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‘Nepali Type’ is an easiest way of typing Nepali. Type in English & Get in Nepali i.e. Romanized Nepali typing.

Now here in Tools Nepal you can type easily that too Nepali language. Surprised? yes it is, it becomes history saying of ‘typing Nepali is hard’ even you don’t need to learn how to type it, where is the letter ‘क ‘, ‘ख’ & ‘ग’ etc is. You can type ‘Ka’, ‘Kha’ & ‘Ga’ for respective letter above.  Here is the list of Romanized क to ज्ञ :

ka, kha, ga, gha, nga, cha, chha , ja, jha, yna, ta, tha, da, dha, dna, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa, pha, ba, bha, ma, ya, ra, la, wa, sha, sha, sa, ksha, tra, gya.

Here is the अ to अः :

a, aa, i, ii, u, uu, e, ai, o, au, un, aha.

Nepali Type

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