Human Body Parts Name in Korean & English (with pictures)

인체 부위 명칭 한글 및 영문

Are you looking for all common Human Body Parts name in Korean & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of human body parts name in Korean & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Korean
Arm (팔)Arm
Back (뒤쪽에)Back뒤쪽에
Beard (수염)Beard수염
Belly (배)Belly
Blood (피)Blood
Body (몸)Body
Bone (뼈)Bone
Brain (뇌)Brain
Calf (송아지)Calf송아지
Cheek (볼)Cheek
Chest (가슴)Chest가슴
Chin (턱)Chin
Ear (귀)Ear
Elbow (팔꿈치)Elbow팔꿈치
Eye (눈)Eye
Eyebrow (눈썹)Eyebrow눈썹
Eyelid (눈꺼풀)Eyelid눈꺼풀
Face (얼굴)Face얼굴
Fingers (손가락)Fingers손가락
Fist (주먹)Fist주먹
Foot (발)Foot
Forehead (이마)Forehead이마
Hair (머리카락)Hair머리카락
Hand (손)Hand
Head (머리)Head머리
Heart (마음)Heart마음
Heel (힐)Heel
Intestine (장)Intestine
Jaw (턱)Jaw
Joint (관절)Joint관절
Kidney (신장)Kidney신장
Knee (무릎)Knee무릎
Leg (다리)Leg다리
Lip (말뿐인)Lip말뿐인
Liver (간)Liver
Lungs (폐)Lungs
Moustache (수염)Moustache수염
Mouth (입)Mouth
Muscles (근육)Muscles근육
Nails (손톱)Nails손톱
Neck (목)Neck
Nerve (신경 이상)Nerve신경 이상
Nose (코)Nose
Nostril (콧구멍)Nostril콧구멍
Palm (손바닥)Palm손바닥
Paw (발)Paw
Ribs (갈비 살)Ribs갈비 살
Shoulder (어깨)Shoulder어깨
Skin (피부)Skin피부
Skull (두개골)Skull두개골
Spine (척추)Spine척추
Stomach (위)Stomach
Teeth (이)Teeth
Thigh (대퇴골)Thigh대퇴골
Throat (목)Throat
Thumb (무지)Thumb무지
Toe (발가락)Toe발가락
Tongue (혀)Tongue
Wrist (손목)Wrist손목

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