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8 Cool Smartphone Accessory: Make Your Experience Better!

Smartphone Accessory, take your smartphone experience to next level.

Smartphones are everywhere – they are a necessity in modern life- especially if you are someone in the urban area. 

A smartphone by itself is really good, but you can make it better. How do you do it? By getting accessories that enhance the experience as well as make your life a bit easier. Sure they can cost a bit – bit if paying a small price enhances your experiences and makes your life easier, it is well worth it.

What are these smartphone accessories? Well, let’s get to know them shall we?

1) Power Banks

Smartphone Accessory

We don’t have to tell you what this is. For those few who have no idea what a power bank is, it is basically a portable charging station for your battery. There is no need to emphasize why a power bank is one of the vital accessories for a smartphone- especially if you are someone who is off the grid for a long time. 

Power bank enables you to keep your phone charged even when you are nowhere close to electricity. Although you do have to charge your power bank as well, the extra effort is worth it. 

As for the cost of this device – the more power you want the expensive it gets. But you can get a cheap one that will enable you to charge your phone two times for as cheap as 2000 Rupees.

2) Selfie Sticks

Smartphone Accessory

This is probably the simplest smartphone accessory on this list. All this is an extendable stick with a button that hooks to your smartphone device. That being said, for those who are into clicking selfies, a selfie stick is among one of the most indispensable accessories out there. 

The functionality of this stick is rather simple – help the photographer find a better and wider angle by extending the view of the camera to enhance the quality of the images and the user. 

This is a relatively cheap device that you can buy for a few hundred rupees. Of course as the functionality of this smartphone accessory increases, so does the price. 

3) Camera Lens Attachments

Smartphone Accessory

This is another one of those smartphone accessories that is meant for photographers. If you are curious what this attachment is – it is a camera lens that you can attach to your smartphone camera. 

As for the specific specification of this accessory, it depends on the type of camera lens. There are lenses for external optical zoom, lenses for night vision, and lenses for thermal vision as well. As you may have guessed these lenses come with the requirement of their own application as well which can be a bit of a hassle. But in the grander scheme of mobile photography, this small hassle is well worth it. 

As with the previous two, the price of this smartphone accessory depends on the specification and the functionality. For context, a lens with 5x optical zoom won’t cost much but the same lens with microscopic zoom will be expensive.

4) USB OTG Cable

Smartphone Accessory

This smartphone accessory, while not new is not all that popular in Nepal. The main reason for this is that not a lot of us connect our phones with anything more than a set of ear/headphones and a charger. But despite that quite a few of you should be familiar with this device. 

For those who are in the unknown, a USB OTG cable is an extender that enables the smartphone to connect with other smartphone devices – like a mouse and external flash drive. Due to these reasons, OTG cable is a great asset for those who type a lot on smartphones or do graphics on their smartphones. 

But even if you are not among those people, you can make an external flash drive a part of your smartphone and see files in that drive. This means that you will get extra storage space for your phone while it is connected. 

As for its price – this is one of the cheapest smartphone accessories on this list. You can get one for as cheap as 100 Rupees.

Side Note* OTG Stands for On-The-Go

5) Headphones

Smartphone Accessory

In this day and age, if you are someone without an earphone or a headphone, you are being a nuisance. No seriously! If you are someone who listens to music in public – which a lot of us do – without a headphone or an earphone, annoy other people. 

But why even bother to listen to music without a headphone when you can listen with one. Not only does this enhance the experience of the music itself, but it also filters out the noises as well. This smartphone accessory is perfect for just about everyone, regardless of if you are a music lover or just someone who wants to shut off the world.

As for the price of the headphones, they usually start from a few hundred rupees and can rise upward. 

6) Wireless Earbuds

Smartphone Accessory

There is an age-old debate that is going in the world of smartphone accessories – which one is superior, wired earbuds or wireless earbuds. On one hand, you have secure but fragile wired earbuds that can get tangled and broken easily but has a lower risk of getting lost. And on the other hand, we have wireless earbuds that grant you a better movement range and won’t get tangled easily but can get lost if one is not careful enough.

While some of you may be in favor of wired earbuds, a lot of us are in favor of wireless earbuds- especially since a majority of modern smartphones don’t even have holes for earphone jack. This means that in the next few years, there will be no option but to use wireless earbuds. 

That being said for those who still have no idea what wireless earbuds are – they are Bluetooth earphones. Sure they can get lost, but you can also easily find them as well. And as the logic states – a damaged material is way worst than a lost one, which you can easily find. 

As for the price, they can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand rupees. But the cheaper ones are usually the trash of the bunch to if you are looking for this smartphone accessory, don’t be greedy and spend a few thousand. It will be worth the money.

7) Headphone Jack

Smartphone Accessory

This smartphone accessory is the solution to a problem that we mentioned earlier – the lack of an earphone jack in newer phone models. This simple accessory is the solution for smartphones not having an earphone jack. As long as a smartphone still has a USB port for charging, you can attach this smartphone accessory to it and make full use of the wired earphones.

This device changes the signal in the USB port to a type that is readable by the earphone. Due to this simple function of this device, it is rather easy to get and is getting popular. In a way, this device is similar to OTG cable. 

As for the price, you can get this smartphone accessory for a few hundred rupees. 

8) Waterproof Pouch

Smartphone Accessory

Now regardless of who you are, this is a smartphone accessory that you must have. It is a simple accessory that can save you tons of money and effort, especially if you are someone who is living in a rainy area. In the context of Nepal – we must have this during the season when it rains, which is about half of the year.

This is simply a bag or a pouch made from waterproof materials like plastic and hydrophobic transparent fibers with a water-tight seal that prevents the water from going inside your phone. Due to its simple design and its viability, it is quite a popular smartphone accessory. 

The best thing about this accessory is its price. You can get one at less than a hundred rupees and it functions just fine. The cheaper ones may not have the aesthetic but they don’t lose out on the functionality one bit.


Smartphone Accessory

These are some of the most useful and popular smartphone accessories – at least when it comes to the context of Nepal. These accessories enhance our experience of using the smartphone and they – to some extent – protect our phone as well.

As an honorable mention, we want to mention the trigger button for gamers. This smartphone accessory adds extra buttons to the smartphone for gaming – which is extremely helpful for hardcore gamers. While this smartphone accessory is not exactly a popular one, it does have its niche market among gamers.

Hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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