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6 Best Alternatives To YouTube

YouTube is one of the most used platforms in 2022. But that doesn’t mean there are no better alternatives to YouTube. There are many other platforms giving challenges to YouTube. How an ad pops up in the middle of watching videos time and again on YouTube is irritating indeed.

So, many people like me have started searching for alternatives to YouTube. Here in this article, we are going to list out amazing platforms just like YouTube. So, let’s go on.

6 Best Alternatives To YouTube

Ready to know 6 best alternatives to YouTube?

Lets get started:

1. Dailymotion

Best Alternatives To YouTube- Dailymotion

Dailymotion is very similar to YouTube and is one of the best Alternatives To YouTube. Using Dailymotion is like using YouTube without using YouTube. Here, we can upload and share videos with our audience. We can create our account and upload videos on it. Also, we can make money from the ad either.

Sounds familiar? This is why I say Dailymotion is like using YouTube without using YouTube. Enjoy your time with Dailymotion.


  • Can earn money from ads.
  • Can upload video in HD resolution up to 2GB and one hour long.
  • Supports 4k video uploads.
  • Uploading video is free.


  • Difficult to gain an audience.
  • Ads in every video, even on non-partner channels.

2. Vimeo

Best Alternatives To YouTube-vimeo

Vimeo is another alternative to YouTube where one can upload videos, share and comment. Vimeo was founded by filmmakers. It’s as resourceful and useful as YouTube. You can create creative videos and upload them to Vimeo. Vimeo is for creative minds.


  • Supports 4k video uploads.
  • Have feature of live streaming.
  • Can earn money from your videos and good content.
  • It is ad-free, unlike YouTube and Dailymotion.
  • It lets you update a video after it’s posted.


  • Lower audience.
  • Lower standing in google search results.
  • Cannot earn extra cash from ads and sponsorships.
  • Storage limit i.e. maximum size for Vimeo free users is 500 MB.

3. DTube

Best Alternatives To YouTube-DTube

DTube provides all the required privacy to its user. It is one of the best video sharing and watching platforms that use blockchain technology. Despite being decentralized i.e. DTube videos are not uploaded from one centralized server yet it is still somewhat similar to YouTube. All the videos are uploaded in blockchain providing strong cyber security which makes hackers difficult to hack and tamper with video content. If you are concerned about being your video content tampered then choose DTube.


  • Can earn money from cryptocurrency revenue.
  • Ads free.
  • Strong privacy.


  • Small audience
  • Since DTube is based on blockchain technology removal of content is impossible.
  • Cannot earn money from ads.

4. MetaCafe

Best Alternatives To YouTube-Metacafe

MetaCafe is a video uploading platform that is older than YouTube. The concept of MetaCafe is so simple yet effective. It is one of the best alternatives to YouTube. Similar to YouTube it has different videos category like sports, entertainment, games, and so on. It has a playlist either and one can subscribe to the channel they like and watch videos according to their interest. It has a number of videos and also a fan following.


  • You will never find duplicate videos in MetaCafe.
  • It is family-friendly.
  • Effective for reviews, music videos, and new clips.


  • Only short videos can be uploaded.

5. Utreon

Best Alternatives To YouTube-Utreon

Utreon has been able to be one of the good alternatives to YouTube because of its features, advanced tools for content creators, and video of course. The main reason why Utreon has been successful to lure people to its platform is due to its privacy policy. for example, they do not sell their user information in any situation. Impressive? It is impressive indeed.


  • Have a good privacy policy.
  • Easy signup process.


  • Still no better than YouTube compared to its feature.
  • It has some bugs.

6. TED

Best Alternatives To YouTube-TED TALKS

TED is one of the most informative platforms close to YouTube. Personally, I love to listen to and watch TED talk shows. Provided the thousands of informative videos and motivational speakers on the different topics (Education, Business, Science, Creativity, Tech, etc.) who encourage and motivate you in every possible way, TED Talks is one of the amazing platforms to boost one’s creativity and confidence. All the videos have a subtitle in more than 100 languages. You can watch a video with subtitles that is suited to you. It is free, so go and listen to TED speakers on any subject you are interested in.


If you are searching for alternatives to YouTube these all are the best alternatives. They are very user-friendly and have good reviews from the user either. Explore them on your own for your experience. We hope you enjoyed reading our article.

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