロー
Bull (ブル)Bullブル
Calf (ふくらはぎ)Calfふくらはぎ
Camel (キャメル)Camelキャメル
Cat (猫)Cat
Chicken (チキン)Chickenチキン
Cow (牛)Cow
Deer (鹿)Deer鹿
Dog (犬)Dog
Donkey (ロバ)Donkeyロバ
Goat (ヤギ)Goatヤギ
Guinea Pig (モルモット)Guinea Pigモルモット
Hamster (ハムスター)Hamsterハムスター
Horse (馬)Horse
Llama (ラマ)Llamaラマ
Mouse (ねずみ)Mouseねずみ
Mule (ラバ)Muleラバ
Ox (牛)Ox
Pig (豚)Pig
Rabbit (うさぎ)Rabbitうさぎ
Rat (ねずみ)Ratねずみ
Reindeer (トナカイ)Reindeerトナカイ
Sheep (羊)Sheep
Squirrel (リス)Squirrelリス
Tortoise (カメ)Tortoiseカメ
Yak (ヤク)Yakヤク

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