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11 Best Music Bands Form the Early 2000s

Band, a Group of differently yet similarly talented people who love to Rock N Roll.

Let’s take a nostalgic dive here on list Picker today.

The list we have today will definitely take you to the simpler times – if you are over 20. If you are among those people, remember those times when you needed to buy cassette tapes and big cassette players just to listen to the song of your favorite band? It was either buy a cassette player or switch to Image Channel or Kantipur at 5 PM every day and hope that favorite song will be played.

The shows like Call Kantipur were a big hit back in the days, simply because if you wanted to listen to the songs of your favorite band or the popular ones, you had to buy a cassette player – which was not exactly a cheap thing to buy. Think of it as an iPod that came later on in the early 2000s. 

Why are we taking you down this road? Well, it is because we will be covering a list of 11 music bands that ruled the early 2000s.

1) 1974 AD

Genre: Rock
Originated From: Kathmandu
Active Years: 1994 to Present

  • Phiroj Shyangden
  • Adrian Pradhan
  • Nirakar Yakthumba
  • Manoj Kumar KC
  • Sanjay Kumar Shrestha

This Music Band is the source of some of the immortal songs in Nepal. The song “Yo Man Ta Mero” is still one of the best Nationalist songs to date. Along with this, who can forget the heartwarming “parelima” and the heartbreaking “Jati Maya Laye pani”. In fact, these two were the go-to songs for those who fell in love and for those who got betrayed back in the day.

Did you know that most of their albums were among some of the most successful ones in Nepal? They are ranked amongst the top 10 Best-selling Albums in Nepal according to the Hits FM of their time. 

2) Albatross

Genre: Rock
Originated from: Kathmandu
Active Years: 1998 to Present

  • Shirish Dali
  • Sunny Manandhar (Suncha Vox)
  • Avaya Siddhi Bajracharya
  • Kismat D Shrestha

Is it wrong to say that they were the Linkin Park of Nepal? Maybe, but still, you get the notion right? With songs such as Awaz and Koshish that are laced with bittersweet lyrics surrounded by fast music, supported by their signature chord progression, these guys defined the Alt-Rock Genre in Nepal. 

And besides, who can forget one of the best go-to breakup songs “khase ka taara” from them? We are sure that quite a few of you still go and listen to this song when you want to get a nostalgic vibe or just feel your heart getting heavy.

3) Anuprastha

Genre: Rock
Originated from: Kathmandu
Active Years: 2004 to Present

  • Neran Sahi
  • Jim Joshi
  • Govin Sunuwar
  • Bibek Tamang
  • Sundar Maharjan

Let’s go back to 2004 on the final round of the Sprite Band challenge. The tension was high, there was a good amount of money and pride on steak. The three finalist bands were competing for the prize head-on against each other, none worse than the rest, and the music fans were biting their nails in anticipation of the final results. 

And in the end, Anuprastha won the final. This was a huge boost to them as not only did this victory helped them gain fame, it also them 1 Lakh Rupees and a ticket to shoot a music video. They have never looked back since then. 

Let’s be honest, Din is still one of the go-to songs for guitar lessons and Guff is still one of the most nonsense songs whose hidden meaning only a few have found.

4) Kandhara

Genre: Folk Pop
Originated from: Pokhara
Active Years: 1994 to Present

  • Bivek Shrestha
  • Sunil Thapa
  • Buddharaj Bajracharya
  • Amit Gurung
  • Ashim Sherchan
  • Anil Gurung
  • Avinash Gayak
  • Management – Ashish Parajuli

Okay, let’s step out of Kathmandu, and go back in time. You wake up early in the morning, switch on the TV, and flip the tv to Image Channel. As soon as you switch the channel you hear a familiar hum of “hiu ta hoinaaa”

Ahh, those were the simpler times, and “Hongkong Pokhara” was one of those songs that everybody knew. With catchy tunes and soulful lyrics, Kandara from Pokhara ruled the folk-pop genre of Music all throughout the early 2000s. But besides these widely known nostalgic songs, they also had tragic and soulful songs such as “Tagaro ma Rumal rakhi” and “Bideshiyera Gayin Uni”. 

5) Kutumbha

Genre: Folk
Originated from: Kathmandu
Active Years: 2004 to Present

  • Kiran Nepali
  • Pavit Maharjan
  • Raju Maharjan
  • Rubin Kumar Shrestha
  • Siddhartha Maharjan
  • Arun Gurung
  • Niraj Maharjan
  • Arun Gurung  
  • Niraj Maharjan

Who said music needs lyrics to rule an era? Kutumba is an example of just that. They are a band that plays soulful music to entrap the listeners in a trance without the use of any words. After all, someone once said that “Music Transcends words”. 

But did you know that they make this music without the use of any foreign instruments? Yes, they only use Classic Nepali musical instruments to produce a wide range of music that has its own uniqueness and richness that no one has been able to replicate.

6) Mongolian Heart

Genre: Folk
Originated from: Kathmandu
Active years: 1993 to Present

  • Raju Lama
  • Boby Lama 
  • Binaya Maharjan 
  • Santosh Thapa 
  • Babu Raja Maharjan 
  • Kiran Nagarkoti 
  • Pawan Kapali 

Now look, we are not saying that all the members of this band are cute, but they are. Raju lama was the crush of a lot of teens back in the early 2000s. This when paired with their soulful music and heartwarming (and sometimes breaking) songs, it was no wonder why they ruled the early 2000s. 

