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14 Useful Must-Have Tools for Nepali Home with Pictures and Prices

What are the must-have tools for Nepali Home? Actually, the question does not suffice the purpose. Let’s rephrase it-why do you need a tool? Now, in this article, we are going to talk about the Must-Have tools for Nepali Home not just for convenience but also if one aspires to upgrade their DIY( Do it Yourself) skills.

The tools are so closely linked with humans. How one might ask? Simply, as humans evolved they invented tools and so do they evolved.

Now, we all might relate to this plight, your mom calling out for you to fix the broken light switch or a water pumping machine. What do you do in those instances when you need fixing? Obviously, you need tools and not just ordinary tools but the ones which would really come in handy.

So, without further ado let’s give a sneak peek at the must-have tools for Nepali Home.

Lists of Must-Have Tools for Nepali Home

1. Hammer

Usage: Hammer is used to build, maintain and destroy things. You may take the analogy of the ‘Holy Trinity’ in Hindu mythology who is Creator, Conserver, and the Destroyer.

Why Hammer: The usage of the hammer is multi-faceted as it can be used to create furniture, pick nails on the wall or furniture, fox a nail on the wall to hold art pieces, and many more.

Where can you buy?

Must-Have Tools for Nepali Home

You can buy a decent hammer from the nearest hardware store or online. Go to this Link if you want to buy online.


  • Your Hammer has a rubber grip for a firm hand grip
  • Choose the hammer which is not too heavy which will not mark too much strain on your hand

2. Crescent Adjustable Wrench

Usage: The Crescent Adjustable Wrench is used to open and tighten the bolts and Knots of the machinery. If you need to fix your water pump, this tool is a must.

Why Crescent Wrench? Crescent wrench is the most effective tool which works on the principles of a simple machine that will help you loosen the hardest bolt and the longer the tool, the easier it is to get the bolts out.

Where can you buy?

Must-Have Tools for Nepali Home

Go to your local hardware store or buy online using this Link.


  • The handle has a rubber grip.
  • The tool is not too heavy
  • The adjustable gear is easy to rotate and won’t catch any rust. For this look for the mark of Stainless steel on the product description.

3. Screwdrivers set

Usage: Screwdrivers Set is another must-have tool for Nepali Home. If you need fix any sort of electrical issues in your house, you must have a Screwdrivers Set. It is used to loosen and tighten any plugs in your home.

Why Screwdriver Sets? As the tools have evolved, now you can find two types of Screwdrivers in the market namely Mechanical and Electric. Apart from fixing electric plugs, you can use the screwdriver with indicator to check on the wiring circuits in your home. Say if you confused on which one is the ‘Live Wire’ in which the current flows, you can get your screwdriver with an indicator. When you touch the live wire, the indicator which is a small bulb at the top of your screwdriver lights up.

Tools Nepal

Where Can You Buy? You can buy the Screwdriver from the nearest Electric shop. Or you can buy online by going to this link.


  • You buy a different set of Screwdrivers that work on different types of screws.
  • If you are buying the electric screwdriver, get a good pair of batteries.

4. Pliers

Uses: Pliers are to tighten the knots and Bolts, electrical purposes to fix and cut the wires, get the nails off walls, and hold and bend stuffs.

Why do you need Pliers? When you are engaging to fix any machinery parts, fixing electrical issues or any other home maintenance tasks, Pliers always comes in handy.

Where can you buy?

Tools Nepal

Go to the nearby electrical and hardware store to get the different range of pliers you need. Also, follow this link so that you can choose more ranges of Pliers easily.


  • That the plier has good rubber grip
  • Is a stainless steel Plier.

5. Utility Knife

Uses: The knife is definitely the must have tool for Nepali home. Whether it’s for the kitchen, or for electric purposes, you must have different types of knives in your home. The cutter knifes comes handy if you don’t have plier cutter in your home while fixing electrical issues.

Why do you need Knife? If you dot know how to use ‘Haisya’ or ‘Chulesi’ and you know you can’t beat your mom on that, than try using knife in your kitchen.

Where can you Buy?

Tools Nepal

Go to a nearby utensil shop to get the regular kitchen knife and you can find your cutter knife in the electric shop. Also to buy online, follow this link.


  • Buying a stainless steel knife
  • Check by holding if you feel comfortable with the grip
  • Go for a little heavy one and one with sharp edges which can also be used to cut the chicken.

