9 Construction Jobs That Pays Shockingly Well

There is no job that is beneath or above – as long as the job meets your need, it is a good job.

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The thing is many people don’t understand this concept due to which, we have terms like “good career” and “bad career”. 

Jobs that are mostly related to labor – like construction jobs, are among the ones that face a lot of discrimination. But, if you are a hard worker and do your work diligently, jobs in the field of construction pay rather decent money. And what many people don’t know is that there is a wide range of jobs that fall under the range of construction jobs. 

Here we will take a look at 9 of such jobs.

1) Elevator Installers and Repairs

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This is one of those unknown construction jobs whose demand is increasing as our towns and cities modernize. With the increase of urbanization, tall buildings and shopping complexes are seen on the rise. The more we see these tall buildings and shopping complexes, the more the demand increases for jobs like Elevator installers and repairers. Since the buildings are tall, one would either have to install a ton of escalators or elevators.

Due to this, the demand for personnel in this construction job has increased. On top of that, since the elevator is a complex machine to install and repair, the workers need to be semi-skilled at the very least. The level of skill and experience will determine the 

2) Boiler Makers

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Boiler Makers are the people who install and repair boilers, vats, and other containers that hold a large amount of liquid or gas. These liquids and gases are mostly volatile substances like petroleum and boi gas that not only is sensitive to heat but also reactive to other chemicals. 

Since these are mostly installed in factories and in large offices, this construction job may require their workers to stay away from home for a long period of time. Along with possibly needing the worker to stay away from home for a long duration, the installation of boilers can expose the workers to harmful chemicals. Due to the compilation of these two factors, this construction job pays better than a lot of other ones on this list. If one plays their card right and manages to secure good projects, they can earn up to 65 Lakhs per year. 

3) Construction Inspector

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This is one of those jobs that is not meant for those who have just started their life in the field of construction. To be a construction inspector, you need to have a large amount of experience as a construction worker – which admittedly is at the lower end of construction jobs based on payment.

However, once you have adequate experience and skills, then you can become a construction inspector whose job is basically to supervise and inspect the work done by the low construction workers. 

Along with the tough requirement i.e good observation skills and experience, comes good payment as well for this construction job. You can earn as much as 63 lakhs per year depending on the types of projects you sign. 

4) Electrician

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Photos courtesy: Sajilo Marmat Sewa

This is one of those construction jobs that people don’t really think is a construction job. The reason is rather simple – a lot of people don’t relate electricity to construction. Well, what we tend to forget is to make any building functional, one needs to install and manage proper electrical outlets.

This is where electricians come into play. These semi-skilled to skilled workers are an integral part of construction that is basically responsible for making anything electrical work. That includes things like electrical outlets, lightings, phone connections, and other electrical systems. Not only that they are also responsible for keeping these electrical connections safe from a wide range of hazards like water and fire. 

So needless to say they earn quite a lot. If they play their cards right and get good projects, they can earn as much as 56 lakhs per year. This is of course considering that they are skilled enough and get medium to large projects. 

5) Plumbers

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Plumbers are undoubtedly one of the most underappreciated jobs among the construction jobs. Let’s be honest, how many of us see plumbers as an integral part of the construction? For most of us, they are just the people who fix the sink, drain, and washbasin. But what a lot of us fail to notice is that without good plumbing, we cant wash our hands nor the dishes. And most of all, we cant use the toilet at all. 

Jokes apart, plumbing is one of the most integral parts of construction. They are responsible for ensuring that all the water-based systems work properly and are functional. Now along with this job being an underappreciated one, the amount of payment they get is also rather underappreciated. 

Since plumbing is not a one-time job and regardless of how good a plumbing system is, they need constant maintenance and repairs, a plumber can earn up to 20 lakhs per year. While this is not much when compared to other construction jobs so far on this list, do remember that this amount does not include repairs. 

6) Metal Workers 

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These are the people who are responsible for all things metal-related in the construction job. This includes things like installing structural reinforcements (the iron rods on the pillars and floor) and metal sheets in the walls, ducts, and roofings. 

Needless to say, they are some of the most important aspects of construction, especially when it comes to big structures like bridges and roads. And to be a metal worker one needs extensive knowledge of the properties of metals and how they react with a wide range of environments. If they do their job incorrectly, we are looking at weak buildings that collapse at a small tremor and collapsed bridges. 

Needless to say, they are paid well for their service. The average income of a metal worker at peak can be up to 50 lakhs per year. 

7) Carpenters

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After talking about the metal workers, let’s talk about the woodworkers – the carpenters. They are basically the ones responsible for installing our doors and windows. As you may have already known their work is a vital part of any construction. If they do not do their jobs well, you are looking at creaky windows and doors that don’t close properly and worst of all, weak hinges that leave our houses very vulnerable to thefts.

Besides making/fixing doors and windows, they are also the ones who provide structural support for roads and bridges along with the metalworkers. They are also the ones responsible for the aesthetics of a building as well. A badly designed door can ruin the whole ambiance of a building after all.

If they get their projects right and do a good job, they can earn up to 40lakhs per year which considering the cost of wood in this day, is pretty good earnings that will only increase as the price of the wood rises. 

8) Construction Equipment Operators

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While this construction job is done by the general construction worker on small projects – for larger projects you need specialized construction operators. These are the people who use heavy construction equipment like JCB trucks, road rollers, jackhammers, and wrecking balls. 

Needless to say, they need to be extremely skilled in using their equipment as a small mishap can mean big destruction or worse- the loss of lives. 

Due to the increase in urbanization, the demand for skilled construction equipment operators is seen to be on the rise. As for their earnings, depending on the number of equipment they can use a person working this construction job can earn up to 50 lakhs a year if they can get large-scale projects. 

9) Construction Managers

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Construction Manager is undoubtedly one of the – if not the – highest paying jobs in the scene of construction jobs. These are basically the people who oversee and manage every part of the construction project. That includes everything from gaining the permit, overseeing the hiring of workers, overseeing the budget, overseeing the schedulings, quality, and the progress of the project.

Needless to say one needs to be extremely skilled and experienced to get this job. While they may not do any physical construction, they are the ones who are the face of the entire project and they are also the ones who get a bit of praise if the project goes well and all the blame if the project fails.

Needless to say due to the whole sleuth of responsibilities they need to take they earn a lot. A good construction manager can earn up to 90 lakhs per year. 


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As you may have seen there are quite a few construction jobs around besides the ones we are most familiar with – the bricklayers and the cement experts. These alternative jobs vary from labor-intensive ones like construction equipment operators to thought extensive like Construction Manager and Construction Inspector. Also as you may have seen, if you can get good projects and show the quality of work, you can earn quite a lot in this somewhat of an underappreciated field. While there is always the risk of injury in the labor part of construction jobs, the pay is well worth it. 

Hope you found this interesting. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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