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5 Free Fun Apps in App Store

Are you bored of your boring apps on your iPhone? Do you want to try something new? Then don’t worry we got you. Here we have a list of Free Fun apps that are fun to use rather than your boring app.

5 Free Fun Apps for your Iphone

1. Effing Weather

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It is a weather app. You might be thinking how can a weather app can be fun. Well this app is not your normal and boring weather app.

It provides you with 100+ funny phrases that tell you the current weather. It is a fun app to make your daily life a little less boring

For example:
– Are you Effing kidding me?
– Why don’t you tell your friends on Facebook how Effing hot it is.
– For today’s Effing forecast, look outside.

2. Revel

Tools Nepal 5 Free Fun Apps in App Store

Revel is a game app. It is a real-time multiplayer, photo scavenger game. It combines game elements of bingo and a scavenger hunt where you hunt for and photograph people, scenarios and objects. Once you get 5 in a row – you win!

3. Find a way, Jose

Tools Nepal 5 Free Fun Apps in App Store

It is an another game app. It is a puzzle game. In this game you have to move the block and get the main character jose to it’s tequila bottle

4. Cut me in

Tools Nepal 5 Free Fun Apps in App Store

This app is more like an photoshop app. This app allows you to crop yourself out of your original photo and it on a funny or unique background.

5. 4 snaps

Tools Nepal 5 Free Fun Apps in App Store

It is a social picture snapping and guessing game where you pick a word and take four pictures that best represent your chosen word.

Then it’s your friend’s turn to guess the word based on your pictures. If you are bored then you can use this fun apps to play with your friends.


These were the list of fun apps for you to try. Thank you for reading this article till the end. Hope this article was fun to read. Have a good day!


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