Arabic Numbers

Arabic numbers, which consist of the digits 0 through 9, are the world’s standard numerical symbols. While Arabic script is generally written from right to left, the numerals were adopted from Indian numerals and kept their original left-to-right order. This difference in writing direction between numerals and alphabets exemplifies the broad cultural exchange that has impacted written communication standards across different locations and languages.

Arabic Numbers From 0 to 100

English NumberArabic Number ScriptArabic Number in Words
0 (Zero)٠صفر (Sifr)
1 (One)١واحد (Wahid)
2 (Two)٢اثنان (Ithnan)
3 (Three)٣ثلاثة (Thalatha)
4 (Four)٤أربعة (Arba’a)
5 (Five)٥خمسة (Khamsa)
6 (Six)٦ستة (Sitta)
7 (Seven)٧سبعة (Sab’a)
8 (Eight)٨ثمانية (Thamaniya)
9 (Nine)٩تسعة (Tis’a)
10 (Ten)١٠عشرة (‘Ashara)
11 (Eleven)١١إحدى عشرة (Ihda ‘Ashara)
12 (Twelve)١٢اثنتا عشرة (Itnata ‘Ashara)
13 (Thirteen)١٣ثلاثة عشرة (Thalatha ‘Ashara)
14 (Fourteen)١٤أربعة عشرة (Arba’a ‘Ashara)
15 (Fifteen)١٥خمسة عشرة (Khamsa ‘Ashara)
16 (Sixteen)١٦ستة عشرة (Sitta ‘Ashara)
17 (Seventeen)١٧سبعة عشرة (Sab’a ‘Ashara)
18 (Eighteen)١٨ثمانية عشرة (Thamaniya ‘Ashara)
19 (Nineteen)١٩تسعة عشرة (Tis’a ‘Ashara)
20 (Twenty)٢٠عشرون (‘Ishrun)
21 (Twenty One)٢١واحد وعشرون (Waahid wa ‘Ishrun)
22 (Twenty Two)٢٢اثنان وعشرون (Ithnaan wa ‘Ishrun)
23 (Twenty Three)٢٣ثلاثة وعشرون (Thalatha wa ‘Ishrun)
24 (Twenty Four)٢٤أربعة وعشرون (Arba’a wa ‘Ishrun)
25 (Twenty Five)٢٥خمسة وعشرون (Khamsa wa ‘Ishrun)
26 (Twenty Six)٢٦ستة وعشرون (Sitta wa ‘Ishrun)
27 (Twenty Seven)٢٧سبعة وعشرون (Sab’a wa ‘Ishrun)
28 (Twenty Eight)٢٨ثمانية وعشرون (Thamaniya wa ‘Ishrun)
29 (Twenty Nine)٢٩تسعة وعشرون (Tis’a wa ‘Ishrun)
30 (Thirty)٣٠ثلاثون (Thalaathun)
31 (Thirty One)٣١واحد وثلاثون (Waahid wa Thalaathun)
32 (Thirty Two)٣٢اثنان وثلاثون (Ithnaan wa Thalaathun)
33 (Thirty Three)٣٣ثلاثة وثلاثون (Thalatha wa Thalaathun)
34 (Thirty Four)٣٤أربعة وثلاثون (Arba’a wa Thalaathun)
35 (Thirty Five)٣٥خمسة وثلاثون (Khamsa wa Thalaathun)
36 (Thirty Six)٣٦ستة وثلاثون (Sitta wa Thalaathun)
37 (Thirty Seven)٣٧سبعة وثلاثون (Sab’a wa Thalaathun)
38 (Thirty Eight)٣٨ثمانية وثلاثون (Thamaniya wa Thalaathun)
39 (Thirty Nine)٣٩تسعة وثلاثون (Tis’a wa Thalaathun)
40 (Forty)٤٠أربعون (Arba’un)
41 (Forty One)٤١واحد وأربعون (Waahid wa Arba’un)
42 (Forty Two)٤٢اثنان وأربعون (Ithnaan wa Arba’un)
43 (Forty Three)٤٣ثلاثة وأربعون (Thalatha wa Arba’un)
44 (Forty Four)٤٤أربعة وأربعون (Arba’a wa Arba’un)
45 (Forty Five)٤٥خمسة وأربعون (Khamsa wa Arba’un)
46 (Forty Six)٤٦ستة وأربعون (Sitta wa Arba’un)
47 (Forty Seven)٤٧سبعة وأربعون (Sab’a wa Arba’un)
48 (Forty Eight)٤٨ثمانية وأربعون (Thamaniya wa Arba’un)
49 (Forty Nine)٤٩تسعة وأربعون (Tis’a wa Arba’un)
50 (Fifty)٥٠خمسون (Khamsun)
51 (Fifty One)٥١واحد وخمسون (Waahid wa Khamsun)
52 (Fifty Two)٥٢اثنان وخمسون (Ithnaan wa Khamsun)
53 (Fifty Three)٥٣ثلاثة وخمسون (Thalatha wa Khamsun)
54 (Fifty Four)٥٤أربعة وخمسون (Arba’a wa Khamsun)
55 (Fifty Five)٥٥خمسة وخمسون (Khamsa wa Khamsun)
