10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal!

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy! Oh Yes, you are!

But who is the good boy? Well, it’s none other than our very Mr. Floopers, the doggo which is called a Dog if we use normal words instead of childish ones. Dogs are Human’s best friends and they have every reason to be. They protect our houses, they are loyal and they help us emotionally as well.

Dogs have been our partners since the Stone ages and they still are to this day. While back in the days, most of the dogs werewolf-like with strong teeth, massive bodies, and fluffy furs, there are a lot of dog breeds and varieties of dogs in the Modern day. 

Due to this, we have got a lot of options to choose our best furry fluff balls from. Each of the breeds has got their own base traits and characteristics which one needs to consider before picking a dog breed. But all in all, we – as Nepali – seem to agree that some dog breeds are better suited for the wants and needs of Nepali than others. So here we have 10 of the most popular dog breeds in Nepal.

1) German Shepard

10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular dog breeds in Nepal. They are the good boys and good girls that everybody wants to pet but is too afraid to unless they are super close with the dog owners. They look dangerous and they are dangerous- at least to those whom they consider as a threat to their house and their dog-father. 

On the flip side – German Shepards are cuddle bears and spoilt babies in front of their owners. Regardless of how big they get, they act like small kids who just want to be spoilt. That being said, it is somewhat expensive to get and take care of these dog breeds. But if you want a 6-year-old fluff ball that throws temper tantrums because you cuddled someone else but at the same time can scare the thieves off-German Shepards are the dog breeds for you.

2) Labrador

10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

If you want a large pal but are still afraid of the German Shepard, then labrador is what you want. While these are by no way saints, they are somewhat calmer than shepherds. These are the dog breeds that are equivalent to the 5-year-olds that just like to chill and relax while playing sometimes. 

That being said, labradors can get spoilt quite easily and are enemies of sandles – sometimes even more so than the shepherds. So you need to be careful of their temper tantrums as well. They do get calmer as they grow old and become somewhat of a “teacher” figure for the younger dogs though. 

3) Bulldog

10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

Bulldog is probably among some of the most misunderstood dog breeds in Nepal. They are notorious for being bullies and viciously aggressive among the dogs, when in fact, these flabbers are nothing more than small boys acting tough. 

While they can be aggressive sometimes, for the most part, bulldogs just want to laze out and be petted by their owners. Bulldogs can be extremely loud but that’s a rarity. For the most part, they are couch potatoes who just want to chill out and have fun- and maybe sleep a lot. 

4) Toy Poodle

10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

Before anyone says anything – they are real poodles and they are called “toy” poodles because of their small size. Poodles are some of the best dogs breeds in Nepal if you are someone who is looking for a kid who plays dumb pranks on you and looks at you innocently. While they are some of the loudest barkers among the common dog breeds, they are also some of the friendliest and harmless dog breeds out there.

So as you may have guessed, toy poodles are not the best choice if you are opting for security. But if you are looking for a furry kid that never grows up, then they are the perfect choice for you. 

5) Beagle

Tools Nepal 10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal!

Meet the inspiration behind Snoopy dog – one of the most popular newspaper characters back in the day. Beagles are cute, they love to play, they love to cuddle, and they love attention. But at the same time, they love to bark as well. 

So if you don’t like loud noises, don’t take a beagle as your fur -son. But at the same time, if you are looking for a never-growing child that gives you perfect alarm at the smallest of accidents, then beagles are perfect for you. These cute floppy bears are some of the best dog breeds for those who are vocal and want their pets to be active and vocal as well. 

6) Japanese Spitz

Tools Nepal 10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal!

Japanese Spitz is undoubtedly one of the more common dog breeds in Nepal. And there is a good reason for that. They are cute (let’s be honest they are basically the dog version of snow-white), they are friendly and they love cuddles. On top of that, they are relatively cheap to take care of as well.

That being said you should familiarize them with people rather early in their years. If you don’t do this, then they can get quite annoying as they bark loudly whenever someone they don’t know comes near your house. They have some of the sharpest barks among the dogs in Nepal and they bark quite frequently as well. 

7) Pug

10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

So far all of the bog breeds of Nepal that we have mentioned so far are barkers. But what if you just want a lazy son who loves to sleep? Well, then pugs are your best choice. They don’t do much besides looking cute, cuddle, play and sleep – perfect for those who live in apartments or just want a cuddle buddy who is as lazy as they are.

They do however can easily get a ton of health issues so they can be a bit expensive to take care of. But we say it’s all worth it for a furry child. They will get attached to you so quickly that you would kill and die for these fluffy mutts.

8) Papillon

10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

Now, let’s welcome the smallest furbaby on this list – the papillon. This dog breed is one of the friendliest and most energetic dog breeds. They are mild barkers. Besides, if you have a papillon, their bark is not the thing that you should be worrying about – it’s their energy level.

Just like how cats are famous for their midnight zoomies, this dog breed is very well known for their random zoomies – a period where they are excessively energetic and run around. Along with this, these dogs are fragile and small-boned so it’s best to not have them if you have toddlers. Besides being soft-bodied, due to their constant hyperactive nature, they are quite sensitive to loud noises so it would be best if you could keep the sound low. So basically if you want pugs that are smaller and get zoomies, papillon is what you should get. 

They do love giving free slobbery kisses though.

9) Border Collie

Tools Nepal 10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal!

Let’s get back to the popular dog breeds in Nepal that are barkers. And no one defines a barking breed more than a Border collie. In fact, one of the reasons why they are popular in Nepal is due to them being noisy, active, and cute. 

While they can be gentle and quiet, most of them are just easily stimulated – when they get stimulated, they bark. So this leads to barks – a lot of barks. But that being said they are also some of the easiest dogs to train and some of the friendlier dog breeds out there as well.  O winder why these flappy barkers are so popular in Nepal.

10) Golden Retriever

10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

Let’s end this list by talking about the gentle giants that we all love- the golden retrievers. While golden retrievers do have their own share of temper tantrums, jealousy, and dumb mischiefs, they are generally calm and friendly dogs that give an almost “sensei” vibe. 

These dog breeds are gentle, kind, playful, and friendly dogs who really love to spend time with you and get some head pats along with some cuddles. That being said, they do have some of the largest bark among all of the dog breeds listed here. Thankfully they don’t bark unless something intense is going on with or around them. So if a retriever barks (besides when s/he is throwing a tantrum) then you should listen immediately.


10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

Before we go we have to stress that dogs are not just pets- they are family members.  While each breed does have its base traits, just like humans, each dog is a person on its own and the traits vary wildly from dog to dog. They are literally like 6-year-old kids who understand and know everything you do – it’s just that all a dog ever wants is cuddles and lots of attention from you, just like a 6-year-old kid.

Hope you found this enjoyable. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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