Pulses and Lentils Name in Spanish & English (with pictures)

Legumbres y Lentejas Nombre en español e inglés

Are you looking for all common Pulses and Lentils name in Spanish & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of pulses and lentils name in Spanish & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Spanish
Adzuki Beans (Frijoles adzuki)Adzuki BeansFrijoles adzuki
Bambara Groundnut (Cacahuete Bambara)Bambara GroundnutCacahuete Bambara
Black Bean (Frijol negro)Black BeanFrijol negro
Black Chickpeas (Garbanzos negros)Black ChickpeasGarbanzos negros
Black Eyed Peas (Black Eyed Peas)Black Eyed PeasBlack Eyed Peas
Black Gram (Gramo negro)Black GramGramo negro
Brown Lentils (Lentejas Marrones)Brown LentilsLentejas Marrones
Cannellini Beans (Frijoles Cannellini)Cannellini BeansFrijoles Cannellini
Chickpeas (garbanzos)Chickpeasgarbanzos
Dried Fava Beans (Habas secas)Dried Fava BeansHabas secas
Dry Beans or Mixed Beans (Frijoles Secos o Frijoles Mixtos)Dry Beans or Mixed BeansFrijoles Secos o Frijoles Mixtos
Dry Green Peas (Guisantes verdes secos)Dry Green PeasGuisantes verdes secos
French Bean Seeds (Semillas de frijol francés)French Bean SeedsSemillas de frijol francés
Green Gram Split (División de gramo verde)Green Gram SplitDivisión de gramo verde
Horse Gram (Gramo de caballo)Horse GramGramo de caballo
Kidney Beans (Frijoles)Kidney BeansFrijoles
Lima Beans (Habas)Lima BeansHabas
Lupini Beans (Frijoles lupini)Lupini BeansFrijoles lupini
Moth Bean or Turkish Gram (Frijol polilla o gramo turco)Moth Bean or Turkish GramFrijol polilla o gramo turco
Mung Dahl (Mung Dahl)Mung DahlMung Dahl
Navy Peas (Guisantes azul marino)Navy PeasGuisantes azul marino
Pinto Beans (Frijoles pintos)Pinto BeansFrijoles pintos
Red Lentils (Lentejas rojas)Red LentilsLentejas rojas
Soy Beans (Frijoles de soja)Soy BeansFrijoles de soja
Split Black Gram (Gramo negro partido)Split Black GramGramo negro partido
White Peas (Guisantes blancos)White PeasGuisantes blancos
Whole Red Lentil (Lenteja Roja Entera)Whole Red LentilLenteja Roja Entera
Yellow Split Gram (Gramo partido amarillo)Yellow Split GramGramo partido amarillo
Yellow Split Pigeon Pea (Guandú amarillo partido)Yellow Split Pigeon PeaGuandú amarillo partido

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