You have classic peppy songs like “Sayad Timro Baato ma”, songs that make you want to fight for the nation like “Mero Nepal” and heartbreakers like “Parkhai Ma”. These songs made us smile, and cry. As of now, they have performed in Dubai, Australia, and Hong Kong among other countries enriching the experience of Nepalis over there.

Is there any reason not to love the Mongolian Hearts?

7) Nepathya

Genre: Folk Rock
Originated from: Pokhara
Active Years: 1991 to present

  • Amrit Gurung 
  • Suraj Thapa 
  • Subin Shakya 
  • Dhurba Lama 
  • Niraj Gurung 
  • Shanti Rayamajhi 

Do we even have to say how legendary this band is? Not only was Nepathaya relevant back in the days, it still is now. Let’s be honest, we still dance to the”uthyo basyo uthyo basyo” of their song “taal ko paani”  and “jhalkaideu jhalkaideu” from “Sa Karnali” even thill this day. It would also be a crime to not mention one of the immortal songs of this band “Resham”.

Besides these, they also have songs that make us feel sad from the core of our heart like “Siran ma Photo” and those that make us remember our first love like “chari maryo”. Honestly, words are not enough to describe the deeds of this legendary band that has thrived in the Nepali music industry for three decades as of 2021.

8) Robin and the New Revolutions

Genre: Rock
Originated from: Kathmandu
Active Years: 1993 to Present

  • Robin Tamang
  • Hari Maharjan
  • Prabin Das
  • Bijay Baral

Now Robin Tamang is one of the most visually intimidating guys in Nepal. He is buffed, he wears leather and he has a godly voice. Despite being aged and chill to hang out with – from what we have seen- his voice and personality have that depth that is strangely attractive yet intimidating. 

Back in the days, people used to get scared when Robin Tamang was the Judge of any show (and it hasn’t changed till this day) and jam to his songs. With songs like “Dum maro Dum” which is perfect for getting drunk and letting loose to “keta keti” which makes you think deeply, this band produced some of the most thought-provoking songs. 

When the music industry of Nepal was getting saturated with pop songs filled with love and heartbreaks, he was a huge breath of relief. Sometimes being different is good.

9) The Shadows

Genre: Rock
Originated from: Chitwan
Active Years: 1997 to Present

  • Swapnil Sharma 
  • Prakash Rasaily 
  • Amit Pradhan 
  • Sahil Risal 

The Shadows was the go-to brand for the edgelords of the early 2000s who were bored of the same old thoughts of the Nepalese society and wanted to find someone to who could relate to. You do realize that these were the teens that questioned everything and were somewhat outcasted right? 

Thankfully the Shadows provided the songs that they could relate to. With songs such as “Kun ho Hamro Dharma”  that asked the question of “is there any religion greater than Humanity?” to songs like “Hidne Manchhe Ladchha” that talked about the “things will fall and they will be built back again”, they were one of those few bands that asked what should be asked in their songs. 

10) The Edge Band

Genre: Pop, Rock
Originated from: Chitwan
Active Years: 1998 to Present

  • Binaya Gurung
  • Roshan Gurung
  • Sunil Gubaju
  • Bikash Singh
  • Asok Sundas
  • Jeewan Gurung
  • Albin Pariyar
  • Ganesh Rai
  • Bishnu Gurung
  • Som
  • Rockey
  • Basanta

Just like the name of the Band, Edge Band was the fan-favorite of the edgelords and emo kids of the early 2000s. With heartbreaking yet immortal songs like “Nachaheko” and “Samjhine Mutu,” it is no wonder that this was one of the best bands of the early 2000s.

Let’s be honest, we still feel a chill in our hearts when we hear “Nachaheko” and it still reminds s of our loves from the past.  With soulful music, heartfelt lyrics, and entrancing vocals, the Edge band was one of the leading ones in the early 2000s. 

11) Karma 

Genre: Nepal Folk Rock
Originated from: Kathmandu
Active Years: 2000 to Present

  • Surendra Man Singh
  • Prashant
  • Basudev
  • Deepak 
  • Anil

This was one of the best parts of your childhood. With slow songs that really let you feel the lyrics, they were among the best bands of the early 2000s. Who can forget the legendary song “Hukka mero” that we still sing to this day?

Or how about the classic song “Kaha hola ghara bara”? Besides these songs that would make you dance to their beats, they also had some of the most heartbreaking songs as well. “Maunata” was one of the most chilling songs from back then. And who can forget “ko hau timi” that made a lot of us cry? This song paired with the context of the movie “first love” was one of the most heart-wrenching songs of that time.


11 Best Music Bands Form the Early 2000s

Snapback to the present now – and let’s feel the bittersweet pain from the nostalgia. Those days when times were much simpler. Now a lot of you who vibed, laughed, and cried with these bands are likely to be young adults or adults and have grown up. But hey, the time has progressed now and we can listen to any of these songs with just a click of a few buttons.

Time has progressed, both the band, technology, and us. Let’s immortalize these past nostalgic songs and look forward to the new ones in the future.

Hope you found this entertaining. If you have any suggestions for us, do let them know in the comments. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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