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How to reduce data usage with Chrome’s Data Saver?


Google has released a “Data Saver” extension for Chrome, bringing the data compression feature for its desktop users. This Data Saver extension for Chrome helps us to reduce bandwidth usage by compressing the websites you visit over the Internet. It also helps to load web pages faster & increases security by checking malicious pages. How much data it saves depend on the type of content we are loading.

Data Saver excludes pages that start with Https and incognito pages.

Data Saver is available on Chrome both for Android as well as iOS. We can also use it on Computer & Chromebooks using extension.

How to enable this feature,

On Android & iOS:

  1. Touch the Chrome menu, then Settings.
  2. Under “Advanced,” touch Data Saver.
  3. Slide the switch ON.

On Computer:

Here is the link: Download Data Saver Extension For Computer.

Chrome 41 or higher version will support this extension. As soon as you install it, the extension starts to work by default. In case you want to disable it, click on the Data Saver icon in the menu bar and select “Turn Off Data Saver” as below:

data saver chrome extension

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