Vegetables Name in Korean & English (with pictures)

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Are you looking for all common Vegetables name in Korean & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of vegetables name in Korean & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Korean
Amaranth (아마란스)Amaranth아마란스
Apple Gourd (사과 조롱박)Apple Gourd사과 조롱박
Arbi (아르비)Arbi아르비
Artichokes (아티초크)Artichokes아티초크
Ash Gourd (물푸레나무)Ash Gourd물푸레나무
Asparagus (아스파라거스)Asparagus아스파라거스
Banana Flower (바나나 꽃)Banana Flower바나나 꽃
Beans (콩)Beans
Beetroot (비트 루트)Beetroot비트 루트
Bitter Gourd (고야)Bitter Gourd고야
Black Pepper (흑후추)Black Pepper흑후추
Bottle Gourd (병 조롱박)Bottle Gourd병 조롱박
Broad Beans (누에콩)Broad Beans누에콩
Broccoli (브로콜리)Broccoli브로콜리
Brussels Sprouts (브뤼셀 콩나물)Brussels Sprouts브뤼셀 콩나물
Cabbage (양배추)Cabbage양배추
Capsicum (고추)Capsicum고추
Carrot (당근)Carrot당근
Cauliflower (콜리플라워)Cauliflower콜리플라워
Celery (셀러리)Celery셀러리
Chickpea (병아리콩)Chickpea병아리콩
Chilli (칠리)Chilli칠리
Chokos (초코)Chokos초코
Cluster Beans (클러스터 빈)Cluster Beans클러스터 빈
Coriander Leaf (고수 잎)Coriander Leaf고수 잎
Corn (옥수수)Corn옥수수
Cucumber (오이)Cucumber오이
Curry Leaves (카레잎)Curry Leaves카레잎
Dill (딜)Dill
Drumstick (북채)Drumstick북채
Eggplant (가지)Eggplant가지
Fennel (회향)Fennel회향
Fenugreek Leaf (호로파 잎)Fenugreek Leaf호로파 잎
French Beans (프랑스 콩)French Beans프랑스 콩
Garlic (마늘)Garlic마늘
Ginger (생강)Ginger생강
Green Chilli (녹색 고추)Green Chilli녹색 고추
Green Pepper (피망)Green Pepper피망
Green Plantain (녹색 질경이)Green Plantain녹색 질경이
Jackfruit (잭푸르트)Jackfruit잭푸르트
Kale (케일)Kale케일
Kohlrabi (콜라비)Kohlrabi콜라비
Lady Finger (레이디핑거)Lady Finger레이디핑거
Lemon (레몬)Lemon레몬
Lettuce (상추)Lettuce상추
Luffa (수세미외)Luffa수세미외
Mushroom (버섯)Mushroom버섯
Mustard Greens (머스타드 그린)Mustard Greens머스타드 그린
Onion (양파)Onion양파
Parsley (파슬리)Parsley파슬리
Pea (완두콩)Pea완두콩
Peppermint (박하)Peppermint박하
Pointed Gourd (뾰족한 조롱박)Pointed Gourd뾰족한 조롱박
Potato (감자)Potato감자
Pumpkin (호박)Pumpkin호박
Radicchio (라디키오)Radicchio라디키오
Radish (무)Radish
Raw Mango (생 망고)Raw Mango생 망고
Red Pepper (고추)Red Pepper고추
Ridge Gourd (리지 조롱박)Ridge Gourd리지 조롱박
Snake Gourd (뱀 조롱박)Snake Gourd뱀 조롱박
Soya Bean (콩)Soya Bean
Spinach (시금치)Spinach시금치
Spring Onion (봄 양파)Spring Onion봄 양파
Swede (스웨덴 인)Swede스웨덴 인
Sweet Potato (고구마)Sweet Potato고구마
Tomato (토마토)Tomato토마토
Turnip (순무)Turnip순무
Yam (얌)Yam
Zucchini (서양 호박)Zucchini서양 호박

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