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11 Efficient Tools Every Electrician Needs in Nepal

As it’s no piece of cake working with electricity, it’s imperative to care for basic tools every electrician needs not only because the work is optimized but also the safety is maintained. In this regard, there is the urgency and utter necessity to possess certain basic tools which would come in handy either if you are working as a professional or an amateur.

So, without wasting any time let’s give a quick look to the list of tools every electrician needs in Nepal.

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List of Tools Every Electrician Needs


Tools Every Electrician Needs in Nepal

Multimeter is one of the handy tool every electrician needs.

The multimeter is efficient in locating, analyzing and troubleshooting any electric issues. The multimeter measures multiple electrical properties, including voltage, current, resistance and DC voltage and current.

Voltage Tester

Tools Every Electrician Needs in Nepal

The Voltage Tester is also called ‘Chirp Tester’. Basically, the Voltage meter is specifically used to check if the circuit is live or not and locate the issue so that troubleshooting becomes more easy.

The volt meter signals the user with sound or light if the circuit has continuity or not.

Insulated Screwdrivers

No wonder the screwdriver is one of the handy tools every electrician needs be it professional or an armature. We all know what screwdrivers do, but the detail we seem to forget is the range of screwdriver electrician’s needs and the safety aspect of it. As working with the current is a risky feat, make sure you buy insulated screwdrivers so that the hazard is minimized and your workplace safety is maintained.


Tools Every Electrician Needs in Nepal

Plier is another handy tool for every electrician. Not just for the professionals but the amateurs who dare to fix the electrical issues at home.

You must have a plier while you are working with the cables which are big in size where you need to cut and twist the wires for connection. Along with the normal plier, there are other types of plier the professional electricians use:

  • Side-cutting and diagonal cutting Plier
  • Needle-nose or long nose Plier
  • Tongue and groove Plier

Wire Stripper

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Now, if you are working with the wires and want to use the tool which will make your work easy, efficient and smooth, you must have a wire stripper.

The Wire Stripper neatly removes the insulation from the regular copper wire. For instance, if you are working to fix the cable wire, you must have noticed the white covering which is the insulation for the wire which prevents the leakage of electricity.

Cable Cutter/ Diagonal Pliers

Now, mostly the professionals use it while fixing and wiring the house. The cable cutter or Diagonal Plier is specifically used to cut the small wires in the work which needs surgical precision and work in difficult spaces.


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Hammer is handy for an amateur as well as the professionals. Needless to say the hammer is used to fix a nail on the wall or a surface and pull it off when required.

While buying Hammer, make sure you buy one with a rubber grip which will resultingly makes it easy while you hold it in your hand and work.

Measuring Tape (With Magnetic Hold)

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The measuring tape is another must have tool for an electrician. If you are working as a maintenance guy or wiring for a newmade house, precision is of utmost importance and for that you must have magnetic tape.

While buying the magnetic tape make sure you buy the one with a magnetic hold feature and one with the heavy duty blade which will firmly hold your tape and increase the reachability of the blade without collapsing which makes your work easy, efficient and precise.

Safety Goggles

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Now, think of the instances while you are working and any hazard such as wire, dust, electric sparks could compromise your safety. So, in order to be safe from the work related hazards, make sure you always wear a safety goggles.

Also while buying the safety goggles, pick the one which has anti-fog feature in it.

Cut Resisant Gloves

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Again, more hail to work safety. The cut resistant gloves will reduce the injury related with the cuts that might occur while working. Along with that, a pair of safety gloves also works as insulation which will prevent you from accidental shocks while working.

Cordless Power Drill

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Now, do you want to make your work way more efficient? If you do, you must have a power drill. Unlike the traditional concept of thinking Power Drill as a luxury, the electricians now consider it as a must have tool.

 The Cordless Power Drill is most commonly used to install switches and outlets. While working make sure you have an extra battery so one can be charged while the other is in use.

Ending Thoughts

There goes the 11 Lists of tools every electrician needs in Nepal.

As there are other tools that a professional electrician might have in their possession, but these are the most essential tools every electrician needs be it professional or an amateur electrician.

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