6. Cordless Drill

Uses: You can use Cordless Drill to make holes on the wall, mix paints, and to work on wiring and electrical issues and carpentry.

Why do you need Cordless Drill? Because nothing works better than electrical drills to punch a hole in your wall, stir and mix things up and it is electricians and carpenters must-have tool.

Where do you Buy?

Tools Nepal

You can get Cordless Drill from the Electric Shops. Also, you can get more choices and ranges of Cordless Drill online. Go to this link to buy online.


  • Getting powerful battery set
  • A carrying case or belt
  • Drill Bit sets
  • Check the power rating of your Cordless Drill if it’s power efficient or not

7. Safety Glasses

Uses: Primarily used as a protective gear.

Why do you need Safety Glasses? If you are working to weld, electrical issues or while doing carpentry work, your eyes are exposed to dangers. The safety glasses must be worn as a protective gear in DIY activities involving the works mentioned above.

Where do you Buy?

Tools Nepal

Best place to buy is online. Go to this link to buy one.


  • If it fits you well
  • The quality of glass
  • Anti fog glass will be perfect to work on

8. Gloves

Uses: Gloves are another protective gear used to protect your hand while doing electrical, carpentry and while you are working on chemicals like the Mobil of your vehicle.

Why do you need Gloves? Main requirement to use gloves is for the protection.

Where do you Buy?

Tools Nepal

Go to the nearest super market or buy online. Go to this link if you choose to buy online.


  • Gloves fits well in your hands
  • Try buying dotted gloves which will give you nice grip

9. Magnetic Dish

Uses: While carrying out both in mechanical and electrical jobs which demands you keep each and every tiny knots and bolts intact later for fixing.

Why do you need a Magnetic Dish? So that you don’t lose the tiny essential parts like knots and bolts which stick to the magnet and keeps them intact.

Where do you Buy?

Tools Nepal

Go to your nearby electric shop. If you have a broken speaker in your home, get the magnet out so you can use it as a Magnetic disk.

10. Fire Extinguisher

Use: Fire extinguisher is used in fire emergency.

Why do you need Fire Extinguisher? Because fire emergency can be due to different cause and in case of electric related fire emergency issue you can’t use water. So you must have a fire extinguisher for safety purposes.

Where do you Buy?

Tools Nepal
Red fire extinguisher on a white wall

Buy online by following this link.


  • Get a multi purpose fire extinguisher which also works to put out electrical related fires
  • Get a mounting gear so that you can have a place to put it where it can be easily accessible when emergency.

11. Shovel

Uses: Used in Home improvement and maintenance activities such as mixing cement and sand to make concrete.

Why do you need a Shovel? It is used to dig, make and mix concrete and other construction and maintenace activities.

Where do you Buy?

Tools Nepal

Go to your local Hardware store to get Shovel.


  • Buying the shovel which feels easy to lift and grip
  • Consider the size by accessing the type of work you do. This will help you choose a shovel not too heavy and perfectly fitting for your need.

12. Ladder

Uses: You need ladder for any maintenance or home improvement activities.

Why Do you need Ladder? If you are solving the wires related issues or painting or any activities which are high above the walls or ceiling or a roof, you must use ladder for convenience and for your own safety.


Tools Nepal

Buy the ladder online. Follow this link if you need a ladder.


  • The type of ladder like if you need step or telescopic ladder.
  • See if the ladder meets your height requirement.

13. Chisels

Uses: If you want to upgrade your DIY skill on carpentry, you must have different sets of Chisels.

Why Chisel? You need Chisel to carve the woods with perfection and challenge the machine for such perfection and passion.

Where can you get Chisel?

Tools Nepal

Get your chisel sets from the nearby hardware store or buy online going to this link.


  • Chisel is easy to hold
  • It is made up of stainless steel and has sharp edges.

14. Plunger

Uses: The plunger is used in your bathrooms to clear the clogged sinks and drains.

Why you need Plunger? You don’t need plumber to fix every little things. You must have plunger so that you can fix the simple issues like clog issue in your sinks and bathroom.

Where do you get Plunger?

Tools Nepal

Get your plunger from the nearby plastic store.


  • The plunger has a handle.
  • Don’t go for too expensive one. Normal plunger would do the trick.

Ending Thoughts

There goes the 14 must have tools for Nepali home.

As iterated before, you need tools not only because they simplify your work but also to upgrade your DIY skills which makes you more independent to solve common household issues.

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