56 (Fifty Six)٥٦ستة وخمسون (Sitta wa Khamsun)
57 (Fifty Seven)٥٧سبعة وخمسون (Sab’a wa Khamsun)
58 (Fifty Eight)٥٨ثمانية وخمسون (Thamaniya wa Khamsun)
59 (Fifty Nine)٥٩تسعة وخمسون (Tis’a wa Khamsun)
60 (Sixty)٦٠ستون (Sittun)
61 (Sixty One)٦١واحد وستون (Waahid wa Sittun)
62 (Sixty Two)٦٢اثنان وستون (Ithnaan wa Sittun)
63 (Sixty Three)٦٣ثلاثة وستون (Thalatha wa Sittun)
64 (Sixty Four)٦٤أربعة وستون (Arba’a wa Sittun)
65 (Sixty Five)٦٥خمسة وستون (Khamsa wa Sittun)
66 (Sixty Six)٦٦ستة وستون (Sitta wa Sittun)
67 (Sixty Seven)٦٧سبعة وستون (Sab’a wa Sittun)
68 (Sixty Eight)٦٨ثمانية وستون (Thamaniya wa Sittun)
69 (Sixty Nine)٦٩تسعة وستون (Tis’a wa Sittun)
70 (Seventy)٧٠سبعون (Sab’un)
71 (Seventy One)٧١واحد وسبعون (Waahid wa Sab’un)
72 (Seventy Two)٧٢اثنان وسبعون (Ithnaan wa Sab’un)
73 (Seventy Three)٧٣ثلاثة وسبعون (Thalatha wa Sab’un)
74 (Seventy Four)٧٤أربعة وسبعون (Arba’a wa Sab’un)
75 (Seventy Five)٧٥خمسة وسبعون (Khamsa wa Sab’un)
76 (Seventy Six)٧٦ستة وسبعون (Sitta wa Sab’un)
77 (Seventy Seven)٧٧سبعة وسبعون (Sab’a wa Sab’un)
78 (Seventy Eight)٧٨ثمانية وسبعون (Thamaniya wa Sab’un)
79 (Seventy Nine)٧٩تسعة وسبعون (Tis’a wa Sab’un)
80 (Eighty)٨٠ثمانون (Thamaanun)
81 (Eighty One)٨١واحد وثمانون (Waahid wa Thamaanun)
82 (Eighty Two)٨٢اثنان وثمانون (Ithnaan wa Thamaanun)
83 (Eighty Three)٨٣ثلاثة وثمانون (Thalatha wa Thamaanun)
84 (Eighty Four)٨٤أربعة وثمانون (Arba’a wa Thamaanun)
85 (Eighty Five)٨٥خمسة وثمانون (Khamsa wa Thamaanun)
86 (Eighty Six)٨٦ستة وثمانون (Sitta wa Thamaanun)
87 (Eighty Seven)٨٧سبعة وثمانون (Sab’a wa Thamaanun)
88 (Eighty Eight)٨٨ثمانية وثمانون (Thamaniya wa Thamaanun)
89 (Eighty Nine)٨٩تسعة وثمانون (Tis’a wa Thamaanun)
90 (Ninety)٩٠تسعون (Tis’un)
91 (Ninety One)٩١واحد وتسعون (Waahid wa Tis’un)
92 (Ninety Two)٩٢اثنان وتسعون (Ithnaan wa Tis’un)
93 (Ninety Three)٩٣ثلاثة وتسعون (Thalatha wa Tis’un)
94 (Ninety Four)٩٤أربعة وتسعون (Arba’a wa Tis’un)
95 (Ninety Five)٩٥خمسة وتسعون (Khamsa wa Tis’un)
96 (Ninety Six)٩٦ستة وتسعون (Sitta wa Tis’un)
97 (Ninety Seven)٩٧سبعة وتسعون (Sab’a wa Tis’un)
98 (Ninety Eight)٩٨ثمانية وتسعون (Thamaniya wa Tis’un)
99 (Ninety Nine)٩٩تسعة وتسعون (Tis’a wa Tis’un)
100 (One Hundred)١٠٠مئة (Mi’a)
Arabic Numbers

1000 (One Thousand) in Arabic

10,000 (Ten Thousand) in Arabic

100,000 (Hundred Thousand) in Arabic

1,000,000 (One Million) in Arabic

10,000,000 (Ten Million) in Arabic

100,000,000 (Hundred Million) in Arabic

1,000,000,000 (One Billion) in Arabic

10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion) in Arabic

100,000,000,000 (Hundred Billion) in Arabic

1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion) in Arabic

10,000,000,000,000 (Ten Trillion) in Arabic

100,000,000,000,000 (Hundred Trillion) in Arabic

1,000,000,000,000,000 (One Quadrillion) in Arabic

10,000,000,000,000,000 (Ten Quadrillion) in Arabic

100,000,000,000,000,000 (Hundred Quadrillion) in Arabic

1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (One Quintillion) in Arabic

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