Portuguese Alphabet

Alfabeto Português

Oi! Exploring Portuguese is fun, especially when you start with the alphabet. In this blog, we’re going to chat about the Portuguese alphabet, the letters that make up the language. If you’re just starting or want to know more, this guide will help you understand the basics of the Portuguese alphabet.

Portuguese Consonants

Let’s talk about the sounds of Portuguese consonants. We’ll cover how they’re pronounced, any cool things about them, and some interesting ways they team up. Knowing these sounds will help you talk in Portuguese like a local!

Portuguese LetterName (Pronunciation)English Equivalent
B bBe (beh)B
C cCe (seh)C
D dDe (deh)D
F fEfe (eh-feh)F
G gGê (zheh)G
H hAgá (ah-gah)Silent
J jJota (zhoh-tah)Zh
K kKa (kah)K
L lEle (eh-leh)L
M mEm (ehm)M
N nEn (ehn)N
P pPe (peh)P
Q qQuê (koo-eh)K
R rErre (eh-heh)R
S sEss (ess)S
T tTe (teh)T
V vVê (veh)V
X xXis (ksis)KS
Z zZê (zeh)Z

Portuguese Vowels

Vowels make Portuguese sing. We’ll check out their different sounds, including some nose sounds (yep, you read that right!). And we’ll talk about accents and how they give Portuguese its special rhythm.

Portuguese LetterName (Pronunciation)English Equivalent
A aA (ah)A
E eE (eh)E
I iI (ee)I
O oO (oh)O
U uU (oo)U
Y yÍpsilon (ee-pee-si-lon)Y

Portuguese Alphabet

Now, let’s look at the whole alphabet. It’s a bit like the English one but with its own style.

Portuguese Alphabet
Portuguese LetterName (Pronunciation)English EquivalentExample (English)
A aA (ah)AAmigo (friend)
B bBe (beh)BBarco (boat)
C cCe (seh)CCachorro (dog)
D dDe (deh)DDia (day)
E eE (eh)EEscola (school)
F fEfe (eh-feh)FFlor (flower)
G gGê (zheh)GGato (cat)
H hAgá (ah-gah)SilentHotel (hotel)
I iI (ee)IIdeia (idea)
J jJota (zhoh-tah)ZhJardim (garden)
K kKa (kah)KKiwi (kiwi)
L lEle (eh-leh)LLápis (pencil)
M mEm (ehm)MMaçã (apple)
N nEn (ehn)NNoite (night)
O oO (oh)OOnda (wave)
P pPe (peh)PPão (bread)
Q qQuê (koo-eh)KQuatro (four)
R rErre (eh-heh)RRato (mouse)
S sEss (ess)SSol (sun)
T tTe (teh)TTempo (time)
U uU (oo)UUrso (bear)
V vVê (veh)VVaso (vase)
W wDuplo Vê (doo-ploo veh)WWeb (web)
X xXis (ksis)KSXícara (cup)
Y yÍpsilon (ee-pee-si-lon)YYoga (yoga)
Z zZê (zeh)ZZebra (zebra)

Learning the Portuguese alphabet is like finding the keys to a cool language party. Each letter adds a bit of magic to the language. So, whether you’re saying ‘Oi’ or ‘Obrigado,’ knowing the alphabet is your ticket to chatting in Portuguese. Boa sorte! (Good luck!

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