Shapes Name in Korean & English (with pictures)

도형 이름은 한글, 영문으로 표기

Are you looking for all common Shapes name in Korean & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of shapes name in Korean & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Korean
Arrow (화살)Arrow화살
Cardioid (카디오이드)Cardioid카디오이드
Circle (원)Circle
Cone (원뿔)Cone원뿔
Crescent (초승달)Crescent초승달
Cross (십자가)Cross십자가
Cube (입방체)Cube입방체
Cuboid (직육면체)Cuboid직육면체
Cylinder (실린더)Cylinder실린더
Decagon (십각형)Decagon십각형
Ellipse (타원)Ellipse타원
Ellipsoid Spheroid (타원체 회전 타원체)Ellipsoid Spheroid타원체 회전 타원체
Equilateral Triangle (정삼각형)Equilateral Triangle정삼각형
Gnomon (노몬)Gnomon노몬
Heart Shape (하트 모양)Heart Shape하트 모양
Hemisphere (반구)Hemisphere반구
Heptagon (칠각형)Heptagon칠각형
Hexagon (육각형)Hexagon육각형
Hexahedron (육면체)Hexahedron육면체
Hyperboloid (쌍곡선)Hyperboloid쌍곡선
Icosahedron (정이십면체)Icosahedron정이십면체
Kite Shape (연 모양)Kite Shape연 모양
Klein Bottle (클라인 보틀)Klein Bottle클라인 보틀
Nonagon (Nonagon)NonagonNonagon
Octagon (팔각형)Octagon팔각형
Octahedron (팔면체)Octahedron팔면체
Oval (타원형)Oval타원형
Parallelepiped (평행 육면체)Parallelepiped평행 육면체
Parallelogram (평행사변형)Parallelogram평행사변형
Pentagon (오각형)Pentagon오각형
Platonic Solid (플라톤 솔리드)Platonic Solid플라톤 솔리드
Polygon (다각형)Polygon다각형
Pyramid (피라미드)Pyramid피라미드
Rectangle (직사각형)Rectangle직사각형
Rhombus (마름모)Rhombus마름모
Right Triangle (정삼각형)Right Triangle정삼각형
Scalene triangle (부등변 삼각형)Scalene triangle부등변 삼각형
Semi Circle (세미 서클)Semi Circle세미 서클
Sphere (구체)Sphere구체
Spiral (나선)Spiral나선
Square (정사각형)Square정사각형
Star (별)Star
Tetrahedron (사면체)Tetrahedron사면체
Torus (큰 쇠시리)Torus큰 쇠시리
Trapezium (부등변 사각형)Trapezium부등변 사각형
Triangle (삼각형)Triangle삼각형

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