5 Best Free Thumbnail Generators

Thumbnail Generators play an important role to get your videos viral or getting more views. You spend too much more time using photoshop, taking screenshots, copying, pasting, adding, modifying, saving, and uploading. The Thumbnail generator will scan through your images folder and create thumbnails based on your specifications. This tool should be used after uploading images via FTP, after changing the default sizes of your images.

While YouTube will automatically generate one for you, it’s usually not very good and attractive, and reflect poorly on your good content. Nobody has time to check or click a video from the worst thumbnail. Your click rate will increase greatly if you offer the viewer a glance at the content first. Some of them are free to create YouTube thumbnails; others may need to pay to get more features.

Why Thumbnail Generators

Thumbnail Generators

A thumbnail gives the creator an opportunity to bring in a few words about why the viewer should choose to watch their video between the many others in the search results. It is thus essential that you spend quality time making the thumbnails so that they capture the attention of the viewer immediately.

A good thumbnail can help to attract a lot of viewers. A bad can leads your video to go unwatched. To generate quick and easy thumbnails without using fancy applications like photoshop, you can use the thumbnail generator on TubeBuddy or Vidiq. Thumbnail generators let you choose a still from the video or upload an image, to which you can add text, your logo, and other things.

5 Best Free Thumbnail Generators

Thumbnail Generators

If you want to make a good and stylish thumbnail for your video or your PC game, these are the best free thumbnail generators listed below.

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1. Canva

Thumbnail Generators

Canva is one of the best Thumbnail Generators. It is the best important graphic design software that helps you to make an awesome video that is free to download. This is simple to use because drag and drop type features are wonderful, and the issue available for your Thumbnail Creation include free stock-type photos, Illustrations, Lines, Shapes, Frames, Grids, Backgrounds, Text, etc. Also offers a tool that is easy to navigate the interface which you can easily customize your thumbnail to increase its popularity among others.

2. Snappa

Thumbnail Generators

Snappa is one of the important tools that allows you to create eye-catching thumbnails for videos or PC games. The main feature of the service is that it allows you to choose the best template for a particular social media platform by adjusting its size. Snappa offers you both paid and free functions to generate some good seductive thumbnails which are the tools used for work on other social media floors. Removing backgrounds noises or scenes from images used to be hard and needed more time. Now you can just click a button, wait for a few seconds, and then you will sallow your saliva after seeing your background disappear like magic. So try this Thumbnail Generator for amazing experience.

3. Picmaker

Thumbnail Generators

Feeling bored, you don’t have to do anything and wait to do some creative things, try Picmaker, the best YouTube thumbnail generator. It is a popular tool with professionally-designed templates, numbers of stock images and filters, and other tools you need to create stylish video thumbnails. Get access to more than a million high-quality pictures and icons that make your designs come speechless. Whether it is a social media post or a business organization, use our online graphic editor to create a picture that helps your audience to attract.

4. Backgrounder

Thumbnail Generators

Backgrounder allows you to design stylish customized professional art, avatars, and thumbnails for videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is a simple tool to use and contains an interactive user interface that is suitable for professionals as well as for newer ones.

Backgrounder offers pre-designed templates, so you can easily find the right thumbnail size for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms. You can use this robust thumbnail software and take benefit of its first-class image editing tools, the probability to add new layers, and extra services such as images and custom text.

5. Picmonkey

Thumbnail Generators

If you have the internet at any time then this online thumbnail generator is suitable for you. Picmonkey provides the service with many filters, fonts, frames, exclusive overlays, and additional features for you with a single individual registration to Picmonkey’s premium membership. You can also start with a blank canvas and add your own photos, text, graphics, and logo to create a custom thumbnail. Because of a wide range of options available to customize to match your brand.

What’s the Best Thumbnail Generator?

Thumbnail Generators

All of the above YouTube thumbnail generator apps will make you more stylish templates to attract viewers. However, I would suggest you that use more robust options like Canva and Snappa if you want to add text, colors, images, and other features to your thumbnail. However, you can use Picmaker to extract a stylish YouTube video snapshot and customize it with the given options. These all above-listed Thumbnail Generators are very helpful and amazing. So do try them. Thank You!


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