Domestic Animals Name in Korean & English (with pictures)

국내 동물 이름 한글 및 영문

Are you looking for all common Domestic Animals name in Korean & English with pictures? We have covered the best list of different types of domestic animals name in Korean & English with beautiful pictures.

PictureIn EnglishIn Korean
Alpaca (알파카)Alpaca알파카
Buffalo (물소)Buffalo물소
Bull (황소)Bull황소
Calf (송아지)Calf송아지
Camel (낙타)Camel낙타
Cat (고양이)Cat고양이
Chicken (닭)Chicken
Cow (암소)Cow암소
Deer (사슴)Deer사슴
Dog (개)Dog
Donkey (당나귀)Donkey당나귀
Goat (염소)Goat염소
Guinea Pig (기니피그)Guinea Pig기니피그
Hamster (햄스터)Hamster햄스터
Horse (말)Horse
Llama (야마)Llama야마
Mouse (생쥐)Mouse생쥐
Mule (노새)Mule노새
Ox (황소)Ox황소
Pig (돼지)Pig돼지
Rabbit (토끼)Rabbit토끼
Rat (쥐)Rat
Reindeer (순록)Reindeer순록
Sheep (양)Sheep
Squirrel (다람쥐)Squirrel다람쥐
Tortoise (남생이)Tortoise남생이
Yak (야크)Yak야크

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