Domestic Animals Name in Sanskrit & English (with pictures)

घरेलुपशुनाम संस्कृते आङ्ग्लभाषायां च

Are you looking for all common Domestic Animals name in Sanskrit & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of domestic animals name in Sanskrit & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Sanskrit
Alpaca (अल्पाका)Alpacaअल्पाका
Buffalo (महिषः)Buffaloमहिषः
Bull (वृषभ)Bullवृषभ
Calf (गोवत्स)Calfगोवत्स
Camel (उष्ट्रः)Camelउष्ट्रः
Cat (मार्जारः)Catमार्जारः
Chicken (कुक्कुट)Chickenकुक्कुट
Cow (गो)Cowगो
Deer (मृग)Deerमृग
Dog (कुक्कुरः)Dogकुक्कुरः
Donkey (गर्दभ)Donkeyगर्दभ
Goat (अजा)Goatअजा
Guinea Pig (गिनी पिग)Guinea Pigगिनी पिग
Hamster (हम्स्टर)Hamsterहम्स्टर
Horse (घोटकः)Horseघोटकः
Llama (ल्लमा)Llamaल्लमा
Mouse (मूषकः)Mouseमूषकः
Mule (खच्चरः)Muleखच्चरः
Ox (वृषभ)Oxवृषभ
Pig (सुकरः)Pigसुकरः
Rabbit (शशकः)Rabbitशशकः
Rat (मूषकः)Ratमूषकः
Reindeer (हिरन)Reindeerहिरन
Sheep (मेष)Sheepमेष
Squirrel (चिक्रोड)Squirrelचिक्रोड
Tortoise (कूर्मः)Tortoiseकूर्मः
Yak (यक्)Yakयक